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Happy Friday and Happy Wanking

After looking around out there today and seeing some totally amazing amateur men showing off their junk I decided that plenty of them were worthy of sharing on my blog. I know you love it, so I decided that for the planned naked post for today I would gather together some very sexy men and you can say “Time For Some Hot Naked Guys!”. These guys, they admit that sex and bodybuilding both hold an important place in their life.

Various-Nudity-Friday-Nude-Men-002 Various-Nudity-Friday-Nude-Men-003

Various-Nudity-Friday-Nude-Men-004 Various-Nudity-Friday-Nude-Men-005 Various-Nudity-Friday-Nude-Men-006


Various-Nudity-Friday-Nude-Men-008 Various-Nudity-Friday-Nude-Men-009 Various-Nudity-Friday-Nude-Men-010

So let’s see these beautiful bodies and their hot cocks. I’ll make an exception to the ‘Men Shouldn’t Wear Tiny Bathing Suits’ Rule… This random pics from blonde gorgeous man to xxx naked male bodybuilders, I hope this post make you have happy friday and happy wanking ^^

Various-Nudity-Friday-Nude-Men-011 Various-Nudity-Friday-Nude-Men-012 Various-Nudity-Friday-Nude-Men-013


Various-Nudity-Friday-Nude-Men-015 Various-Nudity-Friday-Nude-Men-016 Various-Nudity-Friday-Nude-Men-017

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3D Gay Muscles Art By ULF Raynor – Big Dicks, Dungeon and Fantasy


ULF created 3d gay artwork between year 2000 to 2012, his works are very hot and if you love fantasy about muscular guys, working men, military muscle men fantasy …you would love his works. You may seen his works, Ulf created many fantasy images under the name of Cerrin. So, let’s me talk about his MusclesArt 3D Gay Fantasy, ulf have many a good fantasy about muscular guys that I always dream of, a little bit in S&M but (not very S&M like Tagame’s works). You can see his works in this post like the guys in dungeon, muscular guys tortured (but make me so lust). These men have very Big Fat Dicks, and have manly handsome type.


ULF-Muscles-Art-Big-Dicks-And-Dungeon-Fantasy-003 ULF-Muscles-Art-Big-Dicks-And-Dungeon-Fantasy-004

ULF-Muscles-Art-Big-Dicks-And-Dungeon-Fantasy-005 ULF-Muscles-Art-Big-Dicks-And-Dungeon-Fantasy-006 ULF-Muscles-Art-Big-Dicks-And-Dungeon-Fantasy-007


I try to search about who’s ulf in google, but end up with website of his artworks and some old fashion website with many 404 links and the blog with the title, The Ulfian, the art and musings of ULF Raynor with some of his works and others photos set …that’s it. So, I would like to say …ULF your artworks is great and I can say that you inspire new face 3d gay artist in this day …I really love your 3d gay art and hope to share more works of ulf in the future.

ULF-Muscles-Art-Big-Dicks-And-Dungeon-Fantasy-009 ULF-Muscles-Art-Big-Dicks-And-Dungeon-Fantasy-010

ULF-Muscles-Art-Big-Dicks-And-Dungeon-Fantasy-011 ULF-Muscles-Art-Big-Dicks-And-Dungeon-Fantasy-012 ULF-Muscles-Art-Big-Dicks-And-Dungeon-Fantasy-013


ULF-Muscles-Art-Big-Dicks-And-Dungeon-Fantasy-015 ULF-Muscles-Art-Big-Dicks-And-Dungeon-Fantasy-016

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Lust for Likely Lickable Big Uncut Cocks’s Foreskin


Licking foreskin Uncut Cock Worship…

I love dripping foreskin thick Uncut Monster Cock to suck. All these uncut cocks in this photos set, we know, we all want to licking it like a lollipop and keep that up until juicy center will start shooting out. When we give them handjobs, and do this… ohh my boy… you better get ready… because you can make their skin tighter, to its utmost limit, until it doesn’t move anymore ;) My big uncut mushroom on top of a thick veiny shaft.

Anyone suddenly craving salami? It has been my experience that gays love to play with foreskin, it does not matter if it is a natural, uncut foreskin or a restored one. we love playing with a man’s foreskin. Some guys have very meaty long foreskin.


Lust-To-Lick-Right-Now-Uncut-Cocks-003 Lust-To-Lick-Right-Now-Uncut-Cocks-004 Lust-To-Lick-Right-Now-Uncut-Cocks-006

Lust-To-Lick-Right-Now-Uncut-Cocks-005 Lust-To-Lick-Right-Now-Uncut-Cocks-009


The tips about sucking and lick men’s uncut cock, you have to slipping your tongue into the man hood that always makes him hard. Some guys have tight skin, some have fairly tight or loose, so you can see as he always covered. Some have full coverage over all the sensitive parts. Sliding their uncut cocks in your mouth while playing with your ass, I sure would like to be that guy.

