Eric – Sexy Handsome Male Bodybuilder by the Pool


Sexy by the Pool

Eric, this is the hot time appearance of HUGE bodybuilders I’ve found, he is a super ripped musclemen engaged in an “Ancient Greek” style body! Eric posing for photoshoot after he got rid of most of their “TOGA” clothes. Then a hot muscle worship follows, the muscleman where we can see his dick and ass coming out. This muscle hunk delights us all with his huge flexed muscles that can wrestling to anyone, the much taller and heavier, he can easily defeats the strong one. I just want to ass-eating and intense fucking positions with him and then swollow Eric’s fountain-cumshot in my face-sitting position !!!

Handsome-Male-Bodybuilder-by-the-Pool-Eric-002 Handsome-Male-Bodybuilder-by-the-Pool-Eric-003


Handsome-Male-Bodybuilder-by-the-Pool-Eric-005 Handsome-Male-Bodybuilder-by-the-Pool-Eric-007 Handsome-Male-Bodybuilder-by-the-Pool-Eric-006

Handsome-Male-Bodybuilder-by-the-Pool-Eric-008 Handsome-Male-Bodybuilder-by-the-Pool-Eric-011


Maybe you can imagine his muscles in leather is an intoxicating combo that immediately stimulates all the senses. The look of thick muscles wrapped tight in leather chaps, boots, jockstraps and harnesses. Breathe in the scent of cigar smoke, sweat and well-worn leather. Hear the manly sounds of man hard-bodies pounding in man-on-man sex. Explore the dark spaces, the slings, chains and steel cages as you feel the heat of muscle-bound fetish. With a trusted buddy behind the cam, this hot guy get naked and put on a private show for you.


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MenAtPlay Introducing Steven in Watch Me Work It


Watch Me Work IT – Starring, Steven

Another stunner is added to the Menatplay collection of men this week. Steven makes his debut on Menatplay (in a big way!) after sailing through our casting couch, where you all voted to see more of this muscle-bound blond stud. And see a lot more we certainly do, thanks to our office CCTV. When Stevens spots the blinking cam on one of his breaks, a flood of dirty thoughts rush through his head. The thought that someone may be watching him on the other side gets him hard instantly, and the exhibitionist in him overpowers his better judgment, as he lays on the couch and gives our security team a private little show. Getting in all positions so they get a good look at every single inch of his perfectly muscled body, and in particular his big beefy ass which he just loves to play with. First with one finger, then with a couple… and then with a big dildo which he fucks himself frantically with until he shoots a tasty load for his horny audience.

Watch-Me-Work-It-Steven-MenAtPlay-002 Watch-Me-Work-It-Steven-MenAtPlay-003 Watch-Me-Work-It-Steven-MenAtPlay-004

Watch-Me-Work-It-Steven-MenAtPlay-005 Watch-Me-Work-It-Steven-MenAtPlay-006

Watch-Me-Work-It-Steven-MenAtPlay-007 Watch-Me-Work-It-Steven-MenAtPlay-008

Watch-Me-Work-It-Steven-MenAtPlay-009 Watch-Me-Work-It-Steven-MenAtPlay-010 Watch-Me-Work-It-Steven-MenAtPlay-013

Watch-Me-Work-It-Steven-MenAtPlay-011 Watch-Me-Work-It-Steven-MenAtPlay-012

Watch-Me-Work-It-Steven-MenAtPlay-014 Watch-Me-Work-It-Steven-MenAtPlay-016



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Otto Mann, LiveMuscleShow and Muscle Hunks Hot Hard Model – Otto On The Rise


Otto On The Rise

In his delicious premiere performance at, new LiveMuscleShow sensation Otto Mann delivers a tasty tableau of white collar muscleplay. In this irresistible office flexin’ fantasy, Otto’s an overworked middle manager following orders to produce documents. Once in the confines of the company file room, Otto relieves the tension nicely when he strips out of his baggy regulation black suit and reveals – whoa! – supercharged, hard ‘n’ flexin’ young muscle, and a nice big blond cock that’s pointing skyward right from the get-go! Succulent raw muscle posing and hammer-strength JO heaven are on the office agenda today at!


