MenAtPlay Presents TUB RUB – Starring Dato Foland & Axel Brooks


Dato Foland & Axel Brooks

You come home from a long day at the office and you walk in on your flat mate, Dato Foland no less, laying in the tub, ripped, bronzed, wet and foamy, in the throws of a private jerk off session, what do you do?…..well exactly! Youre not going to let that opportunity pass you by, you want to be in on this ‘private’ moment too. And that’s just what suited business man Axel Brooks decides in the self same situation. He reaches into the water for a tug of that beautiful Russian cock and in response Dato tugs on Axels tie pulling him in close for a kiss. As Axels shirt and pants begin to get wet Dato strips him down , pushes him over the bath and rims him ready for a good long hard fucking. Two masculine body beautifuls wet and shiny and fucking till they shoot over each other – now we all just need to find the right flatmate to make this fantasy come true ( or just watch TubRub on, it’s the next best thing)


Tub-Rub-Dato-Foland-Axel-Brooks-001 Tub-Rub-Dato-Foland-Axel-Brooks-005

Tub-Rub-Dato-Foland-Axel-Brooks-006 Tub-Rub-Dato-Foland-Axel-Brooks-002

Tub-Rub-Dato-Foland-Axel-Brooks-003 Tub-Rub-Dato-Foland-Axel-Brooks-004


Tub-Rub-Dato-Foland-Axel-Brooks-008 Tub-Rub-Dato-Foland-Axel-Brooks-009 Tub-Rub-Dato-Foland-Axel-Brooks-011

Tub-Rub-Dato-Foland-Axel-Brooks-010 Tub-Rub-Dato-Foland-Axel-Brooks-013

Tub-Rub-Dato-Foland-Axel-Brooks-012 Tub-Rub-Dato-Foland-Axel-Brooks-014

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Shane Alexander and Xerxes Fucking Hard in Xtra Inches


Shane Alexander & Xerxes

These two men are so fuckin’ big they’ve got their own zip codes! Solid as granite and covered in fur and tattoos, the pair of mammoth gym-bulls dispels all those rumors about big guys not being limber enough for cock-crazed sex. Buff stud Shane Alexander and mammoth bodybuilder Xerxes are the two beasts in question. It is a pairing of such physical and horned out enormity that it will probably require several viewings to completely absorb it all.

Shane-Alexander-and-Xerxes-in-Xtra-Inches-003 Shane-Alexander-and-Xerxes-in-Xtra-Inches-005 Shane-Alexander-and-Xerxes-in-Xtra-Inches-007

Shane-Alexander-and-Xerxes-in-Xtra-Inches-006 Shane-Alexander-and-Xerxes-in-Xtra-Inches-008


Shane-Alexander-and-Xerxes-in-Xtra-Inches-008 Shane-Alexander-and-Xerxes-in-Xtra-Inches-009 Shane-Alexander-and-Xerxes-in-Xtra-Inches-011

Shane-Alexander-and-Xerxes-in-Xtra-Inches-010 Shane-Alexander-and-Xerxes-in-Xtra-Inches-012

Shane-Alexander-and-Xerxes-in-Xtra-Inches-002 Shane-Alexander-and-Xerxes-in-Xtra-Inches-013 Shane-Alexander-and-Xerxes-in-Xtra-Inches-014

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Big and Hard Cock Worshipping wiht Hung Muscle Men


Hung Studs with Cock Worshipping

Seems like the hung muscle men love to makes boys have the kind of reaction to him. Whatever the reason, we should thank them for always having ton of hot random photos of them and that they’re in the mood to share some of the hot fucking experience to us. They’re FULL of testosterone tha gonna make lots of boys getting on their knees and worshiping their cocks on the bed with no regards who will see them give head.

