Chris Duffy aka Bull Stanton – Pro Bodybuilder Turned Gay Porn Star


Pro Bodybuilder Turned Gay Porn Star

Chris Duffy IFBB pro bodybuilder, Chris was married for many years to his female college sweetheart. They competed together for a few years in the same shows. Then they moved out to LA. He won the L.A. Championships,made a name for himself and then burned out on the BB scene. Chris came off all the gear and started to personal train many clients. Some celebrity clients too,such as Steven Seagal. During this time, Chris ended up having an affair with his wifes best friend, who was a female competitive bodybuilder too. This went on for some time . Chris’s wife found out, and was willing to give him another chance. Chris decided to stay with his new fling instead and got a divorce.


Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-003 Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-004 Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-005

Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-006 Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-007 Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-008

Now this is where the crazy new life of Chris begins. His new gal was well known in Golds, Venice as a huge anything goes,horny sex freak. She introduced Chris to the world of mushrooms, X, and other drugs. Prior to that Chris would barely touch a beer. Chris was head over heels for her. Well she was into swinging and orgies too. She also had a huge desire for watching straight men suck cock. She pretty much wanted Chris to experiment with men sexually in front of her and she wanted to swap with them too. This led to Chris becoming more and more comfortable with crazy bisexual acts while being high on X and other drugs.


Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-010 Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-011

Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-012 Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-013 Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-014

Fast forward a few years. They both leave LA and move to Florida(early 90′s). And chris decides to make a comback to turn pro. He gears up again and pulls off his pro card. He is still with his lady at this point and they both decide to move back to LA because of Chris’s new popularity as Nationals Champ. But he is not making much cash from the sport. So the natural thing for the new and crazy Chris to do is to start hustling himself for cash. Chris is now clearly comfortable with have sex with dudes. he starts to become an in demand gay escort and is still with his girl. She clearly supports this and is a lazy person herself who lives off his cash.


Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-016 Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-017 Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-018

Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-019 Chris-Duffy-Bull-Stanton-Pro-Bodybuilder-Gay-Porn-020

Well ,through some of his gay clientel ,Chris is told that he could make a lot of cash as a gay porn star as he is already a cult figure in the gay underworld. Influential Chris goes for broke and decides to make 2-3 gay pornos under the name Bull Stanton.

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Perfect Ten Super Studs – Damn Hot Guys of Your Dreams



Strongly Manly Man Super Studs

Fucking hot sight of this post! Are you ready to bury your face in their hot, hairy pits, … and worship them and their powerful muscles. Because they all have the best bodies, hard muscular bodies to die for, just want to lick all of everyinches of their muscular bodies. Fit Young Men, as you can see there is no disappointment either, starting at the top, a sexy tattoo going shoulder to shoulder, heading farther down, the most beautiful asses I’ve seen in quite a long time. ….just screams, “Yeah I know they’re fucking hot, Damn Hot! …. and I want it all ^^”.

Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-003 Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-004 Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-005

Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-006 Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-007 Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-008

Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-009 Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-010


We all know we want them, muscular studs stripping and showing off thier BIG and Hard Cock, their cock could be as hard as they can fucking the hard way on a sofa, just spending the night rocking on with these guys …. Damn Hot Guys of Our Dreams.


Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-013 Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-014 Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-015

Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-016 Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-017 Super-Studs-of-Your-Dreams-Sexy-And-More-018

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Hot Bottom Boy Allen King with Handsome Daddy Misha Dante – Boy Lust of Men At Play


Allen King, Hot Bottom Boy of the Moment

Hot boy Allen King has a weakness for handsome, successful men. After seducing Muscled Daddy Edu Boxer and getting a ’strict’ punishment for not completing his studies in PAPI RULES, he seemed to have turned a corner and got himself a summer job cleaning pools. But despite his good intentions his instinct for trouble always wins. But he can hardly be blamed if one of the house owners is a hot, blue-eyed dreamboat with a huge dick and liking to walking around naked? We’ll give the kid a break and forgive him only because of his amazing deep-throating skills, and his ability to take Misha Dante’s rock-hard dick deep in his ass. Enjoy the guys fucking slowly and passionately all over the house – starting with the kitchen, followed by the stairs and ending in a hard and intimate pounding on Misha’s bed. A must see!


