Clay Stone

Brazilian Bodybuilder Clay Stone (aka Henrique from JimmyZProduction). Clay Stone is a hot muscle men with amazing thick dick and uncut dick, this dude is fucking huge!! nice shape.Carved from the purest muscle granite mined from the finest bodybuilding quarries comes the spectacular new Powermen muscleman Mr. Clay Stone. Clay s all about pure power, boasting a spectacularly strong physique tufted with a dusting of black body hair – and get a load of his xxx-thick, mouth-watering, man-sized, two-fisted super-sized tool! When Clay appears as if by magic on a balcony overlooking the sea, you know you re in good hands for his special brand of muscle play.

Clay-Stone-PowerMen-Model-Big-Fat-Cock-Bodybuilder-003 Clay-Stone-PowerMen-Model-Big-Fat-Cock-Bodybuilder-001 Clay-Stone-PowerMen-Model-Big-Fat-Cock-Bodybuilder-002

Clay-Stone-PowerMen-Model-Big-Fat-Cock-Bodybuilder-004 Clay-Stone-PowerMen-Model-Big-Fat-Cock-Bodybuilder-005


Huge Brazil BB – Henrique, The bodybuilder hunk pentelhudo hairy Mr. Clay Stone showing everything! The sun is setting and the Brazilian bodybuilder Henrique will the pool to catch some bronze. His muscles are thick and suculents and how he rubs oil on him. Sesu Great biceps match your big thighs and he has a good amount of hair on his macho muscles. After soaking in the pool your swimming trunks embraces his great further bag.

Clay-Stone-PowerMen-Model-Big-Fat-Cock-Bodybuilder-007 Clay-Stone-PowerMen-Model-Big-Fat-Cock-Bodybuilder-006

Clay-Stone-PowerMen-Model-Big-Fat-Cock-Bodybuilder-008 Clay-Stone-PowerMen-Model-Big-Fat-Cock-Bodybuilder-009


He gives us a better view of your body warm indoors, it flexes and poses completely naked with his cock uncut hard and full of pubes . your muscles oily shine and how he writhes with pleasure when he shoots his cum load on the wall.


Clay-Stone-PowerMen-Model-Big-Fat-Cock-Bodybuilder-012 Clay-Stone-PowerMen-Model-Big-Fat-Cock-Bodybuilder-015


Clay-Stone-PowerMen-Model-Big-Fat-Cock-Bodybuilder-016 Clay-Stone-PowerMen-Model-Big-Fat-Cock-Bodybuilder-019

Clay-Stone-PowerMen-Model-Big-Fat-Cock-Bodybuilder-017 Clay-Stone-PowerMen-Model-Big-Fat-Cock-Bodybuilder-018


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