With a hot website and an exciting new directing gig with Manhunt, porn star turned mogul-in-training Jeremy Hall is one stud who’s keeping active. Photography by Empyrean Photography …Jeremy Hall, gay pornographic film industry model actor, director, and producer in gay pornography. He has appeared in many videos for Falcon Entertainment, Channel 1 Releasing, Titan Media and Jet Set Men. In 2008 Hall launched Club Jeremy Hall. The site was nominated by CyberSocket Web Awards as ‘Best New Site of the Year’ for 2008. Hall is known within the industry for recruiting and filming supposedly heterosexual college-age males.

Muscle-Hunk-Jeremy-Hall-Big-Straight-Uncut-Dick-001 Muscle-Hunk-Jeremy-Hall-Big-Straight-Uncut-Dick-002 Muscle-Hunk-Jeremy-Hall-Big-Straight-Uncut-Dick-003

Muscle-Hunk-Jeremy-Hall-Big-Straight-Uncut-Dick-004 Muscle-Hunk-Jeremy-Hall-Big-Straight-Uncut-Dick-005 Muscle-Hunk-Jeremy-Hall-Big-Straight-Uncut-Dick-006

Muscle-Hunk-Jeremy-Hall-Big-Straight-Uncut-Dick-007 Muscle-Hunk-Jeremy-Hall-Big-Straight-Uncut-Dick-008 Muscle-Hunk-Jeremy-Hall-Big-Straight-Uncut-Dick-009

What I love this guy is his big long and straight cock. He make me want his cock, I mean, Jeremy’s hard cock pumping my ass, while I jerks my own dick and let him spews a milky load all over my belly. And I want him more, let he shoves his cock deep in my tight twink hole and gives me exactly what I needs – a thorough ass fucking! Jeremy of Club Jeremy Hall guide him into talking about his cock sucking and fucking fantasies as he strokes his mushroom head dick and finally shoots a huge load.



Muscle-Hunk-Jeremy-Hall-Big-Straight-Uncut-Dick-012 Muscle-Hunk-Jeremy-Hall-Big-Straight-Uncut-Dick-013 Muscle-Hunk-Jeremy-Hall-Big-Straight-Uncut-Dick-014

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