Sexy & Handsome as Ever, Drew Sumrok Part I – Gay Adult Porn Star, XXX Live Show Model


Drew Sumrok

Sexy, Shredded, Rugged and Masculine, the incomparable Drew Sumrok has starred in dozens of your favorite man-flicks, including releases from Falcon, Lucas, Hothouse and more! This big muscleman has a beautiful face, perfect abs, and the most delicious bubble butt you’ve ever laid eyes on! Drew Sumrok is a talented and easily recognizable American performer, porn actor, producer, model, and artist.

He’s into older guys who love to be taken care of, performing for an audience, big or small, love it to be 1-on-1, but also enjoy BFE, groups, leather jocks, tattoos, hung tops or hung bottoms, flipping, uniforms. His fantasies are about “I an extremely sexual person who enjoys many fantasies especial bath house fantasies. I love steam room scenes where several guys are all looking around at each and eventually one of them starts this chain reaction where they are all around me jerking of and each one explodes in my mouth.”

Drew-Sumrok-Gay-Adult-Porn-Star-Live-Show-Part-I-002 Drew-Sumrok-Gay-Adult-Porn-Star-Live-Show-Part-I-003 Drew-Sumrok-Gay-Adult-Porn-Star-Live-Show-Part-I-004

Drew-Sumrok-Gay-Adult-Porn-Star-Live-Show-Part-I-005 Drew-Sumrok-Gay-Adult-Porn-Star-Live-Show-Part-I-006 Drew-Sumrok-Gay-Adult-Porn-Star-Live-Show-Part-I-007

He has starred in over 20 films and scenes with a wide variety of subject material and produced by an array of major studios. He has performed at over 25 events and parties, ranging from regular bar appearances and go-go dancing to live sex performances at venues such as the Nob Hill Theatre and Cherries on the Bay. When he isn’t pushing the sexual and emotional boundaries of the human body, Drew is focused on staying in peak physical condition. A natural athlete, his journey began as an a avid track and field competitor throughout his academic career. Also a competitive swimmer, Drew’s coaches immersed him in an athletic lifestyle, which led to his love of lifting weights and emulating the ideals of bodybuilding.


Drew-Sumrok-Gay-Adult-Porn-Star-Live-Show-Part-I-009 Drew-Sumrok-Gay-Adult-Porn-Star-Live-Show-Part-I-010 Drew-Sumrok-Gay-Adult-Porn-Star-Live-Show-Part-I-011

Drew Sumrok Stats:
Ethnicity: Caucasian / White
Age: 37
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Short
Weight: 86kg (190lbs)
Height: 177cm (5ft 10in)
Waist: 34″
Chest: 48″
Bicep: 18″
Thigh: 24″
Cock: 18cm (7in) Cut
Gay Role: Bottom/Versatile
Body Type: Muscular
Pubic Hair: Shaved
Body Mods: Tattoo(s)


Drew-Sumrok-Gay-Adult-Porn-Star-Live-Show-Part-I-013 Drew-Sumrok-Gay-Adult-Porn-Star-Live-Show-Part-I-014

This guy is obsessions about…I love the smell of a guy whom doesn’t wear any deoderant and put in a long day at his manual labor job or maybe he just coming from the gym. Their scent has to be at that right stage for me to just lose all inihibtions. I love to worship guys and take care of their needs. Letting me wash in the shower then towel dry you off, then get you all dirty again is a huge turn on.



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Kristenbjorn Present Bare To The Bone – Scene 9 James Castle, Viktor Rom


James Castle and Viktor Rom

Viktor and James are old friends and when they meet up on the street they decide to rekindle an old desire. Viktor remembers how well James swallowed his huge cock before and wastes no time in putting his talents to work again. James devours and luxuriates in the taste, smell and feel of that hefty cock in his mouth and throat. Viktor rewards James’ expert cock sucking by taking James’ fat cock into his own mouth and pleasuring it from the base to the uncut head. James knows what Viktor’s true desire is so he grinds his ass onto Viktor’s hungry mouth and probing tongue.

