Tyron is an uber hot muscleGOD! I could worship him for hours. His muscle flexing control is crazy! Very nice and generous guy. His body is so sexy and so hot. He has the look for a bodybuilder and model fashion in same time. His shape is so perfect. This guy can do everything you want. He knows so much to turn me on. He has sexy ass, amazing abs, big bicep and pec. In private with him, it’s a big pleasure anytime. 5 stars. Tyron is the best. I’m always a lilttle scared to see him online because I know that I wont be able to resist giving him all my money. And every moment is worth it. He truly caters to your wants… and sooner or later those wants become needs. he is addicting. and i cant get enough.

it’s an honor to worship. There is no better dominate muscle man. Tyron just demands to be worshiped – and he deserves it!! He calls himself a musclegod because he IS! Great sexy show from a guy who knows what you want. He keeps me coming back. I love his massive bouncing tits, Amazing body and great on the camera.


Tyron-Uber-Hot-Muscle-GOD-Live-Muscle-Show-003 Tyron-Uber-Hot-Muscle-GOD-Live-Muscle-Show-004 Tyron-Uber-Hot-Muscle-GOD-Live-Muscle-Show-005

Tyron Stat :
Age: 25
Weight: 190 lbs
Height: 5’9 ft
Chest: 54 in
Waist: 30 in
Bicep: 18 in
Thigh: 33 in

Tyron-Uber-Hot-Muscle-GOD-Live-Muscle-Show-006 Tyron-Uber-Hot-Muscle-GOD-Live-Muscle-Show-007


Tyron-Uber-Hot-Muscle-GOD-Live-Muscle-Show-009 Tyron-Uber-Hot-Muscle-GOD-Live-Muscle-Show-010

Tyron-Uber-Hot-Muscle-GOD-Live-Muscle-Show-011 Tyron-Uber-Hot-Muscle-GOD-Live-Muscle-Show-012

He is by far and away the most responsive, sexiest, most dominant model on LMS! This guy is like a wet-dream walking and is really happy to indulge your muscle worship fantasies. Always polite and always ripped. I can rate him… Body A+ Flexing A+ Looks A+ Personality A++ This man is big, defined and enjoyed himself which makes me enjoy myself! Tyron, is one of the best bodybuilders on this site. His 10 years of bodybuilding have sculpted his body into an awesome sight. He is very giving and personable. Wants to please and give you an unforgettable experience. One Really Hot Man!!!


See Tyron Best A+ Performance – Solo Muscle Worship

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