Hairy and Hung Anonymous Cocks – Self Pics of Hunk Bears with Their Cocks Shot


Anonymous Cocks

When we talk about anonymous cocks, you would think about glory hole fantasy. But today I have the collection of Anonymous Cocks in another way, not the glory hole, but the hairy guys with their big cocks but you can’t see their faces. I Love ‘Em Hung & Hairy, If you love to watch hairy, muscled and extremely hung amateur studs – especially when the pictures and videos were taken by the guys themselves so that they could show off to their girlfriends. Once again we browse the photos of hung straight guys that were taken by themselves, usually to impress their girlfriends.


Self-Pics-Hairy-Hung-Anonymous-Bears-Cocks-003 Self-Pics-Hairy-Hung-Anonymous-Bears-Cocks-004 Self-Pics-Hairy-Hung-Anonymous-Bears-Cocks-005

Self-Pics-Hairy-Hung-Anonymous-Bears-Cocks-006 Self-Pics-Hairy-Hung-Anonymous-Bears-Cocks-007

Self-Pics-Hairy-Hung-Anonymous-Bears-Cocks-008 Self-Pics-Hairy-Hung-Anonymous-Bears-Cocks-009

These guys often totally forget about the pics as soon as they score some pussy and win their girlfriends heart. But we value them highly as they are so amateur, genuine and good. Lots of very hot straight men showing off their hot well-built bodies and flashing their huge dicks into the camera. – then you’re gonna enjoy these sets of pictures. This is real hot because of these men are real amateurs, they’re not porn actors. Boy oh boy, these cocks are just breathtaking. Damn!


Self-Pics-Hairy-Hung-Anonymous-Bears-Cocks-011 Self-Pics-Hairy-Hung-Anonymous-Bears-Cocks-012


Self-Pics-Hairy-Hung-Anonymous-Bears-Cocks-014 Self-Pics-Hairy-Hung-Anonymous-Bears-Cocks-015 Self-Pics-Hairy-Hung-Anonymous-Bears-Cocks-016

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Arpad Miklos with Kyle Lewis from Unzipped Studio, [2] Magazine Online

Arpad-Miklos-Fuck-Kyle-Lewis-2Magazine-Online-004Arpad Miklos & Kyle Lewis

Arpad Miklos, although he passed away, but he has given us a lot of workmanships, real nice gay porn hardcore scene, in gay porn industry. I was one of his Fanboy in the past, for many sudios, the Sex Scene of Miklos is grogeous and Real Hot especially who love muscular bear hunk type of guys, the past time watching his sex scene movie is my happiness. Arpad Miklos! Arpad is the kind of man who dominates in every way. You can’t help but submit to his gorgeous muscular body, meaty ass and giant uncut dick. Your mouth will drop and beg for just a taste of him.

Arpad-Miklos-Fuck-Kyle-Lewis-2Magazine-Online-001 Arpad-Miklos-Fuck-Kyle-Lewis-2Magazine-Online-002 Arpad-Miklos-Fuck-Kyle-Lewis-2Magazine-Online-003

Arpad-Miklos-Fuck-Kyle-Lewis-2Magazine-Online-005 Arpad-Miklos-Fuck-Kyle-Lewis-2Magazine-Online-006

Arpad-Miklos-Fuck-Kyle-Lewis-2Magazine-Online-007 Arpad-Miklos-Fuck-Kyle-Lewis-2Magazine-Online-008


Arpad-Miklos-Fuck-Kyle-Lewis-2Magazine-Online-010 Arpad-Miklos-Fuck-Kyle-Lewis-2Magazine-Online-011 Arpad-Miklos-Fuck-Kyle-Lewis-2Magazine-Online-012

Arpad Miklos Stats :
Build: Muscled
Height:6’2″ (188 cm)
Weight:230-240 lbs (104-109 kg)
Cock:9-10″ (22-25 cm), Uncut, Thick
Hair:Average, Brown

Arpad-Miklos-Fuck-Kyle-Lewis-2Magazine-Online-013 Arpad-Miklos-Fuck-Kyle-Lewis-2Magazine-Online-014 Arpad-Miklos-Fuck-Kyle-Lewis-2Magazine-Online-015


Today I have an old Gallery Album, photos shoot set from Arpad Miklos with Kyle Lewis from Studio name Unzipped, this studio published an online magazine which is great called [2] Magazine. In those days, [2] Magazine (Unzipped Studio has really made a video Hardcore Sex Scene of these two come out with). [2] Magazine is an online magazine of that day, it was great, and there is Unzipped magazine, which has photo shoot hot models of that day. When I think of those days, I really miss, that I should collect those photos set that is rarly see in this day.

