Guy Sterling Gallery One from LegendMen.Com – Beautiful Ripped Sexy Hairy Body


Guy Sterling Part 1

Legendary photographer Ron Lloyd presents uberhandsome Guy Sterling exclusively at LegendMen.Com. One of The hottest guy I’ve ever seen!!! He’s exceedingly handsome! Nice! He’s boyfriend material and what a super massive cock he has, sexy body too……love him. A guy to inspect and explore, gorgeous! I’m really into him, I have beens searching for the man like this like a whore. What a hot hunk, i wish he culd fuck me. I love his muscled arms, he must be great fucker.


Guy-Sterling-Exclusively-LegendMen-Handsome-Hung-002 Guy-Sterling-Exclusively-LegendMen-Handsome-Hung-003 Guy-Sterling-Exclusively-LegendMen-Handsome-Hung-004

Guy-Sterling-Exclusively-LegendMen-Handsome-Hung-005 Guy-Sterling-Exclusively-LegendMen-Handsome-Hung-012

Guy Sterling is a beautiful muscular guy a nude bodybuilder with a totally ripped body and a dusting of body hair. His rippling pecs, pert nipples, massive thighs and tight smooth ass are a treat.


Guy-Sterling-Exclusively-LegendMen-Handsome-Hung-013 Guy-Sterling-Exclusively-LegendMen-Handsome-Hung-014 Guy-Sterling-Exclusively-LegendMen-Handsome-Hung-010

Guy-Sterling-Exclusively-LegendMen-Handsome-Hung-017 Guy-Sterling-Exclusively-LegendMen-Handsome-Hung-008

And thanks for this promo pics from LengendMen.Com SO MUCH for finally posting a full-frontal portfolio of this guy! He was on Sexy Men Directory a couple of years ago, but there was no way to get the shots showing his cock without subscribing. I’ve been wanting to see the full goods on him for so long. …Love the muscle guys from LegendMen. They’re all super hot muscle dudes.

Guy-Sterling-Exclusively-LegendMen-Handsome-Hung-007 Guy-Sterling-Exclusively-LegendMen-Handsome-Hung-009


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Muscle Hunks in Uniforms Show Off Big Cocks


Men in (or out of) uniforms: cops, military, firemen, whatever. They are hot especially when they show off their BIG COCK. I always dream about gang of parole officers extort sex from men on parole – In return for freedom straight young guys have to get down on their knees suck cock, give up their ass and get fucked bareback by Cops and unformed officers. A man in uniform is like no other. Be he a fireman, a captain, an officer or a gentleman.

Muscle-Hunks-in-Uniforms-Show-Off-Big-Cocks-002 Muscle-Hunks-in-Uniforms-Show-Off-Big-Cocks-003 Muscle-Hunks-in-Uniforms-Show-Off-Big-Cocks-004

Muscle-Hunks-in-Uniforms-Show-Off-Big-Cocks-005 Muscle-Hunks-in-Uniforms-Show-Off-Big-Cocks-006


Throws their cute little ass in the air while you’re sucking their big meat and that give something nice to focus on. You can see the hunks’s precum on the shaft of their dickc as they let the cameras roll as these Uniform Men indulged in the fantasies, of yours. Hot, sweaty, intense sex, it’s nice to sit back and admire each other’s handywork

Muscle-Hunks-in-Uniforms-Show-Off-Big-Cocks-008 Muscle-Hunks-in-Uniforms-Show-Off-Big-Cocks-009

Muscle-Hunks-in-Uniforms-Show-Off-Big-Cocks-010 Muscle-Hunks-in-Uniforms-Show-Off-Big-Cocks-011 Muscle-Hunks-in-Uniforms-Show-Off-Big-Cocks-012

Muscle-Hunks-in-Uniforms-Show-Off-Big-Cocks-013 Muscle-Hunks-in-Uniforms-Show-Off-Big-Cocks-014

We love our Muscular Men in their dress finest in Uniform Men. Which by the feeling of horny that is just about ready to go through the back door! The hunk crew take you to the wild imagination area of sex scenes as you never have before.


Muscle-Hunks-in-Uniforms-Show-Off-Big-Cocks-015 Muscle-Hunks-in-Uniforms-Show-Off-Big-Cocks-016

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Sucking Deep Throat – the Huge Cock BlowJob Hot Photos Set


The Best Sucking Cock Tips

Oral Sex would be best if your sex partner have huge cock, so your mouthful of cock gonna make you really horny. Remember giving a blowjob has nothing to do with compressing air in your mouth and blowing. Sucking is the key! Just lik you would do on an almost finished lollipop. What you see alot is going up and down with ones head. The most sensitive parts on a cock are the tip and rim of the cock head. Do not focus only on those but try to vary a as much as possible.


