MenAtPlay Present – That’s The Way Starring Denis Vega


Starring: Denis Vega

Have you ever fantasize about having sex outdoor at construction site with construction worker? if that’s so, I’m sure that you will love this episode of hardcore sex scene from MenAtPlay.Com. Dennis Vega, our real hard and rough muscular man play the role of construction worker with full of manly man’s sexuality and testosterone who can seduce…

Denis Vega, He’s back, with his dark Spanish skin, those thick masculine shoulders , and that pearly white smile. Yes we’d be lost without Denis Vega. And so too it seems would our new Spanish executive Mateo Stanford who comes across Denis digging the land in his JCB. When Mateo finds himself lost in the middle of nowhere he asks directions from Denis, and does Denis show him the way!

MenAtPlay-That-S-The-Way-Denis-Vega-002 MenAtPlay-That-S-The-Way-Denis-Vega-003 MenAtPlay-That-S-The-Way-Denis-Vega-004


MenAtPlay-That-S-The-Way-Denis-Vega-006 MenAtPlay-That-S-The-Way-Denis-Vega-007 MenAtPlay-That-S-The-Way-Denis-Vega-008

MenAtPlay-That-S-The-Way-Denis-Vega-009 MenAtPlay-That-S-The-Way-Denis-Vega-010

We just love these scenario; the conformist office guy in his crisp white shirt meets the wild, rugged , blue-collar labourer, who’s ready to rough up that straight laced executive with his dirty manly hands. In the open air with no-one around Denis drops his boiler suit to reveal his thick cock which Mateo gags on with pleasure as Denis gives the back of his head a good shove to make sure that Mateo really get the taste for the entire joystick. The monster tyre of Dennis digger is the perfect place to finger and fuck the arse off this lucky disoriented white collar stud . That’s the way to do it Denis…. That’s the Way!


MenAtPlay-That-S-The-Way-Denis-Vega-012 MenAtPlay-That-S-The-Way-Denis-Vega-013 MenAtPlay-That-S-The-Way-Denis-Vega-014

MenAtPlay-That-S-The-Way-Denis-Vega-015 MenAtPlay-That-S-The-Way-Denis-Vega-016

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Mauro Marinello – PowerMen, Appointment with Muscle


Mauro Marinello

Super tan, super cool, super ripped, and super hung! Cocky new man in town Mauro Marinello stops by your place for a long steamy private session – maybe you might be more comfortable on the floor? It’s a better view….there, that’s right. How better to appreciate young Mauro’s sumptuously ripped, perfectly shaped physique than while lying down? Just reach up and grab a handful…. Your Afternoon Muscle Appointment is Here, Sir, and Ready to Check In. Would you like a hot towel?

Mauro-Marinello-PowerMen-Appointment-with-Muscle-002 Mauro-Marinello-PowerMen-Appointment-with-Muscle-003 Mauro-Marinello-PowerMen-Appointment-with-Muscle-004

Mauro-Marinello-PowerMen-Appointment-with-Muscle-005 Mauro-Marinello-PowerMen-Appointment-with-Muscle-007


Mauro-Marinello-PowerMen-Appointment-with-Muscle-008 Mauro-Marinello-PowerMen-Appointment-with-Muscle-009


Mauro-Marinello-PowerMen-Appointment-with-Muscle-012 Mauro-Marinello-PowerMen-Appointment-with-Muscle-013 Mauro-Marinello-PowerMen-Appointment-with-Muscle-016

Mauro-Marinello-PowerMen-Appointment-with-Muscle-015 Mauro-Marinello-PowerMen-Appointment-with-Muscle-010

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Hard as Rock Muscle Cocks – Luv to Play with and Suck that Hard Cock


High Quality Hot Hard Meat

The hot guys with rock hard cock remind me my ex-boyfriend who have real hard cock…. and this turn me on everytime I see his bulge. I can remember, when the tank releases his tool, well, I think I gasped a little when I first saw it. Not only is it a huge dick, but it’s a good-looking cock. His shaft is massively thick and his cock head is plump and flared; and his whole package hangs heavily between his legs… very hot scene— and that I never whined about anything his dicks did to me.

Hot-Hunks-With-Hard-As-Rock-Big-Cocks-002 Hot-Hunks-With-Hard-As-Rock-Big-Cocks-003 Hot-Hunks-With-Hard-As-Rock-Big-Cocks-004

Hot-Hunks-With-Hard-As-Rock-Big-Cocks-005 Hot-Hunks-With-Hard-As-Rock-Big-Cocks-006


My so called straight cock is rock hard. Would luv to play with and suck that thick hard cock!!! i would let him stretch my virgin ass. I want these guys to fuck the shit out me they’re sexy as hell i’ll do WHAT EVER they want me to do. Would love to be in bed with one of these guys, stud kissing deeply while I stroke his large manhood to attention what a hunk.

