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Mature And Rugged

Mature And Rugged, If you love rugged, rough, butch, macho hairy daddy bears then you will love and enjoy this post. I swear these men are total perfection….I love them. So fucking hot, I would often dare their bodies and the bigger dicks would get to fuck the other one. ….Big, strong and sexy men.

Daddy-Bear-Hunks-And-Hot-Cocks-002 Daddy-Bear-Hunks-And-Hot-Cocks-003 Daddy-Bear-Hunks-And-Hot-Cocks-004

Daddy-Bear-Hunks-And-Hot-Cocks-005 Daddy-Bear-Hunks-And-Hot-Cocks-006 Daddy-Bear-Hunks-And-Hot-Cocks-007



Daddy-Bear-Hunks-And-Hot-Cocks-010 Daddy-Bear-Hunks-And-Hot-Cocks-011 Daddy-Bear-Hunks-And-Hot-Cocks-012

Daddy-Bear-Hunks-And-Hot-Cocks-013 Daddy-Bear-Hunks-And-Hot-Cocks-014 Daddy-Bear-Hunks-And-Hot-Cocks-015

I love to look at guys they are super hot, love the way mens bodies look and their dicks are so beautiful. With their brooding good look and sexy, masculine bodies, they are gay boy’s dream men.

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Max Hilton – Bodybuilder of MuscleHunks.Com “Max’s Hideaway”

Max-s-Hideaway-Max-Hilton- MuscleHunks-011

Bodybuilder Max Hilton

Here’s something I’ve never admitted publicly: I like rough, “enthusiastic”, physical sex that leaves me worse for wear.. with the red marks, bruises and sore ass to show for it. Without going into specifics, I’ve been told my tastes are a niche market, which might explain my difficulty meeting guys up to the task. However, I’ve learnt to spot the guys who can give me the abuse I crave, and its all in the (bad) attitude; namely, they’re shit-hot and you should feel privileged they even glance in your direction, never mind fuck you.

Max-s-Hideaway-Max-Hilton- MuscleHunks-001 Max-s-Hideaway-Max-Hilton- MuscleHunks-002 Max-s-Hideaway-Max-Hilton- MuscleHunks-003

Max-s-Hideaway-Max-Hilton- MuscleHunks-004 Max-s-Hideaway-Max-Hilton- MuscleHunks-005 Max-s-Hideaway-Max-Hilton- MuscleHunks-006

Max-s-Hideaway-Max-Hilton- MuscleHunks-007 Max-s-Hideaway-Max-Hilton- MuscleHunks-008 Max-s-Hideaway-Max-Hilton- MuscleHunks-009

Max-s-Hideaway-Max-Hilton- MuscleHunks-010

Max’s Hideaway

LMS Muscle Leatherman (and occasional club dancer) Max Hilton may look tough – and, in reality, he is – so be advised. But Max is not without his secrets. Recently he confessed to us that he likes to go on the prowl well outside the gym and the leather club environment to indulge in muscle play in an abandoned bungalow he found in the South Florida sticks. We begged to come with him some time, and finally he gruffly allowed that we could watch…as long as we kept our distance. So we were at the ready with our cameras one afternoon as Max stealthily broke in to the old, storm-devastated house to do his thing. His muscle play did not disappoint, and better yet, Max has allowed you to watch. And play along.

Max-s-Hideaway-Max-Hilton- MuscleHunks-012 Max-s-Hideaway-Max-Hilton- MuscleHunks-013 Max-s-Hideaway-Max-Hilton- MuscleHunks-014

Max-s-Hideaway-Max-Hilton- MuscleHunks-015

Super HOT!! I love it when a guy has a big one. “I like rough, “enthusiastic”, physical sex that leaves me worse for wear.. with the red marks, bruises and sore ass to show for it. Its not a look, its not the words”… its.. this guy, Max Hilton

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Bentley Race Rocket Cock – French Student Lucas Duroy


Rocket Cock with Lucas Duroy

BentleyRace brings us his hot 24 year old French mate Lucas Duroy today! Lucas is a student who’s enjoying the summer in Australia while, in the Nothern Hemisphere, it’s winter. And when I look out of my window I must say, very wise decision Lucas! This is already Lucas 4th shooting and, as Ben says, everybody loves Lucas. And his thick and uncut rocket cock! What a great big dick! In one of his earlier shootings Lucas even showed us that he can lick his own dickhead. Well, he wouldn’t have to do that while I was in the room, I’d do it for him…

French-Student-Lucas-Duroy-BentleyRace-001 French-Student-Lucas-Duroy-BentleyRace-002 French-Student-Lucas-Duroy-BentleyRace-003

French-Student-Lucas-Duroy-BentleyRace-004 French-Student-Lucas-Duroy-BentleyRace-005 French-Student-Lucas-Duroy-BentleyRace-006


But it wouldn’t be fair to only talk about Lucas’ cock. He’s an extremely sexy young stud with a hot body, great hairy chest and legs, and butt. And great big balls, too! The super sexy Lucas Duroy is enjoying summer here in Australia. The 24 year old French student is travelling around Australia now with some of his mates. He got to meet Zac late last year at my apartment. I thought Lucas looked pretty cute in his online profile so I invited him over.

