Fascinating Massive Body Fantastic Characters

Gorgeous muscles on these comic guys! These guys make me want to join the gym to pump my muscle even if I can’t get the body like these. Ripped, roided, and muscle-stuffed, bulging BEEF!!!!! … sexy bodies like these. Somehow, body hairs just make a character more masculine in a certain way. I notice that the latest trend in the “bara” community is the strange combination of baby face with super smooth muscular bodies. I see artists getting quite popular with that type of esthetic, but I just can’t get into that. I still love my men to be bearded and hairy. OMG are they looking for a 3rd roommate?! I’d be happy to clean their apartment, gym equipment and cook for them!!!



Fantastic-Incredible-Beauty-Gay-Bara-Comic-004 Fantastic-Incredible-Beauty-Gay-Bara-Comic-005 Fantastic-Incredible-Beauty-Gay-Bara-Comic-006

Fantastic-Incredible-Beauty-Gay-Bara-Comic-007 Fantastic-Incredible-Beauty-Gay-Bara-Comic-008

There’s one thing I observed though I dunno if you want it that way but the “buldge” are too uncomfortable to stare at…holy hell that chest and chest hair yes!!!! XD OMG your all of your works are eyecandy. But I understand that you draw it that way to not “over – sexualizing” the characters by making it more detailed LOL. …”Hey, you, stop looking and come here to check which of us 3 have bigger muscles” Damn sexy and delicious!!! This is fascinating body. Massive, gorgeous, now he needs a good hard worship. A great tribute to a fantastic bodybuilder! Just a fantasy of mine having huge beefy guys be bottoms.



Fantastic-Incredible-Beauty-Gay-Bara-Comic-011 Fantastic-Incredible-Beauty-Gay-Bara-Comic-012

Fantastic-Incredible-Beauty-Gay-Bara-Comic-013 Fantastic-Incredible-Beauty-Gay-Bara-Comic-014 Fantastic-Incredible-Beauty-Gay-Bara-Comic-015

Fantastic-Incredible-Beauty-Gay-Bara-Comic-016 Fantastic-Incredible-Beauty-Gay-Bara-Comic-017

Fantastic-Incredible-Beauty-Gay-Bara-Comic-018 Fantastic-Incredible-Beauty-Gay-Bara-Comic-019 Fantastic-Incredible-Beauty-Gay-Bara-Comic-020




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