MuscleHunks.Com – Kurt Beckmann Alpha Male, The Real Deal


Kurt Beckmann – Alpha Male

It’s been awhile since we’ve played with Kurt Beckmann. The handsome, muscular German with the magnificent tats and extraordinary frontal loader always appealed to our softer tastes. That was then. Well, this is now. Kurt’s gone over to the dark side, and wow – what a performance this new leather god gives in his first MH appearance in almost than four years! Talk about Alpha Males, Kurt demonstrates what being a real man is all about. Accept no substitutes: Kurt Beckmann is the real deal: he’s gotten huge, mean, he’s all muscle, and there’s nothin’ soft about him.

Alpha-Male-Kurt-Beckmann-Live-Muscle-Show-Promo-001 Alpha-Male-Kurt-Beckmann-Live-Muscle-Show-Promo-002 Alpha-Male-Kurt-Beckmann-Live-Muscle-Show-Promo-004

Alpha-Male-Kurt-Beckmann-Live-Muscle-Show-Promo-012 Alpha-Male-Kurt-Beckmann-Live-Muscle-Show-Promo-005 Alpha-Male-Kurt-Beckmann-Live-Muscle-Show-Promo-006

Alpha-Male-Kurt-Beckmann-Live-Muscle-Show-Promo-008 Alpha-Male-Kurt-Beckmann-Live-Muscle-Show-Promo-009 Alpha-Male-Kurt-Beckmann-Live-Muscle-Show-Promo-007

Alpha-Male-Kurt-Beckmann-Live-Muscle-Show-Promo-010 Alpha-Male-Kurt-Beckmann-Live-Muscle-Show-Promo-011

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Latino Hot Cocks, Devilish Handsome Latin Studs


Latino Cocks are Rock Hard and Super Sized

I can do everything within my power to chock down these huge cocks. Well, thats a big candystick of latino studs, welcome to latin stallion’s stable of hot men. They are very Handsome, Attractive, and Oh-so-sexy! Downright Beautiful! Their BIG COCKS, make me want to suck, big uncut cocks and make them bust big loads all over each my face. Nice big cock, and it’s all the way hard and they’re fucking hard & deep. Fuck,,,these`are my sexy muscled tough looking fucker!! Love their bodies!!! Wish I’d seen them out and about, I’d worship that hot fuckers.

Latino-Big-Cock-Studs-Hot-and-Handsome-002 Latino-Big-Cock-Studs-Hot-and-Handsome-003 Latino-Big-Cock-Studs-Hot-and-Handsome-004


Latino-Big-Cock-Studs-Hot-and-Handsome-006 Latino-Big-Cock-Studs-Hot-and-Handsome-007

Latino-Big-Cock-Studs-Hot-and-Handsome-008 Latino-Big-Cock-Studs-Hot-and-Handsome-009 Latino-Big-Cock-Studs-Hot-and-Handsome-010


Latino-Big-Cock-Studs-Hot-and-Handsome-012 Latino-Big-Cock-Studs-Hot-and-Handsome-013 Latino-Big-Cock-Studs-Hot-and-Handsome-014

Latin beefy hunk with thick, round muscles and an ass and hole that is made for a good, thick cock. You can see how much you are into them, if you have guys like these on your bed. My ex-boyfriend was a tall handsome Brazilian hunk with a 9 inch uncut cock and a big bubble butt, I really miss him so much.

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Casey Williams, from Muscle Jock to Hot Daddy – Hot Photos Set from Colt Studio


Rippling Hard Muscles Daddy

Casey Williams changes from muscle jock to leather daddy in his latest video from COLT STUDIO. He tops another beefy porn star John Magnum in a new movie titled Muscles In Leather. (John Magnum has one fine ass. That ass was made to be fucked, and fucked, and fucked…) Can’t say I remember him, but he looks good – and the chance to see John Magnum getting plowed in leather chaps – priceless. I think he looks wayyyy better now! He really does look hot still even gotten more handsome. The years have been good to him, but I imagine that he always kept up his workout regime!

Casey-Williams-Hot-Hairy-Daddy-ColtStudio-002 Casey-Williams-Hot-Hairy-Daddy-ColtStudio-003 Casey-Williams-Hot-Hairy-Daddy-ColtStudio-004


Casey-Williams-Hot-Hairy-Daddy-ColtStudio-006 Casey-Williams-Hot-Hairy-Daddy-ColtStudio-007

Casey-Williams-Hot-Hairy-Daddy-ColtStudio-008 Casey-Williams-Hot-Hairy-Daddy-ColtStudio-009


Casey-Williams-Hot-Hairy-Daddy-ColtStudio-011 Casey-Williams-Hot-Hairy-Daddy-ColtStudio-012

Casey-Williams-Hot-Hairy-Daddy-ColtStudio-013 Casey-Williams-Hot-Hairy-Daddy-ColtStudio-014

Casey was a very hot porn star very nice body at this first stint at porn he was really that young then I am not too sure how old he is now. Hmmm … I’m pretty impressed with how he looks now, but I think he was G0RGE0US back in the day. But my tastes are notoriously vanilla. How old is he now?


