Tom Wolfe Outdoor Solo Jerkoff in BIG BUCKS – COLT Minute Man Solo Series


Tom Wolfe COLT Minute Man Solo

Like a BIG BUCK emerging from the woods, Tom Wolfe is in his element when he is outdoors and BUCK NAKED. Finding a shady spot among the trees we set up an oversized couch and invited Tom to sprawl out and enjoy the scenery. While lounging naked and feeling up his hard, fur covered muscles; it isn’t long before this stud starts getting all worked up. He takes his thick-cut cock in hand and strokes himself to a highly aroused state. His hands explore his tight hairy body and his round muscled ass. Tom finds his fingers drawn down below for a hot probing of his furry man-hole.

Tom-Wolfe-Solo-Big-Bucks-Colt-Minute-Man-Series-002 Tom-Wolfe-Solo-Big-Bucks-Colt-Minute-Man-Series-003

Tom-Wolfe-Solo-Big-Bucks-Colt-Minute-Man-Series-004 Tom-Wolfe-Solo-Big-Bucks-Colt-Minute-Man-Series-005 Tom-Wolfe-Solo-Big-Bucks-Colt-Minute-Man-Series-006


Needing a release Tom straddles the couch’s armrest and grinds his lubed up cock against the smooth surface. Fucking his fist he erupts a searing hot load, spewing his seed like a BIG BUCK in the wild.


Tom-Wolfe-Solo-Big-Bucks-Colt-Minute-Man-Series-009 Tom-Wolfe-Solo-Big-Bucks-Colt-Minute-Man-Series-010

Tom Wolfe aka Tom Wolf Stats :
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Blond
Nationality: U.S.A.
Height: 5’10”
Body Hair: Hairy
Body Type: Body Builder
Tattoos : None
Position: Versatile
Cock: 7.5″
Foreskin: Cut

Tom-Wolfe-Solo-Big-Bucks-Colt-Minute-Man-Series-011 Tom-Wolfe-Solo-Big-Bucks-Colt-Minute-Man-Series-012 Tom-Wolfe-Solo-Big-Bucks-Colt-Minute-Man-Series-013

Tom-Wolfe-Solo-Big-Bucks-Colt-Minute-Man-Series-014 Tom-Wolfe-Solo-Big-Bucks-Colt-Minute-Man-Series-015 Tom-Wolfe-Solo-Big-Bucks-Colt-Minute-Man-Series-016

Tom-Wolfe-Solo-Big-Bucks-Colt-Minute-Man-Series-017 Tom-Wolfe-Solo-Big-Bucks-Colt-Minute-Man-Series-018

See BIG BUCKS – COLT Minute Man Solo Series HD Videos

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MenOver30 Present Well Worth The Wait – Romantic Daddies Fuck Scene, Alessio Romero & Rikk York


Alessio Romero and Rikk York

Rikk is newly single and still fresh out of his last relationship and wants to take things slow. Alessio and he have been seeing each other for a few weeks now and Alessio wants to take it up a notch and expresses his feelings to Rikk. Rikk is comfortable with it and so after their stroll in the downtown area they head back home. They head straight to the bedroom where Alessio begins to make out with him as they explore each other’s bodies for the first time. New love always begins great but the key to happiness is to keep that love strong and committed which both of these two have.

Latino-Alessio-Romero-MO30-Well-Worth-The-Wait-001 Latino-Alessio-Romero-MO30-Well-Worth-The-Wait-002

Latino-Alessio-Romero-MO30-Well-Worth-The-Wait-003 Latino-Alessio-Romero-MO30-Well-Worth-The-Wait-004


Alessio treats him like a king paying close attention to every sensual spot on Rikk’s body. Once the foreplay has been covered Alessio goes deep into Rikk as they passionately enjoy each other’s bodies and intimacy. The sex can only last so long but the ender is lovely and to hell with heartbreaks. Enjoy!

Latino-Alessio-Romero-MO30-Well-Worth-The-Wait-007 Latino-Alessio-Romero-MO30-Well-Worth-The-Wait-008

Latino-Alessio-Romero-MO30-Well-Worth-The-Wait-010 Latino-Alessio-Romero-MO30-Well-Worth-The-Wait-011 Latino-Alessio-Romero-MO30-Well-Worth-The-Wait-013


Latino-Alessio-Romero-MO30-Well-Worth-The-Wait-014 Latino-Alessio-Romero-MO30-Well-Worth-The-Wait-015

See Full HD Video of MO30 Well Worth The Wait

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Carl Hardwick Photo Set III – Flashback Diary of Carl in the Non-Colt Nude Gallery


Amazing daddy and also Colt Model Carl Hardwick here poses naked for another studio. It seem like Carl Hardwick made this photos set long time ago before he sign up for Colt Studio, (and I don’t know what name he use of that time). So, this photos set scan from old magazine and it’s pretty rare for me. Amazing daddy and also Colt Model Carl Hardwick here poses naked for another studio.


