A very naughty gay comic post here! Many of you may want to see gay comics post from this blog … Actually I’m a Big Fan of Gay Comic, so this post is the 1st one of gay erotic art series. In the comparison between the western and estern comic, I like the western (japanese bara comic), because the images of the artist often come with full of imagination (But there will be a little bit or mor of S&M) and of course, when talking about S&M Japanese Bara Comic, you may think of the art work of Tagame Gengoro.

Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-002 Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-003

Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-004 Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-005 Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-006


I think that art works of Tegame inspirate for artists of japan gay comic so much. Moreover gay bara comics often use the characters from games consoles such as the Snake from Metal Gear Solid or Character Ryu from street fighter todo in the art of gay scene. In full of Big Cocks, Full of Muscle of the fighters, several times, with the character of a fantasy world. Warrior, Swordsman and Big Bursting Load of Cum!…. I did not include the type Furry Beast, the Beast character that adapted to the Muscular Studs filled with Hairy body, muscles. Big Beast’s Cocks (I’ll post the Furry Beast Bara Comic in the future).

Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-008 Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-009 Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-010

Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-011 Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-012


Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-014 Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-015 Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-016

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