Adventure to the land of fantasy, dungeons that filled with danger. We challenge you to come in the dungeons of this risk. This place, no monster like Minotaur or Orc, but the dungeons are filled with dark muscle hunks …. come with me, conquer this place.

Dungeon-Muscular-Hunks-Deviantart-Dark-Theme-002 Dungeon-Muscular-Hunks-Deviantart-Dark-Theme-003

Dungeon-Muscular-Hunks-Deviantart-Dark-Theme-004 Dungeon-Muscular-Hunks-Deviantart-Dark-Theme-005


These photos and this theme concept is what I found while I surf on deviantart.com website. This site has ton of many good photos in various categories. This site inspire me! make me have the fantasy that I’ve always want it to be true, “Dungeon with full of muscular hunk men”.


Dungeon-Muscular-Hunks-Deviantart-Dark-Theme-008 Dungeon-Muscular-Hunks-Deviantart-Dark-Theme-009 Dungeon-Muscular-Hunks-Deviantart-Dark-Theme-010

Dungeon-Muscular-Hunks-Deviantart-Dark-Theme-011 Dungeon-Muscular-Hunks-Deviantart-Dark-Theme-012

Dungeon-Muscular-Hunks-Deviantart-Dark-Theme-013 Dungeon-Muscular-Hunks-Deviantart-Dark-Theme-014

At this place, conquer it is not easy. You have to face the executioner that comes with assassinate skill, giant Djin with beautiful and hard muscle, he can battle with his toxic haze. In addition, you must pass through “wrestling battle” with muscular hunks and many other fighters…… What happen if you can conquer this dungeon and all these hunks will be yours!!!

Dungeon-Muscular-Hunks-Deviantart-Dark-Theme-015 Dungeon-Muscular-Hunks-Deviantart-Dark-Theme-016


Dungeon-Muscular-Hunks-Deviantart-Dark-Theme-018 Dungeon-Muscular-Hunks-Deviantart-Dark-Theme-019

Dungeon-Muscular-Hunks-Deviantart-Dark-Theme-020 Dungeon-Muscular-Hunks-Deviantart-Dark-Theme-021

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