Arpad-Miklos-Fuck-Kyle-Lewis-2Magazine-Online-004Arpad Miklos & Kyle Lewis

Arpad Miklos, although he passed away, but he has given us a lot of workmanships, real nice gay porn hardcore scene, in gay porn industry. I was one of his Fanboy in the past, for many sudios, the Sex Scene of Miklos is grogeous and Real Hot especially who love muscular bear hunk type of guys, the past time watching his sex scene movie is my happiness. Arpad Miklos! Arpad is the kind of man who dominates in every way. You can’t help but submit to his gorgeous muscular body, meaty ass and giant uncut dick. Your mouth will drop and beg for just a taste of him.

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Arpad Miklos Stats :
Build: Muscled
Height:6’2″ (188 cm)
Weight:230-240 lbs (104-109 kg)
Cock:9-10″ (22-25 cm), Uncut, Thick
Hair:Average, Brown

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Today I have an old Gallery Album, photos shoot set from Arpad Miklos with Kyle Lewis from Studio name Unzipped, this studio published an online magazine which is great called [2] Magazine. In those days, [2] Magazine (Unzipped Studio has really made a video Hardcore Sex Scene of these two come out with). [2] Magazine is an online magazine of that day, it was great, and there is Unzipped magazine, which has photo shoot hot models of that day. When I think of those days, I really miss, that I should collect those photos set that is rarly see in this day.

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