Double Daddy Bears Fuck

Masculine daddy bear Brad Kalvo made his first bareback debut at Cocksuremen. He is paired with hairy, muscular Mike Dozer, and as great as usual, powerbottom MIKE I LOVE YOUR ASS. Watch Brad fuck a big load out of Mike before he breeds Mike’s furry hole. Brad Kalvo fucks Mike Dozer doggystyle on the bed. Brad slides his bareback cock into Mike’s raw hole feeling the full warmth of Mike’s ass. He fucks Mike hard, making him moan for more raw dick. Mike sucks Brad’s cock before it gets shoved right back in his ass. Brad pounds Mike making his ass hungry for more. He lays down and lets Mike deep throat his throbbing cock. Mike gags on the dick, shoving it deeper down his throat. They jack their thick cocks and Mike rides Brad’s dick. He turns around to face us and bounces swiftly on Brad’s pecker.


Brad-Kalvo-First-Barebacks-Fucks-Mike-Dozer-003 Brad-Kalvo-First-Barebacks-Fucks-Mike-Dozer-004

Brad-Kalvo-First-Barebacks-Fucks-Mike-Dozer-005 Brad-Kalvo-First-Barebacks-Fucks-Mike-Dozer-006

Brad-Kalvo-First-Barebacks-Fucks-Mike-Dozer-007 Brad-Kalvo-First-Barebacks-Fucks-Mike-Dozer-008 Brad-Kalvo-First-Barebacks-Fucks-Mike-Dozer-009

Mike lays down on the side of the bed and Brad fucks him standing up. Brad pulls out and deep throats Mike’s thick cock while fingering his sensitive hole. He slides his cock back inside Mike’s ass. Mike Dozer cums on his own hairy body. Brad Kalvo releases a huge load on Mike’s balls. He shoves his cummy pole back inside Mike’s ass breeding his hole. Mike always gets what he wants.


Brad-Kalvo-First-Barebacks-Fucks-Mike-Dozer-014 Brad-Kalvo-First-Barebacks-Fucks-Mike-Dozer-016 Brad-Kalvo-First-Barebacks-Fucks-Mike-Dozer-017

Brad-Kalvo-First-Barebacks-Fucks-Mike-Dozer-010 Brad-Kalvo-First-Barebacks-Fucks-Mike-Dozer-011 Brad-Kalvo-First-Barebacks-Fucks-Mike-Dozer-013

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