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Girth Brooks Shaves Off His Chest Hair – Manavenue


Girth Brook

If you’re a fan of Girth Brooks as I am, you are gonna be enjoying this session with our dear hairy stud a lot. As you probably know, everything is big on this guy. Girth is known for 3 big things: huge dick, very hairy chest and a big, infectious smile. And he’s also a great fun to be around cause he’s such a charming and cool guy! Well, not long ago Girth told us he wanted to shave off his chest hair. He does it from time to time in order to grow a fresh crop of hairs. We thought it would be hot and fun to watch and told him to drop by.

Manavenue-Girth-Brooks-Show-Off-Big-Cock-002 Manavenue-Girth-Brooks-Show-Off-Big-Cock-003 Manavenue-Girth-Brooks-Show-Off-Big-Cock-004


Girth came in shirt and tie, formally dressed up. I think he looks extra hot in suit! Girth then takes off his shirt to reveal the hairy chest he’s about to shave off. Dang I get hard just by thinking about his chest, with hair or without. Anyway, he shaves it off in the bathroom and then we get to see him playing with his humongous dick that is unmatched in all porn, gay or straight! I think he looks equally hot with or without hair. But I prefer my Girth to be hairy!

Manavenue-Girth-Brooks-Show-Off-Big-Cock-006 Manavenue-Girth-Brooks-Show-Off-Big-Cock-007 Manavenue-Girth-Brooks-Show-Off-Big-Cock-008

Manavenue-Girth-Brooks-Show-Off-Big-Cock-009 Manavenue-Girth-Brooks-Show-Off-Big-Cock-010

Manavenue-Girth-Brooks-Show-Off-Big-Cock-011 Manavenue-Girth-Brooks-Show-Off-Big-Cock-012 Manavenue-Girth-Brooks-Show-Off-Big-Cock-013



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Hairy Boyz – Pedro Andreas Pumping Deep Inside Nico Aragon


Pedro Andreas, Nico Aragon

Pedro Andreas is sunbathing when Nico Aragon comes to thewindow. After a few glimpses, Nico is on his knees and Pedro isfeeding him dick. Pedro works Nico’s throat, feeding him cock gentlyat first. Nico strips and reveals an amazing, hairy musculature, tightabs, thick arms, and a big, beautiful, uncut cock. Pedro feeds onNico’s cock, running its length along his lips and down his throat. Nicopumps his dick in and out of Pedro’s mouth before taking another turnsucking dick. Nico’s ass is next in line for some tongue action andPedro works his butthole with his lips. Pedro may be a top but he alsohas an amazing asshole. Nico treats it with love as he warms it upwith his mouth. When Nico bends over and opens his ass, Pedroshoves in his dick and works Nico’s hole hard. Nico loves the ride andit’s obvious from his moaning and the smile on his face. Pedro lovesto fuck a nice hole and as the guys switch from one position toanother, there’s not a beat missed. With Pedro pumping deep inside,Nico lets loose a stream of cum before Pedro blows his own load.

HairyBoyz-Pedro-Andreas-Fucks-Nico-Aragon-Hard-002 HairyBoyz-Pedro-Andreas-Fucks-Nico-Aragon-Hard-003 HairyBoyz-Pedro-Andreas-Fucks-Nico-Aragon-Hard-004

HairyBoyz-Pedro-Andreas-Fucks-Nico-Aragon-Hard-005 HairyBoyz-Pedro-Andreas-Fucks-Nico-Aragon-Hard-006


HairyBoyz-Pedro-Andreas-Fucks-Nico-Aragon-Hard-008 HairyBoyz-Pedro-Andreas-Fucks-Nico-Aragon-Hard-009

HairyBoyz-Pedro-Andreas-Fucks-Nico-Aragon-Hard-010 HairyBoyz-Pedro-Andreas-Fucks-Nico-Aragon-Hard-011

HairyBoyz-Pedro-Andreas-Fucks-Nico-Aragon-Hard-012 HairyBoyz-Pedro-Andreas-Fucks-Nico-Aragon-Hard-013

“Easily one of the hottest duos we’ve had here at HairyBoyz in a long time, Pedro and Nico have the most incredibly well-sculpted and lightly hairy bodies. Put together, it makes for an incomparably hot one-on-one encounter that’s not to be missed.”


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