Hot and Incredible Sexy Bodies – Super Sports Men


Handsome Sexy Sports Guys

Sometimes we can’t imagine that sports are so funny but we really enjoyed when we look at hot sports pictures of the guys like these. My favorite sports hunks is football studs especially when they play football shirtless, It’s so HOT. Watching these guys, all I can say is “You arm me with strength for battle. You make my adversaries bow at my feet”. There is a mystery surrounding these hot and handsome sexy sports guys. Perhaps one of the hottest men on TV, you have likely seen this super sexy stud over the years on shows. Gorgeous, sexy shots of gorgeous sexy guy hitting the gym – often shirtless or semi-shirtless. this is a gorgeous (and he knows it – his blend of narcissism and exhibitionism sure as hell works for us!). damn the’re hotttt.

Studs-Super-Sports-Hunks-Sexy-Hot-Bodies-002 Studs-Super-Sports-Hunks-Sexy-Hot-Bodies-003

Studs-Super-Sports-Hunks-Sexy-Hot-Bodies-004 Studs-Super-Sports-Hunks-Sexy-Hot-Bodies-005 Studs-Super-Sports-Hunks-Sexy-Hot-Bodies-006



Studs-Super-Sports-Hunks-Sexy-Hot-Bodies-009 Studs-Super-Sports-Hunks-Sexy-Hot-Bodies-010 Studs-Super-Sports-Hunks-Sexy-Hot-Bodies-011

Studs-Super-Sports-Hunks-Sexy-Hot-Bodies-012 Studs-Super-Sports-Hunks-Sexy-Hot-Bodies-013 Studs-Super-Sports-Hunks-Sexy-Hot-Bodies-014


Studs-Super-Sports-Hunks-Sexy-Hot-Bodies-016 Studs-Super-Sports-Hunks-Sexy-Hot-Bodies-017 Studs-Super-Sports-Hunks-Sexy-Hot-Bodies-018

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Bobby Clark Blonde Cute Gay Porn Star – Sexy Smooth Tight Body


Bobby Clark

I can honestly say I don’t have a type. Hot boys come in every shape, size and ethnicity. But if I was being totally honest, if I had a type it would be Bobby. He has a boyish innocence with a few rough edges, a killer smile, dirty blond hair, a smooth tight body, nice abs, a great cock and an ass you just can’t stop watching. He’s fucking amazing. And he has this way of thrusting his hips and grinding his ass, you just want to rip off his briefs, grab him by the hair and hurt him until he wants you to hurt him again. You know what I mean. Now Bobby’s been on a bunch of websites doing solos and they’re all pretty tame. I met him when he hit me up wanting to do a solo for my site. I said I’d do it on two conditions. First, we had to spice up the solo, shoot something different (check out the solo and you’ll see what went down).


Selfies-and-Mirror-Pics-Shot-Bobby-Clark-Blonde-Gay-003 Selfies-and-Mirror-Pics-Shot-Bobby-Clark-Blonde-Gay-004 Selfies-and-Mirror-Pics-Shot-Bobby-Clark-Blonde-Gay-005

Selfies-and-Mirror-Pics-Shot-Bobby-Clark-Blonde-Gay-006 Selfies-and-Mirror-Pics-Shot-Bobby-Clark-Blonde-Gay-007 Selfies-and-Mirror-Pics-Shot-Bobby-Clark-Blonde-Gay-008


Second, I wanted to see him mess around with a boy (call it intuition). We talked it through for awhile and finally he said, “Well if anybody could get me to mess around with another guy, it’s you bro.” I’ll leave the rest until later, but let’s just say we nailed the first part. Check out his solo and watch this kid cum, he’s like a fucking fire truck. As for the second part, well, you’ll just have to keep checking back. But definitely do keep checking back.

Selfies-and-Mirror-Pics-Shot-Bobby-Clark-Blonde-Gay-010 Selfies-and-Mirror-Pics-Shot-Bobby-Clark-Blonde-Gay-011 Selfies-and-Mirror-Pics-Shot-Bobby-Clark-Blonde-Gay-012

Selfies-and-Mirror-Pics-Shot-Bobby-Clark-Blonde-Gay-013 Selfies-and-Mirror-Pics-Shot-Bobby-Clark-Blonde-Gay-014 Selfies-and-Mirror-Pics-Shot-Bobby-Clark-Blonde-Gay-015

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Mark Anthony – London Male Stripper, Kristen Bjorn Gay Porn Model


Mark Anthony From Kristen Bjorn

Mark was a well known stripper in London clubs when I met him. He had such an aggressive and charismatic presence on stage that I was suprised to discover how shy he really is. He was born in Wales on March 24th 1967. He admits to having been a “juvenile delinquent” (his words) and spent time (between the ages of 13 and 17) in detention centers. Mark later moved to London and settled in a place you’ll be familiar with, Blaster, Earls Court. Not a bad place for a young gay boy. During his early years, he was a dancer/stripper on the London Club scene and was featured in a fitness/workout programme on TV. After that, he got into trouble again and spent time behind bars. Despite being gay, he really didn’t acknowledge it, claiming that his first experience with another man wasn’t until he was in his mid twenties.

