Superior Classic Gay Porn Studs

There’s something about gay porn made in the 70s, 80s, and 90s – vintage gay porn, if you will – that just sends me over the edge. The guys exuded this…sex appeal…That was just so raw. Maybe it was the haircuts, the fashions, and THOSE CRAZY MUSTACHES that it seemed like everyone had – that made it so much better. In that day, there was no digital media yet, so no photoshop, no retouched photo …it’s mean these guys are hot for real. Many magazine published on that days, straight vintage leather erotic cowboys, softcore daddies hairy hunks, muscle solo or gay sex scenes… the magazine all have many categories of these.

By the end of the decade it had become less a gay lifestyle magazine and seemed to focus more on gay beefcake. They always bring you the old schools style of gay porn studs… with costume like cowboys, black leather,men in uniform and construction worker the guys with mustache hot hairy chest.

Superior-Classic-Porn-Hairy-DILF-Hunks-Colt-002 Superior-Classic-Porn-Hairy-DILF-Hunks-Colt-003 Superior-Classic-Porn-Hairy-DILF-Hunks-Colt-004

Superior-Classic-Porn-Hairy-DILF-Hunks-Colt-005 Superior-Classic-Porn-Hairy-DILF-Hunks-Colt-006 Superior-Classic-Porn-Hairy-DILF-Hunks-Colt-007


Speaking of Colt guys, these studs look like they could fit PERFECTLY into one of the old-school gay porn films. They have the sex appeal, know they could be my daddy any time. Especially if they’re always giving me bedroom eyes like that…Classic Gay Porn Studs… All that hair, the muscles, that whole DILF-vibe–I’m gonna ned a moment. So what is your favorite type or porn? Today’s porn? vintage gay porn? Amateur stuff? And do you agree with me about vintage porn being superior?

Superior-Classic-Porn-Hairy-DILF-Hunks-Colt-009 Superior-Classic-Porn-Hairy-DILF-Hunks-Colt-010 Superior-Classic-Porn-Hairy-DILF-Hunks-Colt-011


Superior-Classic-Porn-Hairy-DILF-Hunks-Colt-013 Superior-Classic-Porn-Hairy-DILF-Hunks-Colt-014 Superior-Classic-Porn-Hairy-DILF-Hunks-Colt-015

Superior-Classic-Porn-Hairy-DILF-Hunks-Colt-016 Superior-Classic-Porn-Hairy-DILF-Hunks-Colt-017 Superior-Classic-Porn-Hairy-DILF-Hunks-Colt-018

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