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Austin Rogers aka. Viktor Kinski and Chris Summer – Good Shooter

Austin Rogers This dark-haired, dark-eyed, muscular Hungarian stud is known as a “good shooter.” Just one look at any of his cum-splashing scenes will tell you why! Austin Rogers (also known as Viktor Kinski and Chris Summer depending on the studio) says it’s all the lettuce he eats that lets him produce such impressive cumshots. […]

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Eric – Sexy Handsome Male Bodybuilder by the Pool

Sexy by the Pool Eric, this is the hot time appearance of HUGE bodybuilders I’ve found, he is a super ripped musclemen engaged in an “Ancient Greek” style body! Eric posing for photoshoot after he got rid of most of their “TOGA” clothes. Then a hot muscle worship follows, the muscleman where we can see […]

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MenAtPlay Introducing Steven in Watch Me Work It

Watch Me Work IT – Starring, Steven Another stunner is added to the Menatplay collection of men this week. Steven makes his debut on Menatplay (in a big way!) after sailing through our casting couch, where you all voted to see more of this muscle-bound blond stud. And see a lot more we certainly do, […]

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Otto Mann, LiveMuscleShow and Muscle Hunks Hot Hard Model – Otto On The Rise

Otto On The Rise In his delicious premiere performance at MH.com, new LiveMuscleShow sensation Otto Mann delivers a tasty tableau of white collar muscleplay. In this irresistible office flexin’ fantasy, Otto’s an overworked middle manager following orders to produce documents. Once in the confines of the company file room, Otto relieves the tension nicely when […]

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Hot Jocks Hot Cocks Photos Set Series Part I

Fuckin Hot Hot Hot studs Oh Boys!!! what i would do with you :-) I love to watch gay porn about Smooth Muscle Jocks ….jerks his cock. These hot guys are already running around wild and free causing trouble and raising hell – like a true cockyboys should be doing! One thing you’ll notice about […]

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