Giorgio Canali aka Rocco Rizzoli – Sexy Horny Daddy with Big Uncut Man-Meat


An Italian Charmer From Rome

This guy totally uninhibited in front of the camera, I dubbed his cock ‘a baby’s arm, holding an apple. Retro Porn Star – Georgio Canali aka Rocco-Rizzoli, is a male pornographic actor porn star from Italy who appeared in gay pornographic movies and gay pornographic magazines from 1981 to 1985 (Advocate Men Dec 1984, April 2003; Men of Advocate Men Apr/May 1986, Nov 1986, Nov 1988, Nov 1988; Mandate May 1982, April 1983; Inches July 1985; Men of Men/Male Pictorial Apr/May 1986, Jul 1989, June 1990; and JOCK Apr 1985)

Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-001 Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-002 Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-003

Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-004 Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-005 Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-007


He has appeared as “Rocco Rizzoli” in film and print work for COLT Studio Group, and as “Giorgio Canali” when working for other studios such as Falcon Studios. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighs about 159 pounds, has brown hair and eyes and an 8.5-inch uncircumcised penis. I saw some pics with him shaved but he is definitely FUCKIN hot with this nice black moustache. Fuck, I would to get that man meat inside of me.


Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-009 Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-011 Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-012

Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-013 Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-014 Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-015

Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-016 Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-017

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Erotic Naked Beautiful Muscular Bodies of Men – Seduce Your Horny Desire


Seduce My Horny Desire

What A Bod! Sexy Ripped Dude with handsome faces, I just cant’ get enough! That’s kind of how I felt about this photos set. When I blogging this post, watching this guys, muscular body, all I wanted to do was feel them blow their cum all over me. It wouldn’t matter how we got to that point. That could be riding my cock, fucking my throat or luring me into the back of their ice cream truck. This series is awesome for me, it’s include both frontal nudity! and some hot shirtless guys.

Naked-Beautiful-Muscular-Bodies-of-Men-002 Naked-Beautiful-Muscular-Bodies-of-Men-003 Naked-Beautiful-Muscular-Bodies-of-Men-004

Naked-Beautiful-Muscular-Bodies-of-Men-005 Naked-Beautiful-Muscular-Bodies-of-Men-006 Naked-Beautiful-Muscular-Bodies-of-Men-007



Naked-Beautiful-Muscular-Bodies-of-Men-010 Naked-Beautiful-Muscular-Bodies-of-Men-011

Naked-Beautiful-Muscular-Bodies-of-Men-012 Naked-Beautiful-Muscular-Bodies-of-Men-013 Naked-Beautiful-Muscular-Bodies-of-Men-014

Make me wnat more jock cocks with rock hard muscles. My goodness…was this created specifically to torment gay men. It seems like these hot sweaty FUCKING HOT guys are all engaged in some sort of Tom of Finland scene. DAMN. Those bodies…the pictures…the fantasies they’re both generating in my head right now……….where’s the lube?



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Auto Fornication – Mechanics Garage Sex Scene with Denis Vega & Dani Robles


Denis Vega and Dani Robles

Since the first production snap shots of Denis Vega and Dani Robles filming in a mechanics garage for Menatplay – everyone has been asking “When is this one coming out!” Well, we’re very happy to tell you the answer is “It’s out NOW!”. Aside from the fact that you’ve got 2 of Menatplay’s newest most popular models, the Latin passion really exploded on set when these bronzed beauties came together in “Autofornication”. With Denis as the rougher greased up mechanic , and Mr Robles looking as impeccable as ever in an electric blue suit, a simple car service accelerates in to a hot, sweaty , dirty, passionate ass pumping ride that Dani will never forget ( ask him. He still talks about that shoot) .


MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-003 MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-004

MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-005 MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-006 MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-007

MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-008 MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-009


The in-car blow job that Dani gives Denis is just incredible and as Dani becomes more greased up at the hands of Denis, the clothes get pulled off and Dani is fucked over a stack of car tyres . This all ends in each giving the other a full sticky cum facial , which we’ve slowed down for you so you can enjoy every squirt over theses studs faces. We’ve had some great action at Menatplay this year, but seriously – this takes it to top gear.

MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-011 MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-012

MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-013 MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-014


MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-016 MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-017

MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-018 MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-019

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Your Favorite Daddy Hunks – Sexy Hairy, Rock Hard Bodies and Hot Fat Cocks


Big Daddy On Your Bed

Now I know what you been waitin’ for, Big Daddy … what type of daddy hunk do you love? Amateur Muscle Daddy, Silver Dad (like Allen Silver), sugar daddy, hairy bear or Rock Muscle Daddy like he can complete for Master bodybuilding competition? All I know is all these type for daddy guys are so hot for me, I can be with one of them on the bed all night. Some guy like Allen Silver is all my type, silver dad like him has it all, a handsome face, sexy silver hair, tight round ass and a big hard piece of man meat. You’ll never want to stop fucking this hot muscle daddy. On a cold night, they loves nothing more than to curl up naked in bed reading a good book. Well expect when a hot man surprises in bed. This hairy muscle bear is ready to heat up his sheet with his thick dick fucking a hairy ass.

Sexy-and-Rock-Hard-Bodie-Favorite-Daddies-002 Sexy-and-Rock-Hard-Bodie-Favorite-Daddies-003 Sexy-and-Rock-Hard-Bodie-Favorite-Daddies-004

Sexy-and-Rock-Hard-Bodie-Favorite-Daddies-005 Sexy-and-Rock-Hard-Bodie-Favorite-Daddies-006 Sexy-and-Rock-Hard-Bodie-Favorite-Daddies-007



Playful dad, he is always up for a good time, if it’s a pillow fight or just making the bed move with some good ole banging, he is always into some hot and dirty fun. With this dad’s handsome smile, you’ll be staying up past your bedtime to play with his hot body and huge hard cock. the muscle guy would be alot hotter if his body hair wasn’t shaved – especially the pubes. looks like the kid is sucking a turkey drumstick.

Sexy-and-Rock-Hard-Bodie-Favorite-Daddies-010 Sexy-and-Rock-Hard-Bodie-Favorite-Daddies-011 Sexy-and-Rock-Hard-Bodie-Favorite-Daddies-012

Sexy-and-Rock-Hard-Bodie-Favorite-Daddies-013 Sexy-and-Rock-Hard-Bodie-Favorite-Daddies-014 Sexy-and-Rock-Hard-Bodie-Favorite-Daddies-015

Sexy-and-Rock-Hard-Bodie-Favorite-Daddies-016 Sexy-and-Rock-Hard-Bodie-Favorite-Daddies-017

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BIG COCKS Naked Men – Part 3 of Hung Like a Horse Photos Set


Thick Big and Hard Hot Cocks

These hot hung handsome studs have one of the most perfect cocks I have seen in a long time. “Thick, Big, Hard and Stands straight up”, Plus They’re got a perfect pair of big balls to match their hard cocks. I can easily say hot random photos of hung cocks to enjoy today. They really know how to stroke that beautiful perfectly shaped cocks too! Our hung hunks love to fuck, filled their cocks in the big bottom men’s hole. Do you want to swap blowjob with them ?, priming their hole with your tongue, and eases their big dicks inside to make sure that your fuck session will last for a long time.


Hung-Like-Horse-Muscle-Hunks-Big-Cocks-3-003 Hung-Like-Horse-Muscle-Hunks-Big-Cocks-3-004 Hung-Like-Horse-Muscle-Hunks-Big-Cocks-3-005

Hung-Like-Horse-Muscle-Hunks-Big-Cocks-3-006 Hung-Like-Horse-Muscle-Hunks-Big-Cocks-3-007

Hung-Like-Horse-Muscle-Hunks-Big-Cocks-3-008 Hung-Like-Horse-Muscle-Hunks-Big-Cocks-3-009 Hung-Like-Horse-Muscle-Hunks-Big-Cocks-3-010


Hung-Like-Horse-Muscle-Hunks-Big-Cocks-3-012 Hung-Like-Horse-Muscle-Hunks-Big-Cocks-3-013 Hung-Like-Horse-Muscle-Hunks-Big-Cocks-3-014

Hung-Like-Horse-Muscle-Hunks-Big-Cocks-3-015 Hung-Like-Horse-Muscle-Hunks-Big-Cocks-3-016 Hung-Like-Horse-Muscle-Hunks-Big-Cocks-3-017

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