Hot Fuck Mates of Your Dream – Random Hard Hunks Naked and Half-Naked


The Fuck Mates of Your Dreams

What’s your dream about your hot fuck mate? big men bulge, sexy abs, underwear, Latin dude, showering or massive cock? No matter what it is, I hope you enjoy that moment. Just like these random hot muscular hunks photos, they are naked or half-naked, and the important thing is, they can be your good fuck mate of your fantasy. Muscle worship them, cum all over their handsome face, whipe their ass while you are fucking their muscular hard butt. It’s real HOT!!!


Various-Random-Hot-Fucked-Mate-Hunks-003 Various-Random-Hot-Fucked-Mate-Hunks-004 Various-Random-Hot-Fucked-Mate-Hunks-005

Various-Random-Hot-Fucked-Mate-Hunks-006 Various-Random-Hot-Fucked-Mate-Hunks-007 Various-Random-Hot-Fucked-Mate-Hunks-008


Various-Random-Hot-Fucked-Mate-Hunks-010 Various-Random-Hot-Fucked-Mate-Hunks-011 Various-Random-Hot-Fucked-Mate-Hunks-012


Various-Random-Hot-Fucked-Mate-Hunks-014 Various-Random-Hot-Fucked-Mate-Hunks-015 Various-Random-Hot-Fucked-Mate-Hunks-016

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Gilles Marini – Handsome Sexy Salsa Hollywood Hunk


Gilles Marini

Gilles Marini exploded onto the scene as “Dante”, the Casanova living in the beach house next door to Kim Cattrall’s “Samantha” on the Sex and the City (2008) movie, a role which has earned him international recognition. Though people went to the theatres to see Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, they left with one thing on their mind….Gilles’s shower scene. Gilles was born in Grasse, France. After working as a baker in his father’s bakery since he was 8-years-old and graduating from high school, Gilles joined the French army and was stationed in Paris, where he acted as a fireman for the famous Brigade des Sapeurs Pompiers de Paris.

Gilles-Marini-Six-Pack-Shirtless-Photos-002 Gilles-Marini-Six-Pack-Shirtless-Photos-003 Gilles-Marini-Six-Pack-Shirtless-Photos-004

Gilles-Marini-Six-Pack-Shirtless-Photos-005 Gilles-Marini-Six-Pack-Shirtless-Photos-006


Gilles grew up in Europe, the son of a Greek mother and Italian father. He has a sister and brother. He is a model who has appeared in print and TV ads and did runway work. He began acting in 2005 and received small parts in US soap operas and TV shows. He appeared as a French pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. He was often referred to as an unnamed “French Guy” or “Italian Guy” due to the small roles. Gilles has received a lot of attention in response to his role of Dante, the handsome and nude neighbor of Samantha in 2008’s Sex and the City: The Movie. Afterwards, he was being called the “Naked Guy”.
Gilles married his French wife Carole in 1998 and they have two children. He speaks French, Italian and English and enjoys playing sports.

Gilles Marini goes shirtless - 04 Gilles Marini goes shirtless - 02

Gilles Marini goes shirtless - 07 Gilles Marini goes shirtless - 05 Gilles Marini goes shirtless - 08

Gilles Marini goes shirtless - 10 Gilles Marini goes shirtless - 13


Gilles-Marini-Six-Pack-Shirtless-Photos-016 Gilles-Marini-Six-Pack-Shirtless-Photos-017 Gilles-Marini-Six-Pack-Shirtless-Photos-018

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Thiago – 25 YO Boxer Stud with 9 inches Fat Cock


Thiago XXX Castings – LucasKazan

About Thiago, Thiago is 25. He’s so comfortable stroking his dick in front of the camera (all 9 inches of it), he opened his own living room to the shoot. Watch him exercise, box, sweat and beat off.

Thiago-XXX-Castings-LucasKazan-Big-Cock-001 Thiago-XXX-Castings-LucasKazan-Big-Cock-002

Thiago-XXX-Castings-LucasKazan-Big-Cock-003 Thiago-XXX-Castings-LucasKazan-Big-Cock-004 Thiago-XXX-Castings-LucasKazan-Big-Cock-006

Thiago-XXX-Castings-LucasKazan-Big-Cock-005 Thiago-XXX-Castings-LucasKazan-Big-Cock-007 Thiago-XXX-Castings-LucasKazan-Big-Cock-008


Thiago-XXX-Castings-LucasKazan-Big-Cock-010 Thiago-XXX-Castings-LucasKazan-Big-Cock-011 Thiago-XXX-Castings-LucasKazan-Big-Cock-008

See Preview Video of Thiago >>

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It’s Time to Shave My Beard


Best time to shave… Morning or Night?

You know, there really isn’t a definitive answer to this question. But, I can definitely point out a few advantages and disadvantages for each… The Morning Shave : Pros. 1) The shadow fighter – Some men’s beards can be both darker and tougher, so a morning shave can help to prolong the dreaded 5 o’clock shadow. 2) Rise & Shine – we all have our ways of waking up in the morning. For some, the step-by-step approach to shaving: Prep, Shave & Refresh (see my Quick & Classic Shaving Tips), can help do the trick! : Cons. Nicks/Irritation – Getting out of the door in the morning, can at times be a “mad dash”. So, having this type of a routine in the morning, may do your face more harm than good!

The Evening Shave : Pros. 1) Slow -n- Steady – An evening shave can provide more time to getting a closer and “cleaner looking” shave. 2) The Healing Effect – While we sleep, our bodies including our skin, regroup and heal. For this reason, newly shaved skin has the opportunity to “heal itself” before the morning grind. : Cons. The tough beard – If your beard is dark and very heavy, another shave may be necessary in the morning.




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Colt Studio – Kent Logan Shows His Perfect Ripped Body


Kent Logan in Legendary Bodies 2

If the look is Masculine, the name is COLT, This second installment of COLT Legendary Bodies Series presents COLT Men Kent Logan, Adam Champ, Skye Woods and Johnny Cruise. These four COLT Men strut their stuff while posing their well defined and glistening muscles. The Legendary Bodies Series was developed by Rip COLT himself for the true blue fan and aficionado of all the world’s pinnacle men – COLT Men. The Legendary Bodies series contains nudity, erotic posing and muscle worship. Does not contain hardcore material. You will see why I have a crush on him. Great lookin’ body, he looks hot in those black shorts. He looks amazing in that white jock, I would love to workout with him! especially when you know what it holds!! …..very hot indeed! He knows how to handle himself. Just wish hed let me do it!

Colt-Studio-Kent-Logan-Perfect-Ripped-Body-001 Colt-Studio-Kent-Logan-Perfect-Ripped-Body-002 Colt-Studio-Kent-Logan-Perfect-Ripped-Body-003

Colt-Studio-Kent-Logan-Perfect-Ripped-Body-004 Colt-Studio-Kent-Logan-Perfect-Ripped-Body-005 Colt-Studio-Kent-Logan-Perfect-Ripped-Body-006



Colt-Studio-Kent-Logan-Perfect-Ripped-Body-007 Colt-Studio-Kent-Logan-Perfect-Ripped-Body-008 Colt-Studio-Kent-Logan-Perfect-Ripped-Body-009

Colt-Studio-Kent-Logan-Perfect-Ripped-Body-012 Colt-Studio-Kent-Logan-Perfect-Ripped-Body-013 Colt-Studio-Kent-Logan-Perfect-Ripped-Body-015

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