Peter Stride

Self-assured, quietly determined; deep voice, good listener; would be more popular than he is, but limits number of friends carefully; sleeps nude — and aroused most of the night. Peter Stride appear on Buckshot Video Magazine 1, when you’re hung as big as hairy-chested Peter Stride, it’s not easy getting thru a day’s work. His job as a house painter experiences a delay when during a coffee break, he spills some of the brew and the warmth reminds him of the heat factor in his crotch. Any excuse to get his hands down there is legit and a throbbing cock tells him he’s home. It doesn’t take long before his humungus hardon delivers a creamy load.


Peter-Stride-Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Muscle-Man-XXX-002 Peter-Stride-Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Muscle-Man-XXX-004

Peter-Stride-Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Muscle-Man-XXX-005 Peter-Stride-Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Muscle-Man-XXX-006 Peter-Stride-Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Muscle-Man-XXX-007

Peter-Stride-Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Muscle-Man-XXX-010 Peter-Stride-Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Muscle-Man-XXX-012 Peter-Stride-Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Muscle-Man-XXX-013

All you need to know. There isn’t much information about Peter- but judging from his hot, hairy body and steamy bedroom looks, do we need it? We know he modeled for COLT, and frankly, that’s enough for me. I’ll leave you with some more smoldering Peter and tell me what you think.


Peter-Stride-Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Muscle-Man-XXX-009 Peter-Stride-Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Muscle-Man-XXX-011

Peter-Stride-Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Muscle-Man-XXX-014 Peter-Stride-Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Muscle-Man-XXX-015 Peter-Stride-Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Muscle-Man-XXX-016

Peter Stride Stats :
Sign: Leo
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 180 lbs
Dick: 10.00 in. Cut
Position: Top
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Hazel

Peter-Stride-Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Muscle-Man-XXX-017 Peter-Stride-Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Muscle-Man-XXX-018

Peter-Stride-Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Muscle-Man-XXX-019 Peter-Stride-Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Muscle-Man-XXX-020

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