MenAtPlay Introducing Newcomer Logan Moore with Denis Vega in Hey Mr.DJ


Blue-eyed Porn Newcomer LOGAN MOORE

Blue-eyed Porn Newcomer LOGAN MOORE joins the line up of drop dead gorgeous MENATPLAY Men, and for his debut scene we’ve partnered him with none other than Hairy Muscle God DENIS VEGA – and what a pairing this is! And although Logan may have an ‘innocent’ look about him, he quickly reveals his dirty side, as he gets on his knees to worship every inch of Denis’ Muscular physique, slowly working his way down his rock hard cock which he feasts on like there’s no tomorrow. The men take turns to fuck each other deep and hard, until Denis pulls out his throbbing dick to give Logan the hugest cum-bath all over his handsome face. It’ll make you wish you were the one receiving his hot load.

Denis-Vega-Logan-Moore-Hey-Mr-DJ-001 Denis-Vega-Logan-Moore-Hey-Mr-DJ-002 Denis-Vega-Logan-Moore-Hey-Mr-DJ-004

Denis-Vega-Logan-Moore-Hey-Mr-DJ-006 Denis-Vega-Logan-Moore-Hey-Mr-DJ-010


Denis-Vega-Logan-Moore-Hey-Mr-DJ-007 Denis-Vega-Logan-Moore-Hey-Mr-DJ-011

Denis-Vega-Logan-Moore-Hey-Mr-DJ-008 Denis-Vega-Logan-Moore-Hey-Mr-DJ-012


Denis-Vega-Logan-Moore-Hey-Mr-DJ-014 Denis-Vega-Logan-Moore-Hey-Mr-DJ-015

Denis-Vega-Logan-Moore-Hey-Mr-DJ-016 Denis-Vega-Logan-Moore-Hey-Mr-DJ-017 Denis-Vega-Logan-Moore-Hey-Mr-DJ-018

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Meet Rugged Handsome Daddy Grobes Geraet – Tim´s Boyfriend, Timtales.Com


Dad Definition

Grobes Geraet, this big daddy is lucky enough to be Tim’s ( boyfriend for the last 7 years. Tim met him about 8 years ago and he always supported Tim in what he’s doing. Of course Grobes was a bit jealous at the beginning, and still is, when he sees Tim’s very much into a guy, but somthing would be wrong if he would not be jealous at all. They’re open and can each have his playtime with other guys. But always being honest and respectful. Of course there are many videos featuring Tim on this site, but you´ll find some content with this big daddy as well. ….Grobes is a perfect dad in every inch. Ripped, rugged, handsome and insanely manly. Stunning chest covered with fur, strong arms & legs and big juicy knob.

About this promo photos set, “Grobes in the sun” They just had a nice holiday in Spain. And that was a great opportunity to have some new photos made. So now, enjoy good old Grobes in the sun…:) I wish he was more photographed professionally. Hot!

Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-001 Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-002 Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-003

Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-004 Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-005 Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-006


Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-008 Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-010 Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-011

Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-012 Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-013

Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-014 Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-016


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Hand Picked Real Hot Photos Set of – Jake Genesis, Part One


Former Porn Star Jake Genesis

Former porn star Jake Genesis may have been off the business for some time, but he’s still pretty popular. If you are a fan of Jake you will definitely appreciate these hot hand picked photos set of this hot famous gay pornstar. Jake Genesis is a familiar face in the gay porn industry, and with any luck we will see a lot more of his face, incredible body, and hot cut cock. Jake loves it all, from topping to bottoming, and having sex with other hot men is what gets him up in the morning! When thinking about what makes the perfect porn star, look no further than the one and only Jake Genesis!

Jake-Genesis-Real-Quality-Good-Photos-Set-1-002 Jake-Genesis-Real-Quality-Good-Photos-Set-1-003 Jake-Genesis-Real-Quality-Good-Photos-Set-1-004

Jake-Genesis-Real-Quality-Good-Photos-Set-1-005 Jake-Genesis-Real-Quality-Good-Photos-Set-1-006


Jake-Genesis-Real-Quality-Good-Photos-Set-1-008 Jake-Genesis-Real-Quality-Good-Photos-Set-1-009 Jake-Genesis-Real-Quality-Good-Photos-Set-1-010

Jake took the porn industry “by storm” last year when he shot his first scene for Kristen Bjorn, later going on to work for fellow studios Raging Stallion, Lucas Entertainment and Men at Play, among others. Describing himself as “the porn model you can take home to mom, ” Genesis apparently lives in Madrid, has a degree in philosophy and served eight years as a police officer.


