Gay Muscular Hunks in Early 90’s

As far as I’m concerned, COLT has been killing it with the selections for their COLT ICON series. These are the men that prove gay porn just ain’t what it used to be—ruggedly handsome, built well and so damn hot that a picture alone could cause you to blow your load. (See our previous posts on Buck Hayes, Terry Delong, Carl Hardwick, Pete Kuzak and Steve Kelso if you think I’m being overly enthusiastic for no good reason.)

Aside from the hilariously dated dye-job in some of these pics, I’m going to give two thumbs (and one dick) up to their latest pick Anthony Page. He’s got a nice coating of fur, incredible thighs, a great curve on his cock and a goatee I wouldn’t mind rubbing against my taint. This is the type of guy who makes Flashback Friday worthwhile.

Random-Colt-Studio-Gay-Hunks-In-Early-90s-002 Random-Colt-Studio-Gay-Hunks-In-Early-90s-003 Random-Colt-Studio-Gay-Hunks-In-Early-90s-004

Random-Colt-Studio-Gay-Hunks-In-Early-90s-005 Random-Colt-Studio-Gay-Hunks-In-Early-90s-006


In That days as physique magazines evolved into erotica and pornography, the biker image remained a highly popular one. One of the premier producers of high–production–value male erotica, Colt Studios, has utilized leather-man imagery since that company was founded 1967. It annually produces an issue devoted exclusively to men in biker leathers, as well as a similarly themed wall–calendar.

Random-Colt-Studio-Gay-Hunks-In-Early-90s-008 Random-Colt-Studio-Gay-Hunks-In-Early-90s-009 Random-Colt-Studio-Gay-Hunks-In-Early-90s-010


Random-Colt-Studio-Gay-Hunks-In-Early-90s-012 Random-Colt-Studio-Gay-Hunks-In-Early-90s-013

The costumes worn by the models are, for obvious reasons, often limited to a Harley cap or riding chaps. The sexual objectification of specifically the leather-clad male biker is nonetheless readily apparent. Most of the other studios producing gay male erotica incorporate some type of leather-man imagery into their product line. The heterosexual and subtly erotic biker portrayed in American film, appropriated by homosexual male culture, has evolved into a homosexual and overtly sexual icon.

Random-Colt-Studio-Gay-Hunks-In-Early-90s-014 Random-Colt-Studio-Gay-Hunks-In-Early-90s-015 Random-Colt-Studio-Gay-Hunks-In-Early-90s-016


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