Leonid’s Pump

I’m his big fan since he’s on LiveMuscleShow.Com, and I’m glad he has his own Muscle Worship JO Solo video for us. Leonid Pashenka is that kind of muscle man you just want to take home. As a Junior Bodybuilding Champion Leonid is still very young. That does in no way mean that he is innocent. If you were lucky enough to have him for a private show at LiveMusdleShow you already know. There is certainly plenty this physical master piece can show you. Dynamically talented and charmingly lustful, the chap entered the gay pornography world seeking to make his mark as a genuinely loving young performer. Are you ready for a treat??

PowerMen-Leonid-Pashenka-Leonid-s-Pump-012 PowerMen-Leonid-Pashenka-Leonid-s-Pump-011


PowerMen-Leonid-Pashenka-Leonid-s-Pump-009 PowerMen-Leonid-Pashenka-Leonid-s-Pump-010


PowerMen-Leonid-Pashenka-Leonid-s-Pump-004 PowerMen-Leonid-Pashenka-Leonid-s-Pump-005

PowerMen-Leonid-Pashenka-Leonid-s-Pump-001 PowerMen-Leonid-Pashenka-Leonid-s-Pump-002 PowerMen-Leonid-Pashenka-Leonid-s-Pump-003


PowerMen-Leonid-Pashenka-Leonid-s-Pump-014 PowerMen-Leonid-Pashenka-Leonid-s-Pump-015

PowerMen-Leonid-Pashenka-Leonid-s-Pump-016 PowerMen-Leonid-Pashenka-Leonid-s-Pump-017

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