Sex Up Your Relationship

The most popular fantasy men discuss is a three-way, usually involving their partner and another guys, experts say. He’s committed to you, it’s just that the caveman male brain was wired to keep the species going by wanting to procreate with more than one partner and his noggin is still programmed that way, the neurotransmitter dopamine not only controls the brain’s pleasure centers, it’s also the chemical for novelty. The good news is you can arouse that part of his brain without inviting anotherone into your bedroom something that most experts discourage unless you are both solidly into the idea or are into swinging.

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How a man’s gaze roams over your body can tell you how into sex he is — a new finding that doesn’t play out when the genders are swapped. Men’s gaze reflects their underlying sexual motivation, the researchers found. A woman’s gaze, on the other hand, does not seem to match her sexual thoughts as clearly. The findings aren’t just about the differences between Mars and Venus; researchers hope they can be used to track the sexual motivations of sex offenders, providing a way to measure how well treatments are working.


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Don’t make his climax the focus. So you may think that pleasing a man is as simple as getting him off. It’s not. Two things that please a man immensely are found in the two points above: giving him the opportunity to appreciate your body and helping him learn how to give you pleasure. A third thing men love is foreplay and buildup, not only because it’s intimate but also because it intensifies his eventual release. I’m not talking about a technique to give a man mind-blowing orgasms.

I’m talking about shattering the myth that he cares more about the destination than the journey, and that all his pleasure comes at the end. ….Surprised? If you already knew this stuff, more power—and pleasure—to you. But if you didn’t, you’re in for a treat.

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