Brazilian Bodybuilder with Big Fat Cock

Alejandro Vega’s massive arms swell out of his muscle t-shirt. On the front, the shirt says, “Pure Canadian Muscle”. Now if Alejandro is the kind of muscle hunk waiting for us in Canada, we’re going to have to rethink our winter trips to the tropical hot spots. Can you imagine snuggling up in those majestic arms during the long, cold Canadian winter? We sure can. But for now, we’ll have to settle for watching this Latin lover relaxing in a long, hot shower. All the better to check out Alejandro’s beefy butt. Mr. Universe (really!) Alejandro Vega packs a lot of muscle – top and bottom. And, oh that bottom! Or should we say, ‘glutes’? How about ‘BUTT’?! We don’t want to give away the man’s secrets, but we will say that when this man shoots his load, NOTHING is spared!

Alejandro-Vega-Charles-Mario-MuscleHunks-Big-Fat-Cock-002 Alejandro-Vega-Charles-Mario-MuscleHunks-Big-Fat-Cock-003 Alejandro-Vega-Charles-Mario-MuscleHunks-Big-Fat-Cock-004


Alejandro-Vega-Charles-Mario-MuscleHunks-Big-Fat-Cock-006 Alejandro-Vega-Charles-Mario-MuscleHunks-Big-Fat-Cock-007 Alejandro-Vega-Charles-Mario-MuscleHunks-Big-Fat-Cock-008

Alejandro-Vega-Charles-Mario-MuscleHunks-Big-Fat-Cock-009 Alejandro-Vega-Charles-Mario-MuscleHunks-Big-Fat-Cock-010

As hot as can be Yeah, let the deliciously plump fat mushroom-shaped cockhead peak out of them tight posers A man like him should proudly do w/o any clothing at all (love his thick, meaty thighs) And, oh, what a package / bulge Big balls, and man-sized cock Equally awesome in the tiny blue posers as well as in the light-gray tight shorts What a specimen of perfect manhood.


Alejandro-Vega-Charles-Mario-MuscleHunks-Big-Fat-Cock-012 Alejandro-Vega-Charles-Mario-MuscleHunks-Big-Fat-Cock-013 Alejandro-Vega-Charles-Mario-MuscleHunks-Big-Fat-Cock-014

Alejandro Vega is featured in in the scene of an outdoor pump and pose session with two other massive bodybuilders. These three men compete for the camera’s attention as they show off all their hard work in a lush garden. The hot sun is a perfect spotlight and the men’s oiled bodies glisten. Later, Alejandro returns to his hotel suite for a little alone time with his other huge muscle – and it is big. It seems these other two competitors got him pretty revved up and he needs a release. Alejandro takes care of business in front of a full-length mirror.

Alejandro-Vega-Charles-Mario-MuscleHunks-Big-Fat-Cock-015 Alejandro-Vega-Charles-Mario-MuscleHunks-Big-Fat-Cock-016

Alejandro-Vega-Charles-Mario-MuscleHunks-Big-Fat-Cock-017 Alejandro-Vega-Charles-Mario-MuscleHunks-Big-Fat-Cock-018 Alejandro-Vega-Charles-Mario-MuscleHunks-Big-Fat-Cock-019

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