I was shocked when was knowing about the retirement of Jake Genesis in gay porn. Although Jake Genesis has quit the porn industry, his fans still can watch his new sex scenes from his active time in the industry.., such as Jake Genesis Fucks Jesse Santana in Original Sinners, Trenton Ducati and Jake Genesis fuck each other in “Fast Paced” from TitanMen or First Time, Parts 1&2 from KristenBjorn.


Jake-Genesis-Real-Quality-Good-Photos-Set-1-013 Jake-Genesis-Real-Quality-Good-Photos-Set-1-014 Jake-Genesis-Real-Quality-Good-Photos-Set-1-015

Jake-Genesis-Real-Quality-Good-Photos-Set-1-016 Jake-Genesis-Real-Quality-Good-Photos-Set-1-017 Jake-Genesis-Real-Quality-Good-Photos-Set-1-018

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Adam Foust – Hairy Hunk Daddy, Sexy in Blue Towel


Adam Foust

Adam Foust – Every one has a personal preference for the adult sites they like to go to. What I really like about my site is the fact I don’t have such a strict age restriction for models. I know that might not be good for people that have one look they go for but for me it works out fine. Life should be a huge buffet and no one should be on a restricting diet. I love all types of hot men and Adam is. …Strawberry-blond stud Adam Faust was hairy, ripped and all man and he started making XXX movies since about 2004. Although some of his movies are mainstream, he called himself a ‘fisting top’ and described his other specialisms as bondage and S&M. Indeed, he won best fetish escort at the first Annual Escort Awards and has proved a popular figure at Hot House’s Club Inferno Dungeon. He was born in February 1974 in New York, has an MBA and described himself as a great cook. Before his porn career took off, he worked retail in New York.

Adam-Foust-Hairy-Muscle-Hunk-Daddy-001 Adam-Foust-Hairy-Muscle-Hunk-Daddy-002 Adam-Foust-Hairy-Muscle-Hunk-Daddy-003

Adam-Foust-Hairy-Muscle-Hunk-Daddy-004 Adam-Foust-Hairy-Muscle-Hunk-Daddy-006 Adam-Foust-Hairy-Muscle-Hunk-Daddy-007


Adam-Foust-Hairy-Muscle-Hunk-Daddy-009 Adam-Foust-Hairy-Muscle-Hunk-Daddy-010 Adam-Foust-Hairy-Muscle-Hunk-Daddy-011


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Slutty of the Day – Hard Fucking & Cumshot Photos Set for Your Day


This Slutty of the Day

When the sun is high, hot gay hunks with their beautiful muscular bodies certainly want to splash some loads. Maybe in the water coz there is nothing to prevent them do hot gay sex, fuck in the ass faster and faster, seeing the porn movies with full of muscle hunks are buried in an orgasm. This is a rather ordinary story about several naked muscle hunks, but not traditional in the way these faggots make love with one another, but non-standard in the sense that they do their best to change their positions and do all kinds of hocus-pocuses with friendly muscle hunks. The hunk naked men look really awesome doing ga-ga with each other after some time of kissing, hugging, licking off family jewels and so on and so forth. The male tongues come in contact and that provides all of them with pleasure!

SluttySunday-I-Hard-Fucking-Cumshot-Photos-Weekend-003 SluttySunday-I-Hard-Fucking-Cumshot-Photos-Weekend-004 SluttySunday-I-Hard-Fucking-Cumshot-Photos-Weekend-006

SluttySunday-I-Hard-Fucking-Cumshot-Photos-Weekend-007 SluttySunday-I-Hard-Fucking-Cumshot-Photos-Weekend-008 SluttySunday-I-Hard-Fucking-Cumshot-Photos-Weekend-009



SluttySunday-I-Hard-Fucking-Cumshot-Photos-Weekend-010 SluttySunday-I-Hard-Fucking-Cumshot-Photos-Weekend-011 SluttySunday-I-Hard-Fucking-Cumshot-Photos-Weekend-012

SluttySunday-I-Hard-Fucking-Cumshot-Photos-Weekend-013 SluttySunday-I-Hard-Fucking-Cumshot-Photos-Weekend-014

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