Different Porn Experience from Icon Male – Sugar Daddies, Ty Roderick and Dirk Caber


Sugar Daddies – Ty Roderick, Dirk Caber

With its emphasis on plot-based scenarios and fantasies Icon Male appeals to consumers looking for a different porn experience. The latest release, Sugar Daddies finds hot and sexy daddies who crave the touch of gorgeous young men – and they’ll pay any price to get it. Explore the decadent world of sex, power and money where anyone can be had – for the right price. But is there more to these encounters than meets the eye? When emotions and sex are involved, anything can happen.

Icon-Male-Sugar-Daddies-Ty-Roderick-Dirk-Caber-002 Icon-Male-Sugar-Daddies-Ty-Roderick-Dirk-Caber-003 Icon-Male-Sugar-Daddies-Ty-Roderick-Dirk-Caber-004

Icon-Male-Sugar-Daddies-Ty-Roderick-Dirk-Caber-005 Icon-Male-Sugar-Daddies-Ty-Roderick-Dirk-Caber-006 Icon-Male-Sugar-Daddies-Ty-Roderick-Dirk-Caber-007


Description : Dirk Caber is visiting Ty Roderick in his humble apartment. He’s surprised by it’s coziness, and although there’s a friendliness here, there’s also a feeling of uneasiness in this meeting. It becomes clear that this is Dirk’s first time, as he tries to assure Ty about his intentions, more for himself than his . He wants Ty more than anything, but Dirk is clear that if they go ahead with it his wife cannot find out. Ty is relaxed, and calm. It is apparent through his business-like demeanor that this isn’t his first time at the rodeo. Ty is clear about the arrangement, articulating that as long as he’s taken care of, Dirk won’t need to worry.Dirk sits down next to Ty and touches his knee, hesitant, unsure.

Icon-Male-Sugar-Daddies-Ty-Roderick-Dirk-Caber-009 Icon-Male-Sugar-Daddies-Ty-Roderick-Dirk-Caber-010 Icon-Male-Sugar-Daddies-Ty-Roderick-Dirk-Caber-011


Icon-Male-Sugar-Daddies-Ty-Roderick-Dirk-Caber-013 Icon-Male-Sugar-Daddies-Ty-Roderick-Dirk-Caber-014 Icon-Male-Sugar-Daddies-Ty-Roderick-Dirk-Caber-015

Ty moves his hand from his knee to the tenting crotch of his pants. Showing him the stiffness in his pants, what he’s missing, what he could have. Ty takes Dirk by the neck tie and pulls him in, closer. He’s unsure what to think, but soon lets himself go, forgetting his emotional baggage and experiencing the moment, enjoying the hard bodied young man he’s kissing. Ty slowly undresses, exposing his fuzzy chest, and while making out with Dirk, he strips him of his shirt and his tie. Ty grabs Dirk’s nipple, to his the older man’s surprise and delight.


Icon-Male-Sugar-Daddies-Ty-Roderick-Dirk-Caber-017 Icon-Male-Sugar-Daddies-Ty-Roderick-Dirk-Caber-018

Ty pulls his cut cock from his pants, Dirk’s cock leaking precum at the sight of it. Ty knows what he’s doing, and is really knows how to push Dirk’s buttons. As he climbs on top of the older man he slowly inserts his cock into his salt and pepper ass, fucking slowly but with building intensity. As he holds the Dirk close, he kisses him while he pounds deeper and deeper. He’s nearly brought him over the edge, but takes a few moments break to regroup and kiss him. Moving him onto his back, Ty fucks him until he explodes all over his chest. Ty, pulls out and responds in kind with a mess of hot cum.

Icon-Male-Sugar-Daddies-Ty-Roderick-Dirk-Caber-020 Icon-Male-Sugar-Daddies-Ty-Roderick-Dirk-Caber-021

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Jose Ortiz – Underwear and Fitness Model, Gorgeous, Sexy and Banging Body


Jose Ortiz

We foud this guy on ModelMayhem.comJose, he is an spanish guy just moved to London, with some experience in photoshooting, interested in upgrade his portfolio and have some nice pics with experienced and non experienced people. Jose is open minded to do any kind of photoshooting. He use to travel, then if you are interested working with him, just let me know and visit his portfolio at modelmayhem.com/1833158 .

Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-002 Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-003 Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-004

Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-005 Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-006


Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-008 Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-009 Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-010

What I like about this guy…. Oh, my, how nice. I want to smell him. WOW…very sexy. Love the legs and ummmmm everything attached lol. Beautiful. Finally a model who has resisted the craze to blemish his body with tattoos. ABSOLUTELY Stuning BODY. He may have TATS ’cause the images look a little air brushed. He’s a perfect specimen of love and desire. He is so lovingly formed. The man is sexy, and the body is BANGING! My only complaint is that he shaved the pubes…still I wouldn’t kick him out of bed. ;-)

Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-011 Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-012 Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-013

Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-014 Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-015 Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-016


Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-018 Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-019 Gorgeous-Fitness-Male-Underwear-Model-Jose-Ortiz-020

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SWEETEST DADDY Gay Porn Star, Max Sargent – Beefcake Fat Cock You Can Suck


Max Sargent

Max Sargent is Sweetest Daddy Candy guy who has fat dick I want to suck. Really want to hug his big muscle beefy body. If you ever watch his daddy and son gay porn scenes, you can tell me, He’s real Hot!! Hot daddy with total package. Damn, look how THICK Max’s cock is. That thing would