Jose Ortiz

We foud this guy on ModelMayhem.comJose, he is an spanish guy just moved to London, with some experience in photoshooting, interested in upgrade his portfolio and have some nice pics with experienced and non experienced people. Jose is open minded to do any kind of photoshooting. He use to travel, then if you are interested working with him, just let me know and visit his portfolio at modelmayhem.com/1833158 .

Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-002 Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-003 Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-004

Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-005 Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-006


Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-008 Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-009 Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-010

What I like about this guy…. Oh, my, how nice. I want to smell him. WOW…very sexy. Love the legs and ummmmm everything attached lol. Beautiful. Finally a model who has resisted the craze to blemish his body with tattoos. ABSOLUTELY Stuning BODY. He may have TATS ’cause the images look a little air brushed. He’s a perfect specimen of love and desire. He is so lovingly formed. The man is sexy, and the body is BANGING! My only complaint is that he shaved the pubes…still I wouldn’t kick him out of bed. ;-)

Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-011 Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-012 Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-013

Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-014 Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-015 Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-016


Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-018 Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-019 Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-020

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