In an interview on the KB web site, he was asked: “What was your first your first experience like?” To which he answered: “That happened when I was in prison at 25 years old, with a 46 year old guy who was doing life for armed robbery! But he was a great guy all the same!”

Uncut-Cock-Mark-Anthony-Kristen-Bjorn-001 Uncut-Cock-Mark-Anthony-Kristen-Bjorn-002 Uncut-Cock-Mark-Anthony-Kristen-Bjorn-003

Uncut-Cock-Mark-Anthony-Kristen-Bjorn-004 Uncut-Cock-Mark-Anthony-Kristen-Bjorn-005 Uncut-Cock-Mark-Anthony-Kristen-Bjorn-006


Mark did some escort work for a time, but something went wrong (he won’t talk about it in detail) and soon gave it up. In 1994, Mark was one of a number of models featured in a soft-core video produced in London, called ‘INSTINCTS: EROTIC CHOICES.’ This was an instructional video illustrating that gay sex can be safer, yet erotic. A year later, Volume 2 was released also featuring Mark, and (interestingly) Dean Spencer!

Uncut-Cock-Mark-Anthony-Kristen-Bjorn-007 Uncut-Cock-Mark-Anthony-Kristen-Bjorn-009 Uncut-Cock-Mark-Anthony-Kristen-Bjorn-010

Uncut-Cock-Mark-Anthony-Kristen-Bjorn-011 Uncut-Cock-Mark-Anthony-Kristen-Bjorn-012 Uncut-Cock-Mark-Anthony-Kristen-Bjorn-013

Uncut-Cock-Mark-Anthony-Kristen-Bjorn-014 Uncut-Cock-Mark-Anthony-Kristen-Bjorn-016 Uncut-Cock-Mark-Anthony-Kristen-Bjorn-018


These were later repackaged and retitled ‘BETTER SAFE SEX’ and ‘EVEN BETTER SAFE SEX.’ Whilst a dancer/stripper, his manager urged him to contact Kristen Bjorn, which he did. Mark made three movies for KB – the other two being A WORLD OF MEN and THE ISLE OF MEN. Both, like Anchor, are in the ‘must see’ category.

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Chris Duffy aka Bull Stanton – Pro Bodybuilder Turned Gay Porn Star


Pro Bodybuilder Turned Gay Porn Star

Chris Duffy IFBB pro bodybuilder, Chris was married for many years to his female college sweetheart. They competed together for a few years in the same shows. Then they moved out to LA. He won the L.A. Championships,made a name for himself and then burned out on the BB scene. Chris came off all the gear and started to personal train many clients. Some celebrity clients too,such as Steven Seagal. During this time, Chris ended up having an affair with his wifes best friend, who was a female competitive bodybuilder too. This went on for some time . Chris’s wife found out, and was willing to give him another chance. Chris decided to stay with his new fling instead and got a divorce.


Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-003 Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-004 Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-005

Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-006 Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-007 Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-008

Now this is where the crazy new life of Chris begins. His new gal was well known in Golds, Venice as a huge anything goes,horny sex freak. She introduced Chris to the world of mushrooms, X, and other drugs. Prior to that Chris would barely touch a beer. Chris was head over heels for her. Well she was into swinging and orgies too. She also had a huge desire for watching straight men suck cock. She pretty much wanted Chris to experiment with men sexually in front of her and she wanted to swap with them too. This led to Chris becoming more and more comfortable with crazy bisexual acts while being high on X and other drugs.


Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-010 Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-011

Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-012 Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-013 Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-014

Fast forward a few years. They both leave LA and move to Florida(early 90’s). And chris decides to make a comback to turn pro. He gears up again and pulls off his pro card. He is still with his lady at this point and they both decide to move back to LA because of Chris’s new popularity as Nationals Champ. But he is not making much cash from the sport. So the natural thing for the new and crazy Chris to do is to start hustling himself for cash. Chris is now clearly comfortable with have sex with dudes. he starts to become an in demand gay escort and is still with his girl. She clearly supports this and is a lazy person herself who lives off his cash.


Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-016 Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-017 Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-018

Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-019 Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-020

Well ,through some of his gay clientel ,Chris is told that he could make a lot of cash as a gay porn star as he is already a cult figure in the gay underworld. Influential Chris goes for broke and decides to make 2-3 gay pornos under the name Bull Stanton.

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Perfect Ten Super Studs – Damn Hot Guys of Your Dreams



Strongly Manly Man Super Studs

Fucking hot sight of this post! Are you ready to bury your face in their hot, hairy pits, … and worship them and their powerful muscles. Because they all have the best bodies, hard muscular bodies to die for, just want to lick all of everyinches of their muscular bodies. Fit Young Men, as you can see there is no disappointment either, starting at the top, a sexy tattoo going shoulder to shoulder, heading farther down, the most beautiful asses I’ve seen in quite a long time. ….just screams, “Yeah I know they’re fucking hot, Damn Hot! …. and I want it all ^^”.

Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-003 Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-004 Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-005

Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-006 Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-007 Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-008

Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-009 Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-010


We all know we want them, muscular studs stripping and showing off thier BIG and Hard Cock, their cock could be as hard as they can fucking the hard way on a sofa, just spending the night rocking on with these guys …. Damn Hot Guys of Our Dreams.


Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-013 Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-014 Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-015

Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-016 Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-017 Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-018

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