David Anthony

You’re never too old to get into porn as long as you’re in shape and beautiful. Titan Men exclusive and Playgirl and Men model, David Anthony, Titan announced they have signed 41 year old David Anthony as exclusive who will make his TitanMen debut in upcoming film Eye Contact. Brian Mills first spotted David Anthony on the cover of Men Magazine June 2007 and he has since posed for Playgirl April 2008. When they connected, David expressed he was only interested in working with Titan for their hot men and the kind of aggressive play they engage in which compliments his piggy and exhibitionist taste in the sack.


David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-002 David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-003

David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-004 David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-005

“At 41, David is the archetypal TitanMen “Daddy”, mature, sexually confident and swinging a big stick! Reminiscent of early gay porn pioneer Al Parker, Anthony sports a lean, ripped physique, a six pack and a fat 8.5” cock. David’s TitanMen debut film will be Eye Contact, to be released in mid October. Next, he will be seen in another Brian Mills-directed TitanMen film, Toolbox. The fetish top will star in the third film in our hardcore ROUGH fetish line entitled Bound and Beaten, to be released at Folsom Street Fair in September.”


David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-007 David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-008 David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-009

David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-011 David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-012


David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-014 David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-015

David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-016 David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-017

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