Lust-To-Lick-Right-Now-Uncut-Cocks-008 Lust-To-Lick-Right-Now-Uncut-Cocks-017


Lust-To-Lick-Right-Now-Uncut-Cocks-011 Lust-To-Lick-Right-Now-Uncut-Cocks-012 Lust-To-Lick-Right-Now-Uncut-Cocks-013

Lust-To-Lick-Right-Now-Uncut-Cocks-014 Lust-To-Lick-Right-Now-Uncut-Cocks-015 Lust-To-Lick-Right-Now-Uncut-Cocks-016

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Retro 90s Big Dick Porno Gay Muscle Hunks


Gay Porno in the Old Days

Flashback to 90s, in the gay porn world, it bridges the distance between two completely different eras. If you were old enough to be buying and watching gay porn befor 2000 and are still buying (or illegally downloading) gay porn now, you have no doubt noticed some changes in the industry! In 90s, there was no Twitter, no Facebook, and no ask.fm. Consumers didn’t know (and likely didn’t care) which gay porn stars were gay-for-pay, who got a DUI, or who wanted $100,000 to “pay for college.”

It was a simpler time! Also, there wasn’t a gay porn blogosphere (even the grandfather of gay porn blogs, GayPornBlog.com, didn’t launch until 2003), so if you wanted gossip about your favorite stars, you’d have to sign into AOL and go to Data Lounge or ATKOL (remember ATKOL?? LOL).

Magazine-Retro-Muscular-Porno-Gay-Hung-Hunks-002 Magazine-Retro-Muscular-Porno-Gay-Hung-Hunks-003 Magazine-Retro-Muscular-Porno-Gay-Hung-Hunks-004


Magazine-Retro-Muscular-Porno-Gay-Hung-Hunks-006 Magazine-Retro-Muscular-Porno-Gay-Hung-Hunks-007

In that day, the overwhelming majority of gay porn was still being released on VHS in 90s. So, instead of paying $1 for a trial membership to a gay porn site, you paid anywhere from $50-$100 for an entire movie, and you still used your VCR every night. I wonder if someone like Liam Riley even knows what a VCR is?

Magazine-Retro-Muscular-Porno-Gay-Hung-Hunks-008 Magazine-Retro-Muscular-Porno-Gay-Hung-Hunks-009 Magazine-Retro-Muscular-Porno-Gay-Hung-Hunks-010


Magazine-Retro-Muscular-Porno-Gay-Hung-Hunks-012 Magazine-Retro-Muscular-Porno-Gay-Hung-Hunks-013

Magazine-Retro-Muscular-Porno-Gay-Hung-Hunks-014 Magazine-Retro-Muscular-Porno-Gay-Hung-Hunks-015 Magazine-Retro-Muscular-Porno-Gay-Hung-Hunks-016

If a gay porn star wants press today, all he has to do is answer questions in an email—and sometimes the person writing the email doesn’t even have to be the person they say they are! Back in 90s, gay porn stars met with a magazine’s photographers and editors for customized photo shoots and in-depth, in person interviews to coincide with the release of their latest feature. Every single major gay porn magazine has since been shut down, including Inches, All Man, Mandate, Honcho, Men, and Unzipped.

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Lucas Kazan Ettore Tosi – Blue Eyed Sex Beast


Lucas Kazan Ettore Tosi

ETTORE TOSI, The “blue-eyed sex beast” (so the “Adam Gay Directory” named him) got his start as a production assistant back in 1998 and took on a full-time position with Lucas Kazan Productions soon thereafter. He’s long been the spokes model for the company, gracing countless covers, books and calendars and making a name for himself as Italy’s first gayporn star. Enjoy this un-released photo set from his earlier days and toast to his birthday (oh yes, he’s a Scorpio): furry chest, magnetic smile, sexual charisma… Ettore has it all.

Lucas-Kazan-Ettore-Tosi-Blue-Eyed-Sex-Beast-001 Lucas-Kazan-Ettore-Tosi-Blue-Eyed-Sex-Beast-002 Lucas-Kazan-Ettore-Tosi-Blue-Eyed-Sex-Beast-003

Lucas-Kazan-Ettore-Tosi-Blue-Eyed-Sex-Beast-004 Lucas-Kazan-Ettore-Tosi-Blue-Eyed-Sex-Beast-007 Lucas-Kazan-Ettore-Tosi-Blue-Eyed-Sex-Beast-010



Lucas-Kazan-Ettore-Tosi-Blue-Eyed-Sex-Beast-005 Lucas-Kazan-Ettore-Tosi-Blue-Eyed-Sex-Beast-011 Lucas-Kazan-Ettore-Tosi-Blue-Eyed-Sex-Beast-012

Lucas-Kazan-Ettore-Tosi-Blue-Eyed-Sex-Beast-013 Lucas-Kazan-Ettore-Tosi-Blue-Eyed-Sex-Beast-014 Lucas-Kazan-Ettore-Tosi-Blue-Eyed-Sex-Beast-008

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