Leonid Pashenka

Meet sexy Leonid, one of the most spectacular dudes ever to grace the pages of LiveMuscleShow.com. Leonid’s from Romania, and believe it or not, he’s a descendant of Count Dracula… yes, the Count Dracula, the vampire! With such an auspicious lineage, it only makes sense that Leonid is huge, hot and hunky everywhere it “Counts”… and by huge we really do mean HUGE. Plus, with such a perfect muscular physique, and other god-like features, it likely comes as no surprise for us to tell you that Leonid recently won the bodybuilding title of ‘Overall Junior Champion’.


Leonid-Pashenka-2-Flexing-LiveMuscleShow-Grate-003 Leonid-Pashenka-2-Flexing-LiveMuscleShow-Grate-004 Leonid-Pashenka-2-Flexing-LiveMuscleShow-Grate-005

Leonid-Pashenka-2-Flexing-LiveMuscleShow-Grate-006 Leonid-Pashenka-2-Flexing-LiveMuscleShow-Grate-007 Leonid-Pashenka-2-Flexing-LiveMuscleShow-Grate-008



Weight:235 lbs
Height:5’8 ft
Chest:50 in
Waist:28 in
Bicep:19 in
Thigh:30 in

Leonid-Pashenka-2-Flexing-LiveMuscleShow-Grate-010 Leonid-Pashenka-2-Flexing-LiveMuscleShow-Grate-011 Leonid-Pashenka-2-Flexing-LiveMuscleShow-Grate-012

Leonid-Pashenka-2-Flexing-LiveMuscleShow-Grate-013 Leonid-Pashenka-2-Flexing-LiveMuscleShow-Grate-014

Leonid-Pashenka-2-Flexing-LiveMuscleShow-Grate-015 Leonid-Pashenka-2-Flexing-LiveMuscleShow-Grate-016

Leonid-Pashenka-2-Flexing-LiveMuscleShow-Grate-017 Leonid-Pashenka-2-Flexing-LiveMuscleShow-Grate-018 Leonid-Pashenka-2-Flexing-LiveMuscleShow-Grate-019

However, don’t let Leonid’s perfection intimidate you, because he’s a very friendly guy, with a lovely smile. And, by the way, don’t worry… Leonid doesn’t bite… well, not unless you want him to! Speak to Leonid, now, only at LiveMuscleShow.com.

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