Angelo D’ Luca

Hi! you guys… today I love to introduce you new guy from LegendMen.Com. Angelo D’ Luca …I don’t know much about this guy. His name sound like Italian but when i visit his facebook ( with nothing much about his info, say he comes from Canada, Calgary, Alberta. And Angelo D’ Luca is the pinnacle of hard work. From a coal to a diamond for have transformed.. Keep it going bro. Absolutely amazing..keep up the good work my friend..

Guy-Who-Got-Fat-Dick-Angelo-DLuca-002 Guy-Who-Got-Fat-Dick-Angelo-DLuca-003 Guy-Who-Got-Fat-Dick-Angelo-DLuca-004

Guy-Who-Got-Fat-Dick-Angelo-DLuca-005 Guy-Who-Got-Fat-Dick-Angelo-DLuca-006 Guy-Who-Got-Fat-Dick-Angelo-DLuca-007


I ‘d like to call him the sexy beast. He look cute, gorgeous, really cut and Jacked!!! And tanned … Looking good. And about his PENIS!!! “It’s Big FAT One” Ohh damn he has me melting here!! Oooooooh the things I would doooooo I’d lick every square inch of that sexy body;) He said he like to go commando as well want to keep up the good work! His fat cock inside his pants making his bulge looks like he eating a few to many donuts ang.

Guy-Who-Got-Fat-Dick-Angelo-DLuca-009 Guy-Who-Got-Fat-Dick-Angelo-DLuca-010


Guy-Who-Got-Fat-Dick-Angelo-DLuca-012 Guy-Who-Got-Fat-Dick-Angelo-DLuca-013 Guy-Who-Got-Fat-Dick-Angelo-DLuca-014

Guy-Who-Got-Fat-Dick-Angelo-DLuca-015 Guy-Who-Got-Fat-Dick-Angelo-DLuca-016

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