Aaron Austin

The older I get I am always reminded how much harder I have to work in the gym. Manifest Men also keeps me on track and honest when they roll out hot muscle bound sexiness, men my age or older who are in tip top shape. Young guys have it easy and they certainly don’t realize how much so. Faster metabolisms, bounce back abilities and collagen rich skin. I just wanna slap some of them just because… then fuck them hard! You may remember the boyishly innocent eyes and the thick & perfectly muscled gymnast physique and mushroom-headed cock of ’90s adult star Aaron Austin.

Now picture him a little older. His eyes say sexual confidence and his ripped up body shows how years of dedication are transformative. Aaron Austin is the epitome of muscular superiority.

Aaron-Austin-Flexing-Muscles-Shows-All-Manifest-Men-002 Aaron-Austin-Flexing-Muscles-Shows-All-Manifest-Men-003 Aaron-Austin-Flexing-Muscles-Shows-All-Manifest-Men-004

Aaron-Austin-Flexing-Muscles-Shows-All-Manifest-Men-005 Aaron-Austin-Flexing-Muscles-Shows-All-Manifest-Men-007 Aaron-Austin-Flexing-Muscles-Shows-All-Manifest-Men-012


Is it just me or is this blast form the past, Aaron Austin still as hot as ever? If you don’t remember him that is because you’re a baby. Austin is LEGENDARY. He was making hot porn back in the early to mid 1990s when most of you were either in diapers or not even embryos yet. If memory serves, Aaron worked for Falcon. One of the best they ever had! Manifest this man in your fantasies here.

Aaron-Austin-Flexing-Muscles-Shows-All-Manifest-Men-009 Aaron-Austin-Flexing-Muscles-Shows-All-Manifest-Men-010 Aaron-Austin-Flexing-Muscles-Shows-All-Manifest-Men-011



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