Hot-Hunks-With-Hard-As-Rock-Big-Cocks-008 Hot-Hunks-With-Hard-As-Rock-Big-Cocks-009 Hot-Hunks-With-Hard-As-Rock-Big-Cocks-010


Hung studs with rock hard cocks, Gotta love blow jobs. Hard cock getting slobbed on by another dude, awesome! If I see these more often at the gym it might give me motivation to work out longer. His erect cock is like praising him of the great work out he done today. Those guns and abs all aboslutely so perfect on that body, and the erect cock just completes the entire picture. Can he be more sexy than this?

Hot-Hunks-With-Hard-As-Rock-Big-Cocks-012 Hot-Hunks-With-Hard-As-Rock-Big-Cocks-013 Hot-Hunks-With-Hard-As-Rock-Big-Cocks-014

Hot-Hunks-With-Hard-As-Rock-Big-Cocks-015 Hot-Hunks-With-Hard-As-Rock-Big-Cocks-016

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Rudolf Rhodes – Muscular Badboy Six Pack, Large Tattoos and Big Hard Cock


Full of Testosterone Latin Hunk

Muscular badboy Rudolf Rhodes has one of the best bodies we’ve seen on this site so far. With his six pack, large tattoos and big hard cock we knew all our viewers would love him! Let’s get this muscle stud undressed and stroking his big dick immediately! Rudolf Rhodes’s got a bangin’, muscular body, a very sexy beard and a twinkle in his eye. The tattooed stud also has a great butt, and after he jerks off for the photos shoot, his cock is dripping with a full load of cum!

Rudolf-Rhodes-Muscular-Badboy-Six-Pack-Tattoos-Big-Hard-Cock-001 Rudolf-Rhodes-Muscular-Badboy-Six-Pack-Tattoos-Big-Hard-Cock-002 Rudolf-Rhodes-Muscular-Badboy-Six-Pack-Tattoos-Big-Hard-Cock-003

Rudolf-Rhodes-Muscular-Badboy-Six-Pack-Tattoos-Big-Hard-Cock-005 Rudolf-Rhodes-Muscular-Badboy-Six-Pack-Tattoos-Big-Hard-Cock-004


Rudolf has one of those rough and rugged personas that might cause you to think twice before approaching him. Let him gag you with his fat cock. Let him push you down and rip your clothes off. Let him spit in your hole before slamming his hard dick up your ass…(cough). Wake up – you’re dreaming! Beat your meat to him today!

Rudolf-Rhodes-Muscular-Badboy-Six-Pack-Tattoos-Big-Hard-Cock-010 Rudolf-Rhodes-Muscular-Badboy-Six-Pack-Tattoos-Big-Hard-Cock-011 Rudolf-Rhodes-Muscular-Badboy-Six-Pack-Tattoos-Big-Hard-Cock-012

Rudolf-Rhodes-Muscular-Badboy-Six-Pack-Tattoos-Big-Hard-Cock-007 Rudolf-Rhodes-Muscular-Badboy-Six-Pack-Tattoos-Big-Hard-Cock-008

Rudolf-Rhodes-Muscular-Badboy-Six-Pack-Tattoos-Big-Hard-Cock-009 Rudolf-Rhodes-Muscular-Badboy-Six-Pack-Tattoos-Big-Hard-Cock-015


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Franco Llamas from JimmyZ – Big Muscular Bodybuilder Jerkoff in a Wild, Trained – Part 2


Franco Llamas

We met Franco Llamas a few weeks out from his bodybuilding competition and boy is he ready. His body has very nice shape and his muscles are conditioned well. Franco also happens to be a very beautiful poser as he knows just how to show off those muscles. Easy going and proud of his hard work, Franco also works as a dancer where he showcases every inch of his hard body.

Solo-Jerkoff-Franco-Llamas-Trained-Part-2-002 Solo-Jerkoff-Franco-Llamas-Trained-Part-2-003 Solo-Jerkoff-Franco-Llamas-Trained-Part-2-004

Solo-Jerkoff-Franco-Llamas-Trained-Part-2-005 Solo-Jerkoff-Franco-Llamas-Trained-Part-2-006


Solo-Jerkoff-Franco-Llamas-Trained-Part-2-008 Solo-Jerkoff-Franco-Llamas-Trained-Part-2-009 Solo-Jerkoff-Franco-Llamas-Trained-Part-2-010


Solo-Jerkoff-Franco-Llamas-Trained-Part-2-012 Solo-Jerkoff-Franco-Llamas-Trained-Part-2-013

See Franco Llamas Solo Jerkoff in HD Video from JimmyzProductions


Solo-Jerkoff-Franco-Llamas-Trained-Part-2-015 Solo-Jerkoff-Franco-Llamas-Trained-Part-2-016

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