David Anthony

He’s one Hot Daddy! Perfect MAN, Wow, would you look at that fuckin cock! Well hung, long and extra thick! He could do anything to me he wants. Worship! With the moustache is the type of hunky beef, I use to dream about sucking/licking off when i was going through puberty in my early gay-teens, my next door neighbour was married and looked very much like him. He was a beautiful looking man, musky looking chest hair,sweaty hairy arm pits.

I use to watch him for hours cutting his lawn,covered in sweat with no shirt and stuffed inside skin tight blue jeans….i jacked off for years thinking about him, a rough, hunky man who always had a smile for me. What i would of did for him, if he only asked !!…… ;)


David-Anthony-Part-III-Holy-Hell-Hot-Daddy-Master-X-003 David-Anthony-Part-III-Holy-Hell-Hot-Daddy-Master-X-004 David-Anthony-Part-III-Holy-Hell-Hot-Daddy-Master-X-005

David-Anthony-Part-III-Holy-Hell-Hot-Daddy-Master-X-006 David-Anthony-Part-III-Holy-Hell-Hot-Daddy-Master-X-007 David-Anthony-Part-III-Holy-Hell-Hot-Daddy-Master-X-008


This guy is kinda like the master guy who can dominate. The man in leather behind his suits that when he take of the his cloth he will turn into the master in S&M sex….Submit and obey that is the only way…House rules, I tell you what to do; you say, “Yes, sir.” If you ‘ve ever watch his harcore sex scenes in Titan’s Stockroom, Caged or Full Fetish you will want to be his slave. In those kinky films with Rubber/Latex, Piss, I think he plays his role real hot and so good. HOLY HELL! Where do I sign up for this ride?? This is an definitely E-Ticket ride!! (E for Ecstasy).

David-Anthony-Part-III-Holy-Hell-Hot-Daddy-Master-X-010 David-Anthony-Part-III-Holy-Hell-Hot-Daddy-Master-X-011


David-Anthony-Part-III-Holy-Hell-Hot-Daddy-Master-X-013 David-Anthony-Part-III-Holy-Hell-Hot-Daddy-Master-X-014 David-Anthony-Part-III-Holy-Hell-Hot-Daddy-Master-X-015

David-Anthony-Part-III-Holy-Hell-Hot-Daddy-Master-X-016 David-Anthony-Part-III-Holy-Hell-Hot-Daddy-Master-X-017

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