ULF created 3d gay artwork between year 2000 to 2012, his works are very hot and if you love fantasy about muscular guys, working men, military muscle men fantasy …you would love his works. You may seen his works, Ulf created many fantasy images under the name of Cerrin. So, let’s me talk about his MusclesArt 3D Gay Fantasy, ulf have many a good fantasy about muscular guys that I always dream of, a little bit in S&M but (not very S&M like Tagame’s works). You can see his works in this post like the guys in dungeon, muscular guys tortured (but make me so lust). These men have very Big Fat Dicks, and have manly handsome type.


ULF-Muscles-Art-Big-Dicks-And-Dungeon-Fantasy-003 ULF-Muscles-Art-Big-Dicks-And-Dungeon-Fantasy-004

ULF-Muscles-Art-Big-Dicks-And-Dungeon-Fantasy-005 ULF-Muscles-Art-Big-Dicks-And-Dungeon-Fantasy-006 ULF-Muscles-Art-Big-Dicks-And-Dungeon-Fantasy-007


I try to search about who’s ulf in google, but end up with website of his artworks and some old fashion website with many 404 links and the blog with the title, The Ulfian, the art and musings of ULF Raynor with some of his works and others photos set …that’s it. So, I would like to say …ULF your artworks is great and I can say that you inspire new face 3d gay artist in this day …I really love your 3d gay art and hope to share more works of ulf in the future.

ULF-Muscles-Art-Big-Dicks-And-Dungeon-Fantasy-009 ULF-Muscles-Art-Big-Dicks-And-Dungeon-Fantasy-010

ULF-Muscles-Art-Big-Dicks-And-Dungeon-Fantasy-011 ULF-Muscles-Art-Big-Dicks-And-Dungeon-Fantasy-012 ULF-Muscles-Art-Big-Dicks-And-Dungeon-Fantasy-013


ULF-Muscles-Art-Big-Dicks-And-Dungeon-Fantasy-015 ULF-Muscles-Art-Big-Dicks-And-Dungeon-Fantasy-016

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