These hot porn couple Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin will satisfy you with this photos set. Pride 1, One Summer day in Madrid, over two million people gathered to watch the Gay Pride parade, making it the biggest Gay Pride event in European history. The Kristen Bjorn float was in that parade, loaded with the world´s hottest men! Climb aboard with us and witness the thrills and all the dazzling sexual encounters that lead up to the day of the parade. Don’t miss the boiling hot action as 23 of the hottest men ever assembled performing over seven hours of the most riveting sex ever filmed! This mega sex extravaganza by Kristen Bjorn is guaranteed to blow you away… Over and over again!

Couple-Pedro-Andreas-Daniel-Marvin-Pride-One-002 Couple-Pedro-Andreas-Daniel-Marvin-Pride-One-003 Couple-Pedro-Andreas-Daniel-Marvin-Pride-One-005


Daniel Marvin Stats:
Nationality: Argentina
Height: 5’9
Weight: 180 lbs
Dick: 7.5 (19.05 cms) uncut
Position: Versatile

Couple-Pedro-Andreas-Daniel-Marvin-Pride-One-007 Couple-Pedro-Andreas-Daniel-Marvin-Pride-One-008

Couple-Pedro-Andreas-Daniel-Marvin-Pride-One-010 Couple-Pedro-Andreas-Daniel-Marvin-Pride-One-011

KB & his Sarava productions are still the best in this biz. One of the reason why I like KB movies, he allows the top to get fucked like carlos montenegro. one of my favorite guys and matthais v. the fucking scene is intense and aggressive no twinks here. the cheesy acting and the nice scenery I like. ; )


Couple-Pedro-Andreas-Daniel-Marvin-Pride-One-012 Couple-Pedro-Andreas-Daniel-Marvin-Pride-One-013

Couple-Pedro-Andreas-Daniel-Marvin-Pride-One-014 Couple-Pedro-Andreas-Daniel-Marvin-Pride-One-015

Pedro Andreas Stats:
Nationality: Brazil
Height: 5’9
Weight: 160 lbs
Dick: 9″ (22.86 cms) uncut
Position: Versatile


Couple-Pedro-Andreas-Daniel-Marvin-Pride-One-016 Couple-Pedro-Andreas-Daniel-Marvin-Pride-One-017

Daniel Marvin and his real-life partner Pedro Andreas are like two bookends; they are so inseparable that they seem to be a unit rather than two different people. This dynamic duo is also sexually synchronized so that they almost always shoot their loads simultaneously.

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