MenAtPlay-Misha-Dante-Allen-King-in-Boy-Lust-002 MenAtPlay-Misha-Dante-Allen-King-in-Boy-Lust-003 MenAtPlay-Misha-Dante-Allen-King-in-Boy-Lust-004

MenAtPlay-Misha-Dante-Allen-King-in-Boy-Lust-005 MenAtPlay-Misha-Dante-Allen-King-in-Boy-Lust-006 MenAtPlay-Misha-Dante-Allen-King-in-Boy-Lust-007


MenAtPlay-Misha-Dante-Allen-King-in-Boy-Lust-009 MenAtPlay-Misha-Dante-Allen-King-in-Boy-Lust-010

MenAtPlay-Misha-Dante-Allen-King-in-Boy-Lust-011 MenAtPlay-Misha-Dante-Allen-King-in-Boy-Lust-012


MenAtPlay-Misha-Dante-Allen-King-in-Boy-Lust-015 MenAtPlay-Misha-Dante-Allen-King-in-Boy-Lust-017

MenAtPlay-Misha-Dante-Allen-King-in-Boy-Lust-016 MenAtPlay-Misha-Dante-Allen-King-in-Boy-Lust-018

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Don Juan From PowerMen.Com – Private Show of Big Competition-Ready Muscles


Don Juan – Rock Hard Muscle Daddy

When Daddy gets around to showing off his muscle, all the kids had best behave – unless they want bulging biceps flexed in their faces and their heads slammed against massive pecs and quads! Hey – come to think of it, what’s wrong with that? Don Juan ramped the muscle game up a notch in his powerful debut a few months ago with a private showing featuring ripped physique and his powerful, spurting tool, and now he’s here plying his massive trademark bodybuilder flex-pose-jack prowess in straight-forward muscle daddy fashion. And check out those rock hard glutes in his shower scene! YUM!



Handsome-Heavyweight-Daddy-Bodybuilder-Don-Juan-002 Handsome-Heavyweight-Daddy-Bodybuilder-Don-Juan-003

Handsome-Heavyweight-Daddy-Bodybuilder-Don-Juan-004 Handsome-Heavyweight-Daddy-Bodybuilder-Don-Juan-005


Handsome-Heavyweight-Daddy-Bodybuilder-Don-Juan-008 Handsome-Heavyweight-Daddy-Bodybuilder-Don-Juan-010

Handsome-Heavyweight-Daddy-Bodybuilder-Don-Juan-009 Handsome-Heavyweight-Daddy-Bodybuilder-Don-Juan-011


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Ray Dragon – Handsome Hot Hairy Hunk Gay Porn Star, All Time Favorite Daddy Bear


Ray Dragon

Hairy and handsome Ray Dragon is not just a porn star – he’s also a phagptrooher and fashion designer. He was born in 1962 in Michigan and studied at Michigan State University, earning computer engineering and performing arts degrees – which he followed up with appearances in stage shows throughout the US. As a fashion designer, he was famed for his sportswear but also designed costumes for the theater and ballet companies. Later, he closed the business and his New York shop. Dragon got his porn break with Colt Studios in the early 1990s but then took a long break before returning in the 2000s. He not only appears in movies – he’s a talented director, editor and producer and has his own porn company. He’s also a former gymnast.

Handsome-Hot-Hairy-Bear-Gay-Ray-Dragon-002 Handsome-Hot-Hairy-Bear-Gay-Ray-Dragon-003 Handsome-Hot-Hairy-Bear-Gay-Ray-Dragon-004

Handsome-Hot-Hairy-Bear-Gay-Ray-Dragon-005 Handsome-Hot-Hairy-Bear-Gay-Ray-Dragon-006



Handsome-Hot-Hairy-Bear-Gay-Ray-Dragon-009 Handsome-Hot-Hairy-Bear-Gay-Ray-Dragon-010 Handsome-Hot-Hairy-Bear-Gay-Ray-Dragon-011

Handsome-Hot-Hairy-Bear-Gay-Ray-Dragon-012 Handsome-Hot-Hairy-Bear-Gay-Ray-Dragon-013 Handsome-Hot-Hairy-Bear-Gay-Ray-Dragon-014

Handsome-Hot-Hairy-Bear-Gay-Ray-Dragon-015 Handsome-Hot-Hairy-Bear-Gay-Ray-Dragon-016 Handsome-Hot-Hairy-Bear-Gay-Ray-Dragon-017

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