Alonzo, Latino Stud – with Ripped Body and Nice Hard Bubble Butt


Handsome Latin Stud Alonzo

This guy is known for his craving for sex and his big beefy dickmeat. He loves using that big tool of his on raunchy twinks esp. if they are white lads. He loves slamming those asses, spreading them wide, and leaving them gaped wide open. You will love this sexy latino hunk, that he has an incredibly thick cock and he strips to show it rather reticently at first in this set. Imagine what it would feel like to have that this stud of latino meat forcing its way into your ass. Alonzo’s big prick.The more, the merrier! We loves Alonzo’s ripped body and it seem Alonzo know it, he loves show his smooth muscular naked body with hard cock, so we can jump down to his knees and gobble a hard latino cock.

This blatino is a craving for sex. He loves using that big tool of his on raunchy twinks esp. if they are white boys. He loves slamming those asses, spreading them wide, and leaving them gaped wide open. You will love this photos set with that big tool of his.

Alonzo-Sexy-Latino-Stud-Love-Slamming-Ass-001 Alonzo-Sexy-Latino-Stud-Love-Slamming-Ass-002 Alonzo-Sexy-Latino-Stud-Love-Slamming-Ass-003

Alonzo-Sexy-Latino-Stud-Love-Slamming-Ass-004 Alonzo-Sexy-Latino-Stud-Love-Slamming-Ass-005 Alonzo-Sexy-Latino-Stud-Love-Slamming-Ass-007


Alonzo-Sexy-Latino-Stud-Love-Slamming-Ass-008 Alonzo-Sexy-Latino-Stud-Love-Slamming-Ass-009 Alonzo-Sexy-Latino-Stud-Love-Slamming-Ass-010



Alonzo-Sexy-Latino-Stud-Love-Slamming-Ass-011 Alonzo-Sexy-Latino-Stud-Love-Slamming-Ass-014 Alonzo-Sexy-Latino-Stud-Love-Slamming-Ass-015

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MenAtPlay.Com Presents Savaged – Feature with Jessy Ares and Ricky Ares


Savaged Features Jessy Ares & Ricky Ares

JESSY ARES is Back! And he’s looking hunkier and hotter than ever, even more so when he has his real-life boyfriend banging his hard, muscular ass from behind. Ricky Ares makes his Menatplay debut as the beefy bar tender who clocks the mysterious and smartly dressed customer as soon as he enters the bar. Jessy can feel the weight of Ricky’s stare from behind the bar, and although he’s shy at first, the alcohol helps him to lose his inhibitions and signals the beefy stranger to follow him to somewhere more private. The genuine chemistry between these men is clearly evident as Ricky goes down to feast on Jessy’s delicious ass. Perhaps that’s his trick for convincing Jessy to bottom for him? Either way we’re happy as Jessy getting pounded is RED HOT to watch!

2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-001 2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-002

2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-003 2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-004

2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-005 2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-006 2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-008


2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-010 2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-012

2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-013 2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-014

2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-015 2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-016


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Bruno Nicolato – Tasty Bad Boy, Sexy Handsome Hot Male Model


The Beautiful Bruno Nicolato

Our dream boyfriend would have: A cute face, Awesome abs, Perfect pecs, Bulging biceps. Oh, what do you know, Bruno Nicolato ticks all our boxes. He shows off his incredible body in this shoot by Diego Concesso. Is this the part where we start singing Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen? Whit great body, Bruno is indeed beautiful (with one minor setback) and seems slightly more rugged than the norm…Ohhh, yesssssss! That’s a MAN! What a hunk , handsome face , beautiful muscular body , Bruno is a very sexy man.

Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-002 Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-003 Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-004

Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-005 Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-006 Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-007


Bruno Nicolato Stats
Agency: Piva Advice
Height: 180
Thorax: 103
Shirt: 2L
Suit: 50
Dummy: 40
Shoe: 41
Eyes: Brown
Hair: brown


Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-010 Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-011 Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-012

Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-013 Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-014

Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-015 Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-016

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Furry Butts and Huge Muscles – Oohh My Hot Hairy Daddies! Part 6


Beefy Muscle Bears Can Give You Hard Fucking

Hairy muscle bears are my personal favorites. Hairy chests, furry butts and huge muscles make my cock drool with precum. Hope you enjoy this pictures gallery, the part 6 of the series of hot hairy daddy muscle men. If you like these niches, hairy men, hairy bears, muscle, mature, this gallery is for you. Big sexy hot daddies with great fuck skill, like to get the guy I’am fucking off first. They can ask you like “If anyone wants to get fucked till cry, do you like?” Daddy bear who has the ass all men wish they had…A perfection which could set the standard for which perfection is set… Beefy muscle daddy with stunning blue eyes and one of the biggest cocks ever!

Dady-Hairy-Furry-Butts-Hunks-Cock-6-002 Dady-Hairy-Furry-Butts-Hunks-Cock-6-003 Dady-Hairy-Furry-Butts-Hunks-Cock-6-004

Dady-Hairy-Furry-Butts-Hunks-Cock-6-005 Dady-Hairy-Furry-Butts-Hunks-Cock-6-006


This muscle daddy has a cock that would make even someone jealous. He can starts giving you a very hard and intense bareback fucking. The bearded gay bear has a great six pack and a hairy asshole that needs to be licked, which is why he gets a rimjob along with his sexy blowjob outdoors. They look great going at it and you’ll love them.


Dady-Hairy-Furry-Butts-Hunks-Cock-6-009 Dady-Hairy-Furry-Butts-Hunks-Cock-6-010 Dady-Hairy-Furry-Butts-Hunks-Cock-6-011

Dady-Hairy-Furry-Butts-Hunks-Cock-6-012 Dady-Hairy-Furry-Butts-Hunks-Cock-6-013 Dady-Hairy-Furry-Butts-Hunks-Cock-6-014

Dady-Hairy-Furry-Butts-Hunks-Cock-6-015 Dady-Hairy-Furry-Butts-Hunks-Cock-6-016 Dady-Hairy-Furry-Butts-Hunks-Cock-6-017

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Pedro Andreas and Nico Aragon Hot Fuck Scene in HairyBoyz


Pedro Andreas & Nico Aragon

Easily one of the hottest duos we’ve had here at HairyBoyz in a long time, Pedro and Nico have the most incredibly well-sculpted and lightly hairy bodies. Put together, it makes for an incomparably hot one-on-one encounter that’s not to be missed. All the hairiest men in one place Muscle bears! Wolves! Otters! We’ve got ‘em all! At we’re all about bringing you the hairiest muscle studs from the world of gay porn. Furry pumped pecs, scruffy masculine faces, hairy pits and asses – our studs are so hot and so hairy you’ll leave the site and cough up a fur ball!

Pedro-Andreas-Nico-Aragon-Hot-Fuck-001 Pedro-Andreas-Nico-Aragon-Hot-Fuck-003 Pedro-Andreas-Nico-Aragon-Hot-Fuck-006

Pedro-Andreas-Nico-Aragon-Hot-Fuck-004 Pedro-Andreas-Nico-Aragon-Hot-Fuck-005


Pedro-Andreas-Nico-Aragon-Hot-Fuck-007 Pedro-Andreas-Nico-Aragon-Hot-Fuck-008

Pedro-Andreas-Nico-Aragon-Hot-Fuck-010 Pedro-Andreas-Nico-Aragon-Hot-Fuck-011 Pedro-Andreas-Nico-Aragon-Hot-Fuck-012

Pedro-Andreas-Nico-Aragon-Hot-Fuck-013 Pedro-Andreas-Nico-Aragon-Hot-Fuck-015


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