Don Juan’s Body Shop – Promo Photos from MuscleHunks.Com


Don Juan’s Body Shop

How about a tune-up for your little sports car (as it were)? Pull into Don Juan’s Body Shop and check out the super-muscled, tough-as-nails bodybuilder/mechanic/owner! This handsome heavyweight will take care of everything your muscle love requires, flexing his giant biceps, filling your face with his mountainous pecs, and satisfying your lustful dreams with his powerful, perfect glutes. And speaking of power, Don has a supercharged high-litre engine that fires generously on all cylinders. The bonus round? If you’re one of Don Juan’s favored customers, he’ll show off his big competition-ready muscles for you in private – at no extra charge.

Don-Juan-s-Body-Shop-Hard-Body-Papi-001 Don-Juan-s-Body-Shop-Hard-Body-Papi-002 Don-Juan-s-Body-Shop-Hard-Body-Papi-003

Don-Juan-s-Body-Shop-Hard-Body-Papi-004 Don-Juan-s-Body-Shop-Hard-Body-Papi-005

Don-Juan-s-Body-Shop-Hard-Body-Papi-006 Don-Juan-s-Body-Shop-Hard-Body-Papi-009 Don-Juan-s-Body-Shop-Hard-Body-Papi-010


Don-Juan-s-Body-Shop-Hard-Body-Papi-012 Don-Juan-s-Body-Shop-Hard-Body-Papi-013 Don-Juan-s-Body-Shop-Hard-Body-Papi-014


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Just a Little Sexuality of Men Part II


Male Sex Drive and Big Muscles

I think, I’m attracted to big muscles the same way men are attracted to big boobs. (Women can’t help what size their breasts are, but men have control over how well they tone their body.) While they certainly look quite nice, they don’t sit at the top of the list of important characteristics for your long-term partner to have. When gay are looking for something short-term, they aren’t necessarily looking for someone to have compelling conversations with — they want someone hot! If you’re trying to figure out why men — especially young men — spend so much time at the gym, here’s your answer,” ….”The stereotype is that men work out to compete with each other, but our research suggests that pumping iron is a way for men to enhance their attractiveness to women.”

Muscular-Men-with-Sexiness-and-Hot-Pics-II-002 Muscular-Men-with-Sexiness-and-Hot-Pics-II-005 Muscular-Men-with-Sexiness-and-Hot-Pics-II-007

Muscular-Men-with-Sexiness-and-Hot-Pics-II-009 Muscular-Men-with-Sexiness-and-Hot-Pics-II-010


Aggression, Extra testosterone does not mean your guy will act like Rocky Balboa all the time. A big myth is that too much testosterone is all about guys who “take huge amounts of anabolic steroids, beat up women, and who have an uncontrollable desire to have sex,” says Goodman. “That’s movie stuff. That’s men who are abusing anabolic steroids, not just testosterone. [Those steroids] are hundreds of times more potent than normal testosterone.” In other words, he’s not going to go agro if he naturally happens to have a heavy dose of the hormone in his system.

Muscular-Men-with-Sexiness-and-Hot-Pics-II-012 Muscular-Men-with-Sexiness-and-Hot-Pics-II-013 Muscular-Men-with-Sexiness-and-Hot-Pics-II-014

Muscular-Men-with-Sexiness-and-Hot-Pics-II-015 Muscular-Men-with-Sexiness-and-Hot-Pics-II-016 Muscular-Men-with-Sexiness-and-Hot-Pics-II-006

The scent of sex, According to new scientific research, a woman will literally sniff out a man’s genetic make-up before she decides if he’s right for her. A woman’s sense of smell reaches a peak around the time of her ovulation, the 24-hour window -during the monthly menstrual cycle in which she can become pregnant.


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Sami Damo – Turkish Muscular Jock Rubs One Out


Sami Damo

Sami Damo is working out. He’s a tall, lean, hairy muscular jock who is as comfortable outside doing lots of physical activity as he is in the gym getting a good workout in. He’s got a nice bit of dark body hair spread about in just the right places. His sexy olive skin glistens with sweat as he works each muscle, straining his bicep, toughening up his rock hard pecs and washboard abs.

Sami-Damo-Randyblue-Hairy-Turkish-Muscular-Jock-001 Sami-Damo-Randyblue-Hairy-Turkish-Muscular-Jock-002 Sami-Damo-Randyblue-Hairy-Turkish-Muscular-Jock-003

Sami-Damo-Randyblue-Hairy-Turkish-Muscular-Jock-004 Sami-Damo-Randyblue-Hairy-Turkish-Muscular-Jock-006 Sami-Damo-Randyblue-Hairy-Turkish-Muscular-Jock-007


Sami’s Stat:
Ethnicity: Caucasian – American
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Body Hair: Hairy
Cock Type: Cut
Build: Toned


Sami-Damo-Randyblue-Hairy-Turkish-Muscular-Jock-008 Sami-Damo-Randyblue-Hairy-Turkish-Muscular-Jock-010 Sami-Damo-Randyblue-Hairy-Turkish-Muscular-Jock-012

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Hunter Manning’s Incredible Tree Trunk Thighs!


Hunter Manning

Speaking of being a whore for jock butt, I’d like to introduce you all to Randy Blue‘s new model Hunter Manning. The 25 year-old bodybuilder is the definition of “sex on legs”, and it should be noted that the legs supporting all that sex are utterly massive. Everything about this guy is massive (cue snarky queens who will inevitably comment on his penis size). If Randy Blue doesn’t get a dick between those muscular cheeks by the end of 2013, I am going to cry in a corner, boycott their site forever and hire hackers to crash their servers. <— I will do none of these things, but they should still take me seriously and make this happen. That butt needs to get fucked. It’s imperative for the future of the human race.

Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-001 Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-002 Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-003

Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-004 Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-006

Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-005 Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-007

Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-008 Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-010

Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-013 Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-014 Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-016


Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-017 Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-018 Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-021

Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-020 Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-022

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Carlos Caballero – Hot Handsome Daddy Hunk – MenAtPlay


Carlos Caballero

Its the end of a hot evening in the City. Some have been working, some have been celebrating, but when the lights go down everyone just wants the same thing. And despite being obscenely drunk, getting a piece of tight ass is never far behind in Carlos’ dirty mind. So when he is approached the sexy young bar man, he uses his drunken state as an excuse to ge his hands all over Rick’s smart black uniform and gauge his chances of getting into those tight black trousers.

Carlos-Caballero-Hot-Handsome-Daddy-Hunk-MenAtPlay-001 Carlos-Caballero-Hot-Handsome-Daddy-Hunk-MenAtPlay-002 Carlos-Caballero-Hot-Handsome-Daddy-Hunk-MenAtPlay-003

Carlos-Caballero-Hot-Handsome-Daddy-Hunk-MenAtPlay-005 Carlos-Caballero-Hot-Handsome-Daddy-Hunk-MenAtPlay-006 Carlos-Caballero-Hot-Handsome-Daddy-Hunk-MenAtPlay-007

Carlos-Caballero-Hot-Handsome-Daddy-Hunk-MenAtPlay-008 Carlos-Caballero-Hot-Handsome-Daddy-Hunk-MenAtPlay-009 Carlos-Caballero-Hot-Handsome-Daddy-Hunk-MenAtPlay-010

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