Here you go! This is the latest hot photos set of Dayden Pierce from LegendMen.Com, come with his solo jerk off video part 5. Dayden has done four jack off solos at Legendmen so far, one outdoors and three indoors. It’s hot as hell watching Dayden stroke a nice load out of his hard boner at the beach rock on a sunndy. Nothing like a self-obsessed, narcissistic beefy bear daddy. Man, I’d love for him to cum deep inside and breed me. Hot hairy muscle, dick pointing to the sky , love wet fur! Watch Dayden show off his gorgeous naked body before he strokes his snow white jizz out of his hard cock for your pleasure. Dayden is a hot muscled stud with his macho look, ripped body, strong pecs, sexy hairy chest, hot bubble ass and a nice big dick.

Dayden-Pierce-Solo-Video-5-With-Photos-Set-001 Dayden-Pierce-Solo-Video-5-With-Photos-Set-002 Dayden-Pierce-Solo-Video-5-With-Photos-Set-003

Dayden-Pierce-Solo-Video-5-With-Photos-Set-005 Dayden-Pierce-Solo-Video-5-With-Photos-Set-006 Dayden-Pierce-Solo-Video-5-With-Photos-Set-007


Dayden is the kind of hot men that I wanna sleep in his strong arms all night long. This guy has such a hot hairy muscle body, almost the perfect package with everything but his small cock LOL. And Dayden also jacks off on the bed, couch and sofa. Dayden’s orgasm really turns me on. He closes his eyes, moans loudly and jerks his hard pole until he shoots his sticky loads all over his abs. Would love to see him in a duo action man on man sex video, he’s hot, I know he is proably straight but he should try it. He’s handsome as fuck but str8 guys doing solos don’t do much for me…Would love to plow hit hot ass on the bed.


Dayden-Pierce-Solo-Video-5-With-Photos-Set-008 Dayden-Pierce-Solo-Video-5-With-Photos-Set-009 Dayden-Pierce-Solo-Video-5-With-Photos-Set-010

Dayden-Pierce-Solo-Video-5-With-Photos-Set-013 Dayden-Pierce-Solo-Video-5-With-Photos-Set-014

Dayden-Pierce-Solo-Video-5-With-Photos-Set-015 Dayden-Pierce-Solo-Video-5-With-Photos-Set-016 Dayden-Pierce-Solo-Video-5-With-Photos-Set-017

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