Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-001Adam The Champ

Lately, I’ve had several requests for pictures of Adam Champ, and I was asked why I’ve never run a post on him. Tt is a fact that although Adam Champ may not exactly be vintage COLT, he is nevertheless a man without whom COLT would be unimaginable! Plus, he’s a very hot and sexy man indeed! Hairy Chested Hunk Adam Champ…. FUCK YEAH!!!! That’s one hot, hairy stud! Doesn’t take but a few minutes to blow my load watching Adam every time.

Reminds me of an Italian workout bud I used to have twenty years ago. We’d get all pumped and afterwards suck and fuck for a few hours afterward. …Adam is fuckin’ hot on his own ….Ummm,Woof!!!!


Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-003 Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-004 Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-005

Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-006 Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-007 Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-008


Now that’s a man. Still has all his fur. Noooooooooooo! Don’t bring a razor! Love this furry guy. Adam is what I CALL A MAN, he can sit on my face and fuck my hole any day He’s gorgeous. Just one question: does that foreskin roll all the way back? Doesn’t look to me like it will. Adam, he is “The Men of Gay Porn” Hardcore scenes for Colt…I just about exploded. and his later Raging Stallion stuff made better use of his talents that you may have seen the scene of him like this …

Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-010 Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-011 Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-012

Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-013 Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-014


The hairy muscle jock is restrained and stripped, his hard dick throbbing and clear juice leaking from the head. His shaft and balls are tightly bound, and the dude is so horny he needs to cum real bad! ….He is HOT. Look at that furry crack. Who can resist that? Older, hairy, uncut men makes me melt and worship them at thier feet in exchange for long bareback sex and lifelong love. Wouldnt mind riding that cock for awhile until he makes us both cum.


Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-017 Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-018 Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-019

Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-020 Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-021 Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-022

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