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Gay Bara Comic – Fantastic Incredible Beauty of Muscles Drawing!

Fascinating Massive Body Fantastic Characters Gorgeous muscles on these comic guys! These guys make me want to join the gym to pump my muscle even if I can’t get the body like these. Ripped, roided, and muscle-stuffed, bulging BEEF!!!!! … sexy bodies like these. Somehow, body hairs just make a character more masculine in a […]


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Bara Comic and Gay Cartoon Erotic Art …Fuck Yeah! Part I – Manly Man Hunks Male Characters

A very naughty gay comic post here! Many of you may want to see gay comics post from this blog … Actually I’m a Big Fan of Gay Comic, so this post is the 1st one of gay erotic art series. In the comparison between the western and estern comic, I like the western (japanese […]

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