Absolutely Gorgeous Guys – These Shirtless Hunks Wishing You a Happy Friday


Happy Friday Guys

Well, it’s the last workday of this week and I’m really like it, posting these hot hunks photos for you guys. What a gorgeous guys they are! I would like to reach right through my monitor to give them some big hugs! You know what, there is a beautiful sensuality being with a man. Many men are absolutely beautiful. The look of a muscular, tight chested tall man in shape is a beautiful sight to me. Men are beautiful and most get sexier as they age. Okay, you maybe say… I have a dream like fantasy in only good side of men.

Sexy-Gorgeous-Handsome-Happy-Friday-Hunks-002 Sexy-Gorgeous-Handsome-Happy-Friday-Hunks-003 Sexy-Gorgeous-Handsome-Happy-Friday-Hunks-004

Sexy-Gorgeous-Handsome-Happy-Friday-Hunks-005 Sexy-Gorgeous-Handsome-Happy-Friday-Hunks-006


Sexy-Gorgeous-Handsome-Happy-Friday-Hunks-008 Sexy-Gorgeous-Handsome-Happy-Friday-Hunks-009 Sexy-Gorgeous-Handsome-Happy-Friday-Hunks-010

But believe me, as homosexuality becomes more acceptable (and it will very soon) many men will venture sexually elsewhere and find the beauty of relationship with other men. Maybe it’s time gay men reached out and show how much we love our straight brothers physically and spiritually. Men are by far the more beautiful (when they care for themselves and keep fit) of the two genders.

Sexy-Gorgeous-Handsome-Happy-Friday-Hunks-011 Sexy-Gorgeous-Handsome-Happy-Friday-Hunks-012 Sexy-Gorgeous-Handsome-Happy-Friday-Hunks-013

Sexy-Gorgeous-Handsome-Happy-Friday-Hunks-014 Sexy-Gorgeous-Handsome-Happy-Friday-Hunks-015 Sexy-Gorgeous-Handsome-Happy-Friday-Hunks-016


Nice-looking guy, nice body… what do they do to keep in shape? Their sexy muscular appearance mean the guys can show you a move or two in and outside the bedroom, so you KNOW they can last a long time. Let’s just say no Jane would want to be a virgin when around these hunks.

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Billy Herrington ,Hot Hunk Gay Porn Star – A Top Who Identifies as Bisexual, and Packs an 8-inch Cock


Classic Colt Gay Port Star

Herrington grew up closeted in Long Island learning karate from his father, a sensei. He had interests in boxing, wrestling and martial arts but did not start bodybuilding until he was 24 after moving to New York City. Herrington began his erotic career when a friend surreptitiously submitted his nude pictures to Playgirl magazine. The photographs won him a “Real Men of the Month” contest and a $500 prize. His appearance in the magazine caught the eye of famed photographer Jim French but it was two years before Herrington shot his first Colt calendars for French. Soon after that he was shooting hardcore gay pornography for All Worlds Video. Herrington became one of the best known gay porn stars of the late 1990s, even appearing on mainstream TV programs such as Love Connection and talk-show Ricki Lake.

Billy-Herrington-Hot-Muscle-Hunk-Gay-Porn-Star-001 Billy-Herrington-Hot-Muscle-Hunk-Gay-Porn-Star-003 Billy-Herrington-Hot-Muscle-Hunk-Gay-Porn-Star-005

Billy-Herrington-Hot-Muscle-Hunk-Gay-Porn-Star-002 Billy-Herrington-Hot-Muscle-Hunk-Gay-Porn-Star-006 Billy-Herrington-Hot-Muscle-Hunk-Gay-Porn-Star-008


Herrington says the adult film industry helped him to cope with his bisexuality. Among his starring roles is the Roman emperor in the Danish feature film HotMen CoolBoyz (2000), produced by Lars von Trier’s company Zentropa, also known for such films as the Oscar-nominated After the Wedding (2006) and Dogville (2003) starring Nicole Kidman. Herrington’s scene in Conquered with Nino Bacci, Colton Ford, Blake Harper, and Jay Ross won the “Best Group Sex Scene” at the 2001 Adult Erotic Gay Video Awards (“Grabbys”). Herrington’s first son was born in Autumn 2002. Herrington still occasionally performs his striptease act at gay clubs around the US.