Bare-To-The-Bone-SC9-James-Castle-Viktor-Rom-002 Bare-To-The-Bone-SC9-James-Castle-Viktor-Rom-003 Bare-To-The-Bone-SC9-James-Castle-Viktor-Rom-004

Bare-To-The-Bone-SC9-James-Castle-Viktor-Rom-005 Bare-To-The-Bone-SC9-James-Castle-Viktor-Rom-006


Fucking that hot hole and prepping it for his own mammoth cock, Viktor strains to withhold his huge eruption. James demands that Viktor fuck him and Viktor is more than willing to give him exactly what he desires. Viktor rams his raw cock deep inside of James’ greedy hole and teases him by thrusting his rock hard cock in and out of his wet hole. Flipping James over, Viktor is treated to deeper access and pounds away at James’ ass as James strokes his ever hard cock. Viktor has fucked James so hard and so deep that he explodes a huge load of cum as Viktor continues fucking his ass. As Viktor feels the spasms of James’ ass muscles working his cock he shoots his thick, creamy load all over and then inside of James. An old friendship has been rekindled.

Bare-To-The-Bone-SC9-James-Castle-Viktor-Rom-008 Bare-To-The-Bone-SC9-James-Castle-Viktor-Rom-009

Bare-To-The-Bone-SC9-James-Castle-Viktor-Rom-010 Bare-To-The-Bone-SC9-James-Castle-Viktor-Rom-011


Bare-To-The-Bone-SC9-James-Castle-Viktor-Rom-013 Bare-To-The-Bone-SC9-James-Castle-Viktor-Rom-014 Bare-To-The-Bone-SC9-James-Castle-Viktor-Rom-015

Bare-To-The-Bone-SC9-James-Castle-Viktor-Rom-016 Bare-To-The-Bone-SC9-James-Castle-Viktor-Rom-017

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Daddy Showing Big Cocks, Smell and Feel of It – Oohh My Hot Daddy Hunks Part 9


Hot Fantasy with Daddy Hunks

For these guys, there’re not age alone that defines a Daddy Bear, but a capacity for and possession of a ‘paternal’ or ‘caring’ nature that marks a true Daddy Bears. Their own role as a Social Worker and Counselor means they can be seen as a Daddy figure already, and they is proactive in helping to take care of people in their professional and personal life. And “Daddy” should be a mentor and a caregiver in any community. These hairy muscle man also love wearing leather; they enjoys the smell and feel of it. In the bedroom, they like role playing and the’re pretty vocal. Hmmm … that conjures up some hot fantasies……

Smell-Feel-Daddy-Big-Cocks-Oohh-My-Hot-Hairy-9-002 Smell-Feel-Daddy-Big-Cocks-Oohh-My-Hot-Hairy-9-003 Smell-Feel-Daddy-Big-Cocks-Oohh-My-Hot-Hairy-9-004

Smell-Feel-Daddy-Big-Cocks-Oohh-My-Hot-Hairy-9-005 Smell-Feel-Daddy-Big-Cocks-Oohh-My-Hot-Hairy-9-006 Smell-Feel-Daddy-Big-Cocks-Oohh-My-Hot-Hairy-9-007


And speaking of fantasies, this strapping hairy, bald man has a fantasy involving being pulled over on the highway by the cops – and not just one cop, but three! The cops take him into the woods and have their way with him. And what does that mean? Well, Bubba is very versatile: “Top, bottom, or in the middle,” he says. So I guess with three policemen at the ready, Bubba would have plenty to do in this fantasy. With the interview over, Bubba grips his super fat cock and pumps out a nice load for us. Check out his photo session: Sexy Man Over 40.