Random-Photos-of-Hung-Muscle-Men-and-Big-Hard-Cocks-005 Random-Photos-of-Hung-Muscle-Men-and-Big-Hard-Cocks-006

Random-Photos-of-Hung-Muscle-Men-and-Big-Hard-Cocks-007 Random-Photos-of-Hung-Muscle-Men-and-Big-Hard-Cocks-008 Random-Photos-of-Hung-Muscle-Men-and-Big-Hard-Cocks-004



Random-Photos-of-Hung-Muscle-Men-and-Big-Hard-Cocks-008 Random-Photos-of-Hung-Muscle-Men-and-Big-Hard-Cocks-010 Random-Photos-of-Hung-Muscle-Men-and-Big-Hard-Cocks-011


Random-Photos-of-Hung-Muscle-Men-and-Big-Hard-Cocks-012 Random-Photos-of-Hung-Muscle-Men-and-Big-Hard-Cocks-013 Random-Photos-of-Hung-Muscle-Men-and-Big-Hard-Cocks-014

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Chad Douglas, Masculine Handsome Daddy – with Legend Horse Sized Cock


Chad Douglas, Legend Exclusive Top

Chad Douglas, born Martin Cox in Puerto Rico, was a gay porn model and pornographic actor in the mid 1980s. Masculine, mustachioed, hairy-chested, tattooed, handsome, and probably in his 30s when he was making porn, he tended to play domineering daddy-type roles in his videos, usually having his way with one of two of the young, wispy blonds who were the standard fixtures of gay porn at the time. His most distinguishing feature was a very large, very thick penis. He was an exclusive “top” in every one of his films, and may never have even so much as sucked another penis on film.

Legend-Horse-Cock-Chad-Douglas-001 Legend-Horse-Cock-Chad-Douglas-003 Legend-Horse-Cock-Chad-Douglas-004

Legend-Horse-Cock-Chad-Douglas-002 Legend-Horse-Cock-Chad-Douglas-005


Famous for his horse dick, huge balls, and ‘stache, Chad Douglas was one of the 80′s biggest tops. He appeared in many great 80′s flicks such as “Below The Belt”, “Big Guns”, “Colossal Cocks”, “Too Big For His Britches”, “Spring Break”, “In Your Wildest Dreams”, “Larger Than Life”, “Manrammer”, and the sequels to both classics “Spokes” and “Splash Shots”. Originally from Puerto Rico, he was known for being a dominant and rough top, and sported an astonishing 11″.

Legend-Horse-Cock-Chad-Douglas-007 Legend-Horse-Cock-Chad-Douglas-008 Legend-Horse-Cock-Chad-Douglas-009



Douglas came along just as gay porn transitioned from movies shot on film and played in XXX theaters to movies shot on video for the home market. He also made all of his videos before condom usage became the standard, so all of his work is condom-less. Many of Douglas’ videos were made by Falcon Studios, then and now the gold standard for “vanilla” gay porn with good-to-excellent production values. However, Douglas’ performances were anything but vanilla. He was an athletic performer — placing his partners in every conceivable position, including holding them in the air, during intercourse. He vigorously and relentlessly dominated his partners. Douglas played the perfect leather top clone stereotype in “Spokes II” and “Springbreak.”

Legend-Horse-Cock-Chad-Douglas-012 Legend-Horse-Cock-Chad-Douglas-013

Legend-Horse-Cock-Chad-Douglas-015 Legend-Horse-Cock-Chad-Douglas-016 Legend-Horse-Cock-Chad-Douglas-017

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Hot Fuck Mates of Your Dream – Random Hard Hunks Naked and Half-Naked


The Fuck Mates of Your Dreams

What’s your dream about your hot fuck mate? big men bulge, sexy abs, underwear, Latin dude, showering or massive cock? No matter what it is, I hope you enjoy that moment. Just like these random hot muscular hunks photos, they are naked or half-naked, and the important thing is, they can be your good fuck mate of your fantasy. Muscle worship them, cum all over their handsome face, whipe their ass while you are fucking their muscular hard butt. It’s real HOT!!!


Various-Random-Hot-Fucked-Mate-Hunks-003 Various-Random-Hot-Fucked-Mate-Hunks-004 Various-Random-Hot-Fucked-Mate-Hunks-005

Various-Random-Hot-Fucked-Mate-Hunks-006 Various-Random-Hot-Fucked-Mate-Hunks-007 Various-Random-Hot-Fucked-Mate-Hunks-008


Various-Random-Hot-Fucked-Mate-Hunks-010 Various-Random-Hot-Fucked-Mate-Hunks-011 Various-Random-Hot-Fucked-Mate-Hunks-012


Various-Random-Hot-Fucked-Mate-Hunks-014 Various-Random-Hot-Fucked-Mate-Hunks-015 Various-Random-Hot-Fucked-Mate-Hunks-016

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