We’re all familiar with the expression, “a body like a Greek god,” but what exactly does this mean? What was the Grecian ideal physique, and what did it take to achieve? The most important thing about the ancient Greek body is that everything is in perfect proportion. The shoulders should be considerably wider than the waistline, for instance. And the arms, neck and calves should be similar in size. There’s also a relationship between the size of the thighs and the neck, and so on. The concept of phasing is very important.

Art-of-Body-The-Beauty-of-Light-Shadow-Muscles-002 Art-of-Body-The-Beauty-of-Light-Shadow-Muscles-003

Art-of-Body-The-Beauty-of-Light-Shadow-Muscles-004 Art-of-Body-The-Beauty-of-Light-Shadow-Muscles-005 Art-of-Body-The-Beauty-of-Light-Shadow-Muscles-006


When a sculptor makes a statue, does he do exactly the same kind of work on it for months on end? Of course not. He uses a whole range of tools and techniques, each one at the correct time. He begins with a block of stone and carves out the basic shape, then he adds more detail, and finally he polishes it.

Art-of-Body-The-Beauty-of-Light-Shadow-Muscles-008 Art-of-Body-The-Beauty-of-Light-Shadow-Muscles-009 Art-of-Body-The-Beauty-of-Light-Shadow-Muscles-010


Art-of-Body-The-Beauty-of-Light-Shadow-Muscles-011 Art-of-Body-The-Beauty-of-Light-Shadow-Muscles-013 Art-of-Body-The-Beauty-of-Light-Shadow-Muscles-014

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