Smell-Feel-Daddy-Big-Cocks-Oohh-My-Hot-Hairy-9-009 Smell-Feel-Daddy-Big-Cocks-Oohh-My-Hot-Hairy-9-010 Smell-Feel-Daddy-Big-Cocks-Oohh-My-Hot-Hairy-9-011


Smell-Feel-Daddy-Big-Cocks-Oohh-My-Hot-Hairy-9-013 Smell-Feel-Daddy-Big-Cocks-Oohh-My-Hot-Hairy-9-014

Smell-Feel-Daddy-Big-Cocks-Oohh-My-Hot-Hairy-9-015 Smell-Feel-Daddy-Big-Cocks-Oohh-My-Hot-Hairy-9-016 Smell-Feel-Daddy-Big-Cocks-Oohh-My-Hot-Hairy-9-017

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Sidewinder Scene 3 – Letterio Amadeo Fuck Hard with Johnny V


Johnny V, Letterio Amadeo

Letterio Amadeo is sweaty and worked up from stacking firewood all day and desperately needs a shower. Knowing that Johnny V will be watching, he steps into the outdoor shower and strokes his cock enticing Johnny to join him for some steamy fun. Letterio is tall and big chested, with dark hair and colorful tatts that cover his right thigh and butt cheek. As the water cascades over his hairy chest, he works up a huge boner, and makes eye contact with his admirer. Johnny is quickly drawn to the bold site of Letterio stroking his cock and steps into the shower and lowers onto his knees, sucking Letterio’s fat 10-incher.

Letterio reciprocates with sweeping strokes of his tongue that go from Johnny’s hole to the tip of his pulsating cock and back again. Letterio fucks Johnny in the sunshine, missionary style, with the light glistening off of Johnny’s washboard abs. Digging deep with hard bursts, Letterio snakes his way further into Johnny’s stretched hole, until his sizzling load shoots across Johnny’s face. Johnny gets back on his feet and gives Letterio a second hot shower… of cum!


Letterio-Amadeo-Fuck-Hard-Johnny-V-Sidewinder-003 Letterio-Amadeo-Fuck-Hard-Johnny-V-Sidewinder-004

Letterio-Amadeo-Fuck-Hard-Johnny-V-Sidewinder-005 Letterio-Amadeo-Fuck-Hard-Johnny-V-Sidewinder-006


Letterio-Amadeo-Fuck-Hard-Johnny-V-Sidewinder-008 Letterio-Amadeo-Fuck-Hard-Johnny-V-Sidewinder-009

Letterio-Amadeo-Fuck-Hard-Johnny-V-Sidewinder-010 Letterio-Amadeo-Fuck-Hard-Johnny-V-Sidewinder-011 Letterio-Amadeo-Fuck-Hard-Johnny-V-Sidewinder-012

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A Little Bit Nasty Sexy Hunks Photos Set 2 – Beauty of Men’s Muscled Body


Muscle studs here today to get the audience’s eyes all over their muscled bodies! They are little exhibitionist, turns upside down, rubs their tool closer to the camera. These hunks loves to pose and they have hot bodies to shoot. They don’t want to waste their or your time. And then slowly dig down their hole with their fingers! I really enjoy working with these hunks, and really want the had a hot scene with them, sucking, slurping dicks, and squirting hot juices on each other….. enjoy

Just-Little-Sexy-Beauty-of-Men-Muscled-Body-Part-2-002 Just-Little-Sexy-Beauty-of-Men-Muscled-Body-Part-2-003 Just-Little-Sexy-Beauty-of-Men-Muscled-Body-Part-2-004

Just-Little-Sexy-Beauty-of-Men-Muscled-Body-Part-2-005 Just-Little-Sexy-Beauty-of-Men-Muscled-Body-Part-2-006


Just-Little-Sexy-Beauty-of-Men-Muscled-Body-Part-2-008 Just-Little-Sexy-Beauty-of-Men-Muscled-Body-Part-2-009 Just-Little-Sexy-Beauty-of-Men-Muscled-Body-Part-2-010

Just-Little-Sexy-Beauty-of-Men-Muscled-Body-Part-2-011 Just-Little-Sexy-Beauty-of-Men-Muscled-Body-Part-2-012


Just-Little-Sexy-Beauty-of-Men-Muscled-Body-Part-2-014 Just-Little-Sexy-Beauty-of-Men-Muscled-Body-Part-2-015 Just-Little-Sexy-Beauty-of-Men-Muscled-Body-Part-2-016

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