Huge-Cocks-BlowJob-Suck-and-Lick-003 Huge-Cocks-BlowJob-Suck-and-Lick-004 Huge-Cocks-BlowJob-Suck-and-Lick-006

Huge-Cocks-BlowJob-Suck-and-Lick-005 Huge-Cocks-BlowJob-Suck-and-Lick-008

The best blowjob method would be to form a ring with your mouth going up and down the shaft while compressing, thus making the ring smaller, when you reach the tip of the cock. For the ones that are more interested in getting one. Grab your partner and try it.

Huge-Cocks-BlowJob-Suck-and-Lick-007 Huge-Cocks-BlowJob-Suck-and-Lick-009


Huge-Cocks-BlowJob-Suck-and-Lick-010 Huge-Cocks-BlowJob-Suck-and-Lick-012 Huge-Cocks-BlowJob-Suck-and-Lick-013

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Jamel Jamero – PowerMen Muscle Hunk, The Alpha Male


Jamel Jamero – The Alpha Male

Jamel Jamero is that kind of guy your parents always warned you about. He is a real bad boy who does not waste much time with foreplay. He is full of testosterone and he does not hesitate to spread pleasure. Whoever can handle his size is in for a ride. Jamel has a lot in common with the people he meets. They all want the same thing and Jamel knows it and delivers. Jamel loves to give back what Mother Nature blessed him with. Are you ready?

Jamel-Jamero-PowerMen-Muscle-Hunk-Big-Black-Cock-002 Jamel-Jamero-PowerMen-Muscle-Hunk-Big-Black-Cock-003 Jamel-Jamero-PowerMen-Muscle-Hunk-Big-Black-Cock-004

Jamel-Jamero-PowerMen-Muscle-Hunk-Big-Black-Cock-005 Jamel-Jamero-PowerMen-Muscle-Hunk-Big-Black-Cock-006 Jamel-Jamero-PowerMen-Muscle-Hunk-Big-Black-Cock-007



Jamel-Jamero-PowerMen-Muscle-Hunk-Big-Black-Cock-008 Jamel-Jamero-PowerMen-Muscle-Hunk-Big-Black-Cock-009

Jamel-Jamero-PowerMen-Muscle-Hunk-Big-Black-Cock-010 Jamel-Jamero-PowerMen-Muscle-Hunk-Big-Black-Cock-012

Jamel-Jamero-PowerMen-Muscle-Hunk-Big-Black-Cock-011 Jamel-Jamero-PowerMen-Muscle-Hunk-Big-Black-Cock-015

See Jamel Jamero in 8 HD Video Clips

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Carl Hardwick Photo Set II – Flashback Diary, There’s No Doubt Why I Love This Guy


Carl Hardwick Photos Set II

Who was your first gay porn crush? Mine was, without a doubt, COLT model Carl Hardwick. I have vivid memories of browsing gay porn thumbnail galleries for this fuzzy muscle bear god, then waiting patiently for his images to load on my shitty dial-up connection. He was my gateway drug to Pete Kuzak and Steve Kelso, and together, those three helped me come to terms with my sexuality behind closed doors. Beautiful macho Carl Hardwick is PURE TESTOSTERONE! There was a playfulness to the way he smiled, combined with a dash of cocky swagger that made me weak in the knees. (Quite literally, I would jerk off down on my knees while closing my eyes and pretending to suck his cock).


Part-2-Fucken-Hot-Sexy-Carl-Hardwick-003 Part-2-Fucken-Hot-Sexy-Carl-Hardwick-004 Part-2-Fucken-Hot-Sexy-Carl-Hardwick-005

Part-2-Fucken-Hot-Sexy-Carl-Hardwick-006 Part-2-Fucken-Hot-Sexy-Carl-Hardwick-007

In the early part of the 2000’s Carl was still very popular at Colt and was sporting a very daddy-rific full beard. Most importantly however, he was also jerking off (note the hot spray of pre-cum in this clip). I had prayed for masturbation clips to appear, and they did. Four in all: “Workout in the Sun” “Self Service” “Rawhide Load” and “A Day in the Life of Carl Hardwick”. All except “Workout in the Sun” are available on “The Best of Carl Hardwick” available though Colt’s website. Why Colt omitted “Workout”, I’ll never know. No hard core ever followed, and none ever will. He has put aside “Carl Hardwick” and become “Rusty Jeffers” once more. Luckily Rusty is still very much in the public eye as a bodybuilder.



Part-2-Fucken-Hot-Sexy-Carl-Hardwick-010 Part-2-Fucken-Hot-Sexy-Carl-Hardwick-011 Part-2-Fucken-Hot-Sexy-Carl-Hardwick-012

It’s funny because, back then, I always wished those jpeg files would come alive and drill me like a good little boy slut… But looking at these pics now? I can’t imagine a day when I would have ever wanted to do anything but stuff those round cheeks. My all time favorite Colt model. This is Legend Gay Porn Beast! look at these pics, he´s so furry! says Who do you prefer Pete Kuzak or carl hardwick? It’s a tough choice but I would have to say Carl Hadrwick.


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