Retro Stud Colt Icon Man – Peter Stride Hairy & Hung


Peter Stride

Self-assured, quietly determined; deep voice, good listener; would be more popular than he is, but limits number of friends carefully; sleeps nude — and aroused most of the night. Peter Stride appear on Buckshot Video Magazine 1, when you’re hung as big as hairy-chested Peter Stride, it’s not easy getting thru a day’s work. His job as a house painter experiences a delay when during a coffee break, he spills some of the brew and the warmth reminds him of the heat factor in his crotch. Any excuse to get his hands down there is legit and a throbbing cock tells him he’s home. It doesn’t take long before his humungus hardon delivers a creamy load.


Peter-Stride-Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Muscle-Man-XXX-002 Peter-Stride-Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Muscle-Man-XXX-004

Peter-Stride-Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Muscle-Man-XXX-005 Peter-Stride-Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Muscle-Man-XXX-006 Peter-Stride-Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Muscle-Man-XXX-007

Peter-Stride-Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Muscle-Man-XXX-010 Peter-Stride-Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Muscle-Man-XXX-012 Peter-Stride-Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Muscle-Man-XXX-013

All you need to know. There isn’t much information about Peter- but judging from his hot, hairy body and steamy bedroom looks, do we need it? We know he modeled for COLT, and frankly, that’s enough for me. I’ll leave you with some more smoldering Peter and tell me what you think.


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Happy Horny Tuesday Naked Hunks – Gorgeous Masculine Body with Awesome Cocks


Always horny Male to Male hung, Squeeze the air out of a men and let him re-awaken you horny desire. Men with hotter six pack plus biceps …OMG!!! These guys are have great beautiful bodies …and when they are in nude form, soooo hott!!! NSFW on Teusday oh yes these pics make me very happy to share for you guys. Hot arch cocks, getting your ass pummeled senselessly like a jackhammer beat you, for these guys, we’re ready and eager for the sake of letting out a load of bottled up sexual ferocity.

Happy-Horny-Tuesday-Naked-Hunks-With-XXX-Nice-Cocks-002 Happy-Horny-Tuesday-Naked-Hunks-With-XXX-Nice-Cocks-003 Happy-Horny-Tuesday-Naked-Hunks-With-XXX-Nice-Cocks-004

Happy-Horny-Tuesday-Naked-Hunks-With-XXX-Nice-Cocks-005 Happy-Horny-Tuesday-Naked-Hunks-With-XXX-Nice-Cocks-006 Happy-Horny-Tuesday-Naked-Hunks-With-XXX-Nice-Cocks-007


Fucking Hot Sexy Handsome Guys, male bodybuilders muscle hunks of this post make me fantasize about …having sex with the guys at the gym. These guys can be your hottest real life next door dudes showing their personalities, bodies, muscles and hard dicks too!

Happy-Horny-Tuesday-Naked-Hunks-With-XXX-Nice-Cocks-009 Happy-Horny-Tuesday-Naked-Hunks-With-XXX-Nice-Cocks-010 Happy-Horny-Tuesday-Naked-Hunks-With-XXX-Nice-Cocks-011


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XXX Daddy Bears Sex Videos – Fantasy Furry Pleasure with Hot Contents Vids


Bears on Bears Sex

Nothing compare watching gay porn videos and when it come to daddy bear hunks …it’s reallyreally turn me on! And these guys are never disappoint you if you like big daddies with furry having sex rough and hard. Bears on bears sex scenes are always the real good Jerk Off material. You can visit the videos by click on the the pictures below.


Married Men Cheating Bearboxxx

This is what happens when you don’t get enough action in your own home. I don’t know what’s the name of this video? And not familiar with these actors? But these two woof! made my boyfriend and I horny and then after we had sex.


Muscle Mayhem Bearboxxx – The Muscle and Fur Are Flying!

These muscle gods are anything but gentle and fuck like real men do. Peter Axel …my MUSCLE GOD!!! with another daddy beared bears who name Butch Grand. Peter Axel know how men play: rough and nasty. They are perfect matches for each other; both huge mounds of solid muscle who want nothing more than to rip into one another. Working each other over, they are not afraid of the pain or the pleasure each one delivers.


Hot Hairy Muscle Photosession

Hairy muscle daddy photographer spread wide open for his model. The top guy (Carioca) is so fucking hot, I would love to get fucked by him. And the bottom guy …that fucking HOT bearded guy, the same guy fucked by Peter Axel in previous clip.

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Gay Porn Obsession, Adam Champ – Smoking Hot Hairy Chested Daddy Hunk with Uncut Fat Dick

Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-001Adam The Champ

Lately, I’ve had several requests for pictures of Adam Champ, and I was asked why I’ve never run a post on him. Tt is a fact that although Adam Champ may not exactly be vintage COLT, he is nevertheless a man without whom COLT would be unimaginable! Plus, he’s a very hot and sexy man indeed! Hairy Chested Hunk Adam Champ…. FUCK YEAH!!!! That’s one hot, hairy stud! Doesn’t take but a few minutes to blow my load watching Adam every time.

Reminds me of an Italian workout bud I used to have twenty years ago. We’d get all pumped and afterwards suck and fuck for a few hours afterward. …Adam is fuckin’ hot on his own ….Ummm,Woof!!!!


Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-003 Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-004 Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-005

Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-006 Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-007 Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-008


Now that’s a man. Still has all his fur. Noooooooooooo! Don’t bring a razor! Love this furry guy. Adam is what I CALL A MAN, he can sit on my face and fuck my hole any day He’s gorgeous. Just one question: does that foreskin roll all the way back? Doesn’t look to me like it will. Adam, he is “The Men of Gay Porn” Hardcore scenes for Colt…I just about exploded. and his later Raging Stallion stuff made better use of his talents that you may have seen the scene of him like this …

Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-010 Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-011 Adam-The-Champ-Legend-Gay-Porn-Furry-Dad-Uncut-Cock-012

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Saturday Night Fantasy – Hunks & Hotties Meaty Cocks Studs


Saturday night is about relax and fun. Hunting for wild muscular and sexy hunks with nice cocks photos on the internet. Hottest gay porn stars sites, amateur hunks guys on twitter who have over 100,000 followers. The jocks or military guys who love show off thier hot bodies and hard dicks infront of mirror. This is why I love enjoy surfing the hot guys on internet. I want to be the “Cock Sucker” for them!…

They can use me like the Bitch I an. Today I love to post as many random men in many categories for you guys …hairy manly men, masculine men, sexy body handsome men. #gooddick #bigdick #cut or #uncutcock. Macho hunk with delicious Cock, I would say these men are fucking hot bod and AMAZING cock … My ass is twitching!

Macho-Random-Pics-Amazing-Cock-For-Saturday-Night-002 Macho-Random-Pics-Amazing-Cock-For-Saturday-Night-003

Macho-Random-Pics-Amazing-Cock-For-Saturday-Night-004 Macho-Random-Pics-Amazing-Cock-For-Saturday-Night-005 Macho-Random-Pics-Amazing-Cock-For-Saturday-Night-006


Macho-Random-Pics-Amazing-Cock-For-Saturday-Night-008 Macho-Random-Pics-Amazing-Cock-For-Saturday-Night-009 Macho-Random-Pics-Amazing-Cock-For-Saturday-Night-010


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