Billy-Herrington-Hot-Muscle-Hunk-Gay-Porn-Star-010 Billy-Herrington-Hot-Muscle-Hunk-Gay-Porn-Star-012 Billy-Herrington-Hot-Muscle-Hunk-Gay-Porn-Star-013

Billy-Herrington-Hot-Muscle-Hunk-Gay-Porn-Star-011 Billy-Herrington-Hot-Muscle-Hunk-Gay-Porn-Star-014


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Str8 Male Porn Star Stud Charles Dera – Flashback to the Day When the Guy Stunning Gorgeously Attractive

MOY 03

PlayGirl.Com Model Charles Dera

He was just in Miami Beach taking pictures for a new playgirl spread as he won Man of the Year. The pictures will be out in June or July magazine. He has let his body hair (chest) grow in as well as a few days growth on the face. Perhaps to look butch? Who knows? From the interview I saw, the layout appears to be poolside overlooking the bay. He seemed quite comfortable sitting around nekkid…..The more I see of him, the more I want him.

MOY 06


MOY 11 MOY 12

MOY 08




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Leo Harley aka Supa Dude – Male Model Rugby Player Bodybuilder


Leo Harley

Leo Harley indescribable. A powerful and muscular physique that overwhelms. At 25, this Englishman sculptural -model, rugby player, dancer, musician and actor-artist also known as “Spunky” in his role as singer of rock, with several videos under their belts born entertainer is declared for the entertainment industry. Singer-songwriter and a renowned bodybuilder.


Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-003 Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-004 Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-005

Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-006 Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-007 Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-008

What you ask for more from this perfect guy, Leo Harley, is the whole man. With this impressive muscle mass and that robust eroticism virility and Leo Harley muscles. Fitness is a essential part of his life. He’s a rugby player, Dancer and current competitor Bodybuilder… guess it’s clear he can be quite versatile with his work, Being in front of the camera, in the studio or in a bodybuilding stage or just a stage.

Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-009 Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-010


Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-012 Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-013 Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-014

Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-015 Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-016 Leo-Harley-Supa-Dude-Rugby-Player-Bodybuilder-017

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Special Giant Meat Delivery to You Guys – See the Good View of Hot Cock Shots


Hot Hunks O Meat

So you like big dicks? Let me show you the real thing, the real meat sticks. Every guy would dream of having a dick like that, it may has also a downside. Big cock may can’t fuck girls so fast, but not for if every case. I have been many watch porn movies, many guys who have big cock and really hard, they can fuck the girl hard and fast. The good thing is everyone who love cocks, love to suck big cocks deepthroat like slut. These guys look like they said to me “Fuck man now suck my dick clean”.

Giant-Meat-Delivery-Good-View-Of-Cock-XXX-002 Giant-Meat-Delivery-Good-View-Of-Cock-XXX-003

Giant-Meat-Delivery-Good-View-Of-Cock-XXX-004 Giant-Meat-Delivery-Good-View-Of-Cock-XXX-005 Giant-Meat-Delivery-Good-View-Of-Cock-XXX-006



I want to reach down my hand down and groped the bulge and gentle squeezed the throbbing cock. Ohhhhh Fukkkk… This was driving me crazy. I could beg them for these cocks and gonna take the massive shaft inched into my throat as they grip my head and thrust like no ones taken them that deep before.

Giant-Meat-Delivery-Good-View-Of-Cock-XXX-009 Giant-Meat-Delivery-Good-View-Of-Cock-XXX-010 Giant-Meat-Delivery-Good-View-Of-Cock-XXX-011

Giant-Meat-Delivery-Good-View-Of-Cock-XXX-012 Giant-Meat-Delivery-Good-View-Of-Cock-XXX-013 Giant-Meat-Delivery-Good-View-Of-Cock-XXX-014

Giant-Meat-Delivery-Good-View-Of-Cock-XXX-015 Giant-Meat-Delivery-Good-View-Of-Cock-XXX-016 Giant-Meat-Delivery-Good-View-Of-Cock-XXX-017

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