French-Student-Lucas-Duroy-BentleyRace-009 French-Student-Lucas-Duroy-BentleyRace-010 French-Student-Lucas-Duroy-BentleyRace-011

French-Student-Lucas-Duroy-BentleyRace-012 French-Student-Lucas-Duroy-BentleyRace-013

French-Student-Lucas-Duroy-BentleyRace-014 French-Student-Lucas-Duroy-BentleyRace-015

Unfortunately for me it was Zac who got to get up close with him and his oversized cock. And I can tell you this… Lucas loves to put on a dirty show. His video scene is amazing. There’s nothing Lucas won’t try. He almost tore a fleshlight in two has he fucked it like crazy. As soon as I posted his first shoot on the site my mates were wanting to know when they can do a scene with him.

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Huessein – The Hottest, Hairiest Hunk Gay Porn Star


Gay Porn Star Huessein

German hunk Huessein was born in 1972 and is known best for his hairy, exotic features and muscular physique – and he’s of Turkish decent. He began his XXX career in the 2003 Kristen Bjorn film Parashooter but was then discovered by Raging Stallion and brought to the US to star in their productions. He lives in Germany, where he’s studied Linguistics and Biology. He describes himself as bisexual and stands 5ft 5ins tall.

Hot-Hairiest-Gay-Porn-Star-Hunk-Huessein-002 Hot-Hairiest-Gay-Porn-Star-Hunk-Huessein-003

Hot-Hairiest-Gay-Porn-Star-Hunk-Huessein-004 Hot-Hairiest-Gay-Porn-Star-Hunk-Huessein-005 Hot-Hairiest-Gay-Porn-Star-Hunk-Huessein-006



Hot-Hairiest-Gay-Porn-Star-Hunk-Huessein-009 Hot-Hairiest-Gay-Porn-Star-Hunk-Huessein-010 Hot-Hairiest-Gay-Porn-Star-Hunk-Huessein-011


Hot-Hairiest-Gay-Porn-Star-Hunk-Huessein-013 Hot-Hairiest-Gay-Porn-Star-Hunk-Huessein-014

Huessein–the hottest, hairiest hunk since Bruno of the 1970s–fucking Colin West. Huessein comes from Istanbul and is the real-deal as far as stunning Middle Eastern men go. Colin, a Playgirl model with some very sexy tattoos, takes Huessein in position after position, his white ass always at the ready, open and wide. Huessein, a power-top of tremendous strength, takes full advantage of Colin’s pink pucker, diving in until cum shots fly from both men.

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Hot Jocks Hot Cocks Photos Set Series Part I


Fuckin Hot Hot Hot studs

Oh Boys!!! what i would do with you :-) I love to watch gay porn about Smooth Muscle Jocks ….jerks his cock. These hot guys are already running around wild and free causing trouble and raising hell – like a true cockyboys should be doing! One thing you’ll notice about these boys, besides the stunningly handsome look, are that they are not shy about showing it all off to their fans – in fact, it turns them on even more. All washboard abs, bulging pecs, toned biceps and BIG, long dick snaking between their thighs.

Hot-Jocks-Hot-Cocks-Set-Series-I-002 Hot-Jocks-Hot-Cocks-Set-Series-I-003

Hot-Jocks-Hot-Cocks-Set-Series-I-004 Hot-Jocks-Hot-Cocks-Set-Series-I-005 Hot-Jocks-Hot-Cocks-Set-Series-I-006


All things sports gear … swimmers, wrestlers, football players, jockstraps, speedos and spandex! They can pull out and as cum starts to ooze out, they love to fuck ….that’s mean Muscular gay jocks get hot and horny leading to intimate ass fucking.

Hot-Jocks-Hot-Cocks-Set-Series-I-008 Hot-Jocks-Hot-Cocks-Set-Series-I-009

Hot-Jocks-Hot-Cocks-Set-Series-I-010 Hot-Jocks-Hot-Cocks-Set-Series-I-011 Hot-Jocks-Hot-Cocks-Set-Series-I-012

The fact that they are also butch and handsome, and can really take a pounding from another big cock, is the cherry on top. Or should that be the cherry around their cocks? They just couldn’t wait to get on the couch and spread open their hole for the whole wide world to take a look ….The real sporty and athletic guys, with hell of a lot of muscle on them too. They’re tall and wide, and it seem that they’re also horny as hell!

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