Carl-Hardwick-The-Non-Colt-Nude-Photos-Set-003 Carl-Hardwick-The-Non-Colt-Nude-Photos-Set-004

Carl-Hardwick-The-Non-Colt-Nude-Photos-Set-005 Carl-Hardwick-The-Non-Colt-Nude-Photos-Set-006 Carl-Hardwick-The-Non-Colt-Nude-Photos-Set-007


The bodybuilder Rusty Jeffers is a legend and holds one of the most beautiful male asses in the world in this photo shoot he appears with his body completely shaved just his pubic hair are exposed one real horny guy to adimiradores of shaved men although I prefer Carl Hardwick furry and full of roids hot as wild forest full of testosterone and you guys prefer Rusty Jeffers shaved or hairy ?

Carl-Hardwick-The-Non-Colt-Nude-Photos-Set-009 Carl-Hardwick-The-Non-Colt-Nude-Photos-Set-010

Carl-Hardwick-The-Non-Colt-Nude-Photos-Set-011 Carl-Hardwick-The-Non-Colt-Nude-Photos-Set-012 Carl-Hardwick-The-Non-Colt-Nude-Photos-Set-013


Carl-Hardwick-The-Non-Colt-Nude-Photos-Set-015 Carl-Hardwick-The-Non-Colt-Nude-Photos-Set-016

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Random Hot Muscle Hunks and XXX Male Bodybuilders – Too Hard Too Handle Their Hard Cocks


HOTTEST Musclemen Photos Collection

Sometimes simplicity is key, what’s simpler than these dudes doing what they know they like best? They’ve got huge dicks and full loads ready to be unleashed. Just dudes edging their cocks to their inevitable cum-gushing conclusion. Hot guys showing you how they like to get off for your entertainment. This post, I made for you who like hunks horny, you would love to take their huge cocks all the way up their ass.


Hot-Hung-Hunks-XXX-Male-Bodybuilders-004 Hot-Hung-Hunks-XXX-Male-Bodybuilders-005 Hot-Hung-Hunks-XXX-Male-Bodybuilders-007

Hot-Hung-Hunks-XXX-Male-Bodybuilders-003 Hot-Hung-Hunks-XXX-Male-Bodybuilders-006


Watching them, the hottest straight guys, stroking themselves and you exploring their sexuality. Hard chiseled bodies worked to perfection eagerly put on display for you to admire and make you satisfy their masculine glory.

Hot-Hung-Hunks-XXX-Male-Bodybuilders-009 Hot-Hung-Hunks-XXX-Male-Bodybuilders-010 Hot-Hung-Hunks-XXX-Male-Bodybuilders-011

Hot-Hung-Hunks-XXX-Male-Bodybuilders-012 Hot-Hung-Hunks-XXX-Male-Bodybuilders-013 Hot-Hung-Hunks-XXX-Male-Bodybuilders-015


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Tyler Black – 100 Percent New York Grade Italian Sausage Meat


Tyler Black is 100% New York grade Italian sausage meat, and he is not shy about it. Showing off his tightly chiseled abs and chest, he rubs himself into a frenzy while reclining back on the 4 wheel ATV. As the temperature heats up inside the garage, Tyler strips down to nothing, letting his hard cock fall out of his briefs as he begins to stroke it into submission.

Tyler-Black-Throbbing-Cock-Hot-Hard-Boy-006 Tyler-Black-Throbbing-Cock-Hot-Hard-Boy-007 Tyler-Black-Throbbing-Cock-Hot-Hard-Boy-008

Tyler-Black-Throbbing-Cock-Hot-Hard-Boy-010 Tyler-Black-Throbbing-Cock-Hot-Hard-Boy-011


Tyler-Black-Throbbing-Cock-Hot-Hard-Boy-001 Tyler-Black-Throbbing-Cock-Hot-Hard-Boy-002 Tyler-Black-Throbbing-Cock-Hot-Hard-Boy-003

Tyler-Black-Throbbing-Cock-Hot-Hard-Boy-004 Tyler-Black-Throbbing-Cock-Hot-Hard-Boy-005 Tyler-Black-Throbbing-Cock-Hot-Hard-Boy-006

Spreading his legs to straddle the machine, his cock points up to the heavens in full salute. Throbbing and about to burst, Tyler pumps his hips back and forth, showing off his rock hard ass and his sweet hole, before standing up proper and spraying the garage floor with his sticky load. Enjoy!


Tyler-Black-Throbbing-Cock-Hot-Hard-Boy-014 Tyler-Black-Throbbing-Cock-Hot-Hard-Boy-015

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