Alessio Romero and Rikk York

Rikk is newly single and still fresh out of his last relationship and wants to take things slow. Alessio and he have been seeing each other for a few weeks now and Alessio wants to take it up a notch and expresses his feelings to Rikk. Rikk is comfortable with it and so after their stroll in the downtown area they head back home. They head straight to the bedroom where Alessio begins to make out with him as they explore each other’s bodies for the first time. New love always begins great but the key to happiness is to keep that love strong and committed which both of these two have.

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Alessio treats him like a king paying close attention to every sensual spot on Rikk’s body. Once the foreplay has been covered Alessio goes deep into Rikk as they passionately enjoy each other’s bodies and intimacy. The sex can only last so long but the ender is lovely and to hell with heartbreaks. Enjoy!

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