Otto-Mann-LiveMuscleShow-MuscleHunks-New-Model-003 Otto-Mann-LiveMuscleShow-MuscleHunks-New-Model-004

Otto-Mann-LiveMuscleShow-MuscleHunks-New-Model-005 Otto-Mann-LiveMuscleShow-MuscleHunks-New-Model-006 Otto-Mann-LiveMuscleShow-MuscleHunks-New-Model-007

Otto-Mann-LiveMuscleShow-MuscleHunks-New-Model-009 Otto-Mann-LiveMuscleShow-MuscleHunks-New-Model-010 Otto-Mann-LiveMuscleShow-MuscleHunks-New-Model-011

Otto-Mann-LiveMuscleShow-MuscleHunks-New-Model-008 Otto-Mann-LiveMuscleShow-MuscleHunks-New-Model-012 Otto-Mann-LiveMuscleShow-MuscleHunks-New-Model-013

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Straight Guys Naked in Public and Indoor Places


Exhibitionism can be enticing and fun, as long as you keep it clean and don’t overstep your boundaries. Maybe you can find out how to get naked in public and enjoy a better sex life. For these guys, as a matter of fact, as cute as they’re trying to portray exhibitionism to be, the term ‘exhibitionism’ does have its dangerous sexual overtones. Literally speaking, exhibitionism is a paraphilia or a sexual fetish in which sexual arousal and orgasm is obtained by illicitly exhibiting an erotic part of the body.

Straight-Guys-Naked-in-Public-002 Straight-Guys-Naked-in-Public-003 Straight-Guys-Naked-in-Public-004

Straight-Guys-Naked-in-Public-005 Straight-Guys-Naked-in-Public-006 Straight-Guys-Naked-in-Public-008

Straight-Guys-Naked-in-Public-007 Straight-Guys-Naked-in-Public-009 Straight-Guys-Naked-in-Public-010

Straight-Guys-Naked-in-Public-011 Straight-Guys-Naked-in-Public-012 Straight-Guys-Naked-in-Public-013

I think I am in love! This guys are definitely sexy little exhibitionist who doesn’t mind getting naked in public, because they know just how much we love to watch them. They don’t seem to mind the risk, either!

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Edji Da Silva Has Bareback Sex With His Husband Timo Dylan – Lucas Entertainment


Edji Da Silva is One of the Hottest and Sexually Charged

Lucas Entertainment writes: “Edji Da Silva is one of the hottest, sexually charged, and most popular Lucas Entertainment Exclusives the studio has had in recent memory, so it wasn’t a tough choice when he asked to film a gay bareback sex scene with his husband Timo Dylan. The studio caught up with them in Edji’s native Paris where the hot gay couple discussed their relationship, how they met, and what they like to do in bed. But why talk about what they like in bed when it’s best to show off what they’re into.

The passion between these two guys is apparent from the onset of their rough lovemaking: when Edji and Timo make out and suck dick, they mean business, and the rougher the better! Edji loves eating ass, so he goes to town when Timo gets on his back and spread his legs — if he’s going to handle a pounding from his husband, he’s got to prep him beforehand.

Lucas-Entertainment-Edji-Da-Silva-Bareback-Sex-002 Lucas-Entertainment-Edji-Da-Silva-Bareback-Sex-003 Lucas-Entertainment-Edji-Da-Silva-Bareback-Sex-004

Lucas-Entertainment-Edji-Da-Silva-Bareback-Sex-005 Lucas-Entertainment-Edji-Da-Silva-Bareback-Sex-006 Lucas-Entertainment-Edji-Da-Silva-Bareback-Sex-007



Lucas-Entertainment-Edji-Da-Silva-Bareback-Sex-010 Lucas-Entertainment-Edji-Da-Silva-Bareback-Sex-011 Lucas-Entertainment-Edji-Da-Silva-Bareback-Sex-012

Lucas-Entertainment-Edji-Da-Silva-Bareback-Sex-014 Lucas-Entertainment-Edji-Da-Silva-Bareback-Sex-016 Lucas-Entertainment-Edji-Da-Silva-Bareback-Sex-013

Edji’s cock is always ready and hard, and without a condom on, he slides right into Timo and every second he’s inside his partner the feeling is more incredible. Slow and soft is something Edji just isn’t capable of: he’s a rough top, but Timo is up for the ass-pumping challenge. But the question is this: can Edji take Timo’s raw uncut cock up his own ass bareback? Judging by how much he bounces and slams down on Timo’s lap, the answer is yes!”

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