The Men with Perfect Body and Cock with the Size of Monster


Nude Sexy Muscular Body Men with Horny Big Penis.

Guys, big nose means big penis? Is that true? I want to know that their the man I like in the office has a big nose means a huge cock^^. We all know that blacks have a big penis because of his big nose. Have you experienced this? it’s true? Looking into the human body, and it shows two things: chicken and nose of genetically pure. Men with big noses action vividly. So yes, a man with a large nose, a large penis. I like hot guys and all of them, but Dicks big cocks makes a big difference for your sex experience! But, H U G H I t E n g I’ll take the monster!





Big Cock in the ass is painful, but you will love it! Anal fucked by a huge cock hurts the first time. Be sure to go slow and use a lot of lubricant. Dick in the size of monster just make sure the important thin is muscles relax and enjoy your ass! Shoot his cum in my gay ass was fantastic. When he finished, he started shaking Cumming. When I came to, he kept shaking his cock in my ass. It’s time to partially naked guys with hot big cock in a blog today, and after seeing these guys, Naked muscular man take self photos with mirror showing his huge cock and a perfect body. It is time we had some hot random pieces showing their cocks that are so awesome hot.




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[Flashback Hunks] Retro Studs of Colt Icon Man – Legacy of Gay Porn, Al Parker


Al Parker Photos Set from Honcho Magazine August 1990

He is one of the biggest gay porn superstars and not the old you, you remember him, or at least have heard of him. Al Parker’s cock it’s horse-hung, he came from Massachusetts. Rip Colt, founder of Colt Studios was discovered him and It was Colt who gave him the name “Al Parker” – it was time to tell he’s one of their Biggest Cock man. Al Parker was one of the first gay porn stars making their assets in business as a producer and director of his own films. He also become the subject of the book and considered one of the legendary gay porn of all time!


HONCHO August 1990 feature Al Parker (Surge), Fire Island Memories [Tom Hartung] (Target), Hangin’ Out (Bob Free) Tropical Heat [MRCS 13] (center/cover – MarcoStudio), New York’s Finest (Naakkve) and Double Trouble [Arturo Ramirez + Jorge Reyes] (Kristen Bjorn).



About this Legacy Legendary Gay Superstar, Al Parker (born Andrew “Drew” Okun 25 June 1952, Natick, Massachusetts – died 17 August 1992, San Francisco, California) was a gay American pornographic actor (porn star), producer, and director. He died from complications of AIDS at the age of 40. After arriving in California, Parker was employed by Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion West as a butler. Parker’s career in gay film started when he was “discovered” by Rip Colt.



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The New Era of Nude Musculine Male’s Body – Male Model Totally Naked Photos Set


The New Era of Nude Male Models

Body image, Last night I saw a picture of a nude picture story for the individual man. That’s the way inspire me how I present the photos set post on my blog. How to Shoot, it will continue to offer ways, but I also love the candid photography and editorial images to make a lot of beauty. Moreover, whether the image is erotic fiction editor bodyscape I still select images that convey emotions, moods of humans and elicit an emotional response in the viewer.





The body of a male model enthusiasts today. People on the cover of men’s health and fitness magazines are not just a pub, housing and throws darts photoshopped smart hero muscles yes smear fake tan coat liberal of oil and light fawn started to add a definition of the body. any human – but behind the biceps and six-pack of hard work with smart lifestyle choices, proper nutrition plan. And performing regular exercise. The majority of people will be focusing on the draft plan, they first have to decide on their goals – whether it is to get washboard six-pack or a zipper bit more around the football field – and set a realistic framework. the time within which to achieve it.




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Alexandre Unmasked Interview, Jerkoff and Shower Scene – Maskurbate


Maskurbate Actor Alexandre

This session almost never took place. I’ve been asking Alexandre to appear unmasked for a while. He’s so cute, I wanted everyone to see. But his girlfriend asked him to quit making porn scenes. He even deleted me from his Facebook friends. Then out of the blue, he sent me a friend’s request and asked me if I was still interested. Of course I was. The athlete quit his girlfriend and has gained mass everywhere, in a good way. This was my chance to finally shoot him with no mask on.


Alexandre-Unmasked-Interview-Jerkoff-Shower-003 Alexandre-Unmasked-Interview-Jerkoff-Shower-004

Alexandre-Unmasked-Interview-Jerkoff-Shower-005 Alexandre-Unmasked-Interview-Jerkoff-Shower-006

Alexandre-Unmasked-Interview-Jerkoff-Shower-012 Alexandre-Unmasked-Interview-Jerkoff-Shower-013

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Private Sex Files Jogos Cariocas 3 with Alex & Andy Back – LucasKazan


Private Sex Files  Jogos Cariocas 3

Back to Rio with director Ettore Tosi for more Brazilian beef. “Everything is bigger in Rio”, says Ettore. “The muscles, the cocks, the bubble butts…” In this 3rd chapter of “Jogos Cariocas”, muscle stud Alex tops Andy. Alex may be 100% straight, but who cares, really? He had no problems getting it up –and keeping it hard– for his insatiable partner. All the while showing off his HOT, HOT body!



Alex-Andy-Back-Lucas-Kazan-Hard-Fucking-Couple-005 Alex-Andy-Back-Lucas-Kazan-Hard-Fucking-Couple-010

Alex-Andy-Back-Lucas-Kazan-Hard-Fucking-Couple-009 Alex-Andy-Back-Lucas-Kazan-Hard-Fucking-Couple-011


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