Arpad-Miklos-Fuck-Kyle-Lewis-2Magazine-Online-016 Arpad-Miklos-Fuck-Kyle-Lewis-2Magazine-Online-017

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Big Beefy Hunks, Big Bulge Bodybuilders Photos Set II – Do You Wanna Naked Wrestling with Them?


Super good looking super built hot male bodybuilders. Enjoy these America’s all time favorite hunks, they’re shirtless, they’re nude and have finest rock hard bodies you’ll ever see. Fantasize to nake wrestling with them, hot buff muscle men with hard pecs, big dicks and hardcore hot bodies …. stroke their big dicks. …. lick every inch of their bodies….. muscles, biceps, pecs, armpits and cocks.

Beefy-Hunks-Big-Bulge-Bodybuilders-Random-Set-2-002 Beefy-Hunks-Big-Bulge-Bodybuilders-Random-Set-2-003 Beefy-Hunks-Big-Bulge-Bodybuilders-Random-Set-2-004

Beefy-Hunks-Big-Bulge-Bodybuilders-Random-Set-2-005 Beefy-Hunks-Big-Bulge-Bodybuilders-Random-Set-2-006 Beefy-Hunks-Big-Bulge-Bodybuilders-Random-Set-2-007


Fantasy nake wrestling with male bodybuilder, these hunks ready for some hot muscle wrestling action is always growing and Naked. Handsome big male bodybuilder extremely defined pumped hot his muscle very gorgeous. The guys are tall, light-skinned, slender and buff with strong defined pecs. It’s particularly erotic to watch them man-vs-man wrestling, muscular arms and legs wrap around a fair skinned hot male chest, groin, ass, and you name it.

Beefy-Hunks-Big-Bulge-Bodybuilders-Random-Set-2-009 Beefy-Hunks-Big-Bulge-Bodybuilders-Random-Set-2-010 Beefy-Hunks-Big-Bulge-Bodybuilders-Random-Set-2-011

Beefy-Hunks-Big-Bulge-Bodybuilders-Random-Set-2-012 Beefy-Hunks-Big-Bulge-Bodybuilders-Random-Set-2-013 Beefy-Hunks-Big-Bulge-Bodybuilders-Random-Set-2-014

Beefy-Hunks-Big-Bulge-Bodybuilders-Random-Set-2-016 Beefy-Hunks-Big-Bulge-Bodybuilders-Random-Set-2-017 Beefy-Hunks-Big-Bulge-Bodybuilders-Random-Set-2-018

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LegendMen Jason Whetmore – Bearded Blonde BIG Fat Cock Muscular Man


Legend Men Jason Whetmore

Legend Men says: Bearded blonde muscle man Jason Whetmore strips off his clothes. Nude bodybuilder Jason has a beautiful ripped body and thick dick. He jerks his hard erect cock as he flexes his gleaming big muscles.


LegendMen-Jason-Whetmore-Fat-Cock-001 LegendMen-Jason-Whetmore-Fat-Cock-002 LegendMen-Jason-Whetmore-Fat-Cock-003

LegendMen-Jason-Whetmore-Fat-Cock-005 LegendMen-Jason-Whetmore-Fat-Cock-006

LegendMen-Jason-Whetmore-Fat-Cock-007 LegendMen-Jason-Whetmore-Fat-Cock-008


LegendMen-Jason-Whetmore-Fat-Cock-009 LegendMen-Jason-Whetmore-Fat-Cock-010 LegendMen-Jason-Whetmore-Fat-Cock-011

LegendMen-Jason-Whetmore-Fat-Cock-014 LegendMen-Jason-Whetmore-Fat-Cock-015

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Bara Comic and Gay Cartoon Erotic Art …Fuck Yeah! Part I – Manly Man Hunks Male Characters


A very naughty gay comic post here! Many of you may want to see gay comics post from this blog … Actually I’m a Big Fan of Gay Comic, so this post is the 1st one of gay erotic art series. In the comparison between the western and estern comic, I like the western (japanese bara comic), because the images of the artist often come with full of imagination (But there will be a little bit or mor of S&M) and of course, when talking about S&M Japanese Bara Comic, you may think of the art work of Tagame Gengoro.

Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-002 Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-003

Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-004 Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-005 Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-006


I think that art works of Tegame inspirate for artists of japan gay comic so much. Moreover gay bara comics often use the characters from games consoles such as the Snake from Metal Gear Solid or Character Ryu from street fighter todo in the art of gay scene. In full of Big Cocks, Full of Muscle of the fighters, several times, with the character of a fantasy world. Warrior, Swordsman and Big Bursting Load of Cum!…. I did not include the type Furry Beast, the Beast character that adapted to the Muscular Studs filled with Hairy body, muscles. Big Beast’s Cocks (I’ll post the Furry Beast Bara Comic in the future).

Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-008 Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-009 Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-010

Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-011 Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-012


Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-014 Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-015 Manly-Man-Hunks-Characters-Gay-Bara-Drawing-016

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