Kovi LaCroix aka Brad

I may use the word “new face” but the fact is, if you can remember him, this guy has appeared on website Maskurbate in the name Brad. He has 6 solo jerk off videos so far from that site. This hot Canadian bodybuilder Kovi LaCroix did couple solo scenes as Brad for Maskurbate. Back then, he was crazy ripped young bodybuilder in his top form, with big uncut cock. In his latest scene at JimmyZ (as Kovie), he is actually so ripped, that his body fat percentage must be below zero.

Kovi-LaCroix-aka-Brad-JimmyZ-Productions-Model-Bodybuilder-002 Kovi-LaCroix-aka-Brad-JimmyZ-Productions-Model-Bodybuilder-003 Kovi-LaCroix-aka-Brad-JimmyZ-Productions-Model-Bodybuilder-004

Kovi-LaCroix-aka-Brad-JimmyZ-Productions-Model-Bodybuilder-005 Kovi-LaCroix-aka-Brad-JimmyZ-Productions-Model-Bodybuilder-006 Kovi-LaCroix-aka-Brad-JimmyZ-Productions-Model-Bodybuilder-007


On jimmyz trip to Montreal, they met up with Kovie. An amazing physique competitor who was just one week out from his contest. Every muscle fiber and vein was popping out all over his shredded body. This man was ready to show it all off. His wide back and tiny waist made everything stand out, especially his large uncut cock. He needs two hands to stroke that monster as he appreciates his own body in the mirror.

Kovi-LaCroix-aka-Brad-JimmyZ-Productions-Model-Bodybuilder-009 Kovi-LaCroix-aka-Brad-JimmyZ-Productions-Model-Bodybuilder-010 Kovi-LaCroix-aka-Brad-JimmyZ-Productions-Model-Bodybuilder-011


I believe this shoot was likely either right before or right after a competition, thus why he’s so lean and shredded. I think he’s got JUST the right amount of muscle…any more, and he’d look like his muscles were trying to breach his skin and escape…but yeah, a little softness would certainly help him. I think he’s hot as hell either way, though, to be honest. LOL. If you have seen his first video from maskurbate (before he unmask), you will agree with me. Way too far… he looks so much better with hot and ripped competitive ready muscular body.

Kovi-LaCroix-aka-Brad-JimmyZ-Productions-Model-Bodybuilder-013 Kovi-LaCroix-aka-Brad-JimmyZ-Productions-Model-Bodybuilder-014 Kovi-LaCroix-aka-Brad-JimmyZ-Productions-Model-Bodybuilder-015

Kovi-LaCroix-aka-Brad-JimmyZ-Productions-Model-Bodybuilder-016 Kovi-LaCroix-aka-Brad-JimmyZ-Productions-Model-Bodybuilder-017


See HD Video of Kovi LaCroix at JimmyZ Productions


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