Being The Hot Cop with Sexy Tight Butt

Robert Van Damme, with the body of his glory, he’s muscle god, hulking and dominant with big fat 8 inches cock. Robert U r fucking ALL MAN! What a turn on. You’ve got the body and cock and major animal magnetism. I can stroke my cock all day just thinking about eating that hot buttucks of this guy. With handsome face, a gorgeous, muscular body a beautiful cock and a fucking perfect ass! Seeing him spread his ass and show that tight hole makes my mouth water and my cock rock hard. He does a good job fucking with his big dick and taking it up the ass. I’d give anything to stick my tongue deep up his asshole, then fuck the hell out of him!




Robert Van Damme is gay for pay and for this post I will skip his information about legal issue. But I have to tell you that this muscular porn hottie won’t be going before the camera any time soon. I love strong muscular smooth shaven guys with fat big vascular cocks and firm full asses with completely smooth shaven greedy manholes that are into pounding the shit out of each other after worshipping all smooth muscles at the fullest. The intensity of exploring e.o. is fucking hot. Great to see these big muscle guy have no limits at all.



Porn-Star-Robert-Van-Damme-HotHouse-Exclusive-001 Porn-Star-Robert-Van-Damme-HotHouse-Exclusive-002 Porn-Star-Robert-Van-Damme-HotHouse-Exclusive-005

The scenes he fucks, he’s like the ultimate fucker who the sexiest man to wrestle for top. Love the bulging muscles, the vascularity and the intensity of this guy. The man’s fat, 8-inch cock could be used as a weapon — and when he’s topping his prey, that’s exactly what he does with it! The most intense place Robert has fucked is in a plane above the ocean, and when he’s not hammering other guys on camera he enjoys playing sports.

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