Leo Harley

Leo Harley indescribable. A powerful and muscular physique that overwhelms. At 25, this Englishman sculptural -model, rugby player, dancer, musician and actor-artist also known as “Spunky” in his role as singer of rock, with several videos under their belts born entertainer is declared for the entertainment industry. Singer-songwriter and a renowned bodybuilder.


Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-003 Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-004 Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-005

Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-006 Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-007 Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-008

What you ask for more from this perfect guy, Leo Harley, is the whole man. With this impressive muscle mass and that robust eroticism virility and Leo Harley muscles. Fitness is a essential part of his life. He’s a rugby player, Dancer and current competitor Bodybuilder… guess it’s clear he can be quite versatile with his work, Being in front of the camera, in the studio or in a bodybuilding stage or just a stage.

Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-009 Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-010


Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-012 Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-013 Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-014

Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-015 Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-016 Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-017

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