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YAAAS. Loved him since he was video shot for Chaosmen, now he’s on LegendMen.Com …Bigger, Hotter, and Hunkier and he’s got even more hair to grab on to !!! … GRRR! Tickle me Grizzyy Bear. Tatum Parks got me squealing!, such a nice pelt of fur…all over. Tatum is Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Pornstar and you can follow his twitter at @TheTatumXXX. If you are into really hairy men, then Tatum is your guy. Plus he has a lot more going for him than body hair. He’s a competitive bodybuilder that finds it better to put his hard work to uses other than just being on stage looking to win a shiny trophy.


Grizzyy-Bear-Legend-Men-Hard-Cock-Tatum-Parks-003 Grizzyy-Bear-Legend-Men-Hard-Cock-Tatum-Parks-004 Grizzyy-Bear-Legend-Men-Hard-Cock-Tatum-Parks-005

Grizzyy-Bear-Legend-Men-Hard-Cock-Tatum-Parks-006 Grizzyy-Bear-Legend-Men-Hard-Cock-Tatum-Parks-007 Grizzyy-Bear-Legend-Men-Hard-Cock-Tatum-Parks-008

Tatum Parks Stats :
Height : 5′ 8″, 172.7 cm
Weight : 191 lbs., 86.8 kg
Eyes : Hazel
Hair : Shaved head
Cock Length : 7 inches, 17.8 cm
Cock Girth : 5 inches, 12.7 cm
Cut : Yes
Smooth : Hell no!
Hairy : Fuck yes!


Grizzyy-Bear-Legend-Men-Hard-Cock-Tatum-Parks-010 Grizzyy-Bear-Legend-Men-Hard-Cock-Tatum-Parks-011 Grizzyy-Bear-Legend-Men-Hard-Cock-Tatum-Parks-012


Grizzyy-Bear-Legend-Men-Hard-Cock-Tatum-Parks-014 Grizzyy-Bear-Legend-Men-Hard-Cock-Tatum-Parks-015 Grizzyy-Bear-Legend-Men-Hard-Cock-Tatum-Parks-016

Tatum is very easy going, but give him a big butt plug or huge dildo, then his whole demeanor changes. He loves a challenge and you’ll see as we progress he continues to break his personal record every time. I’m also looking forward to some man-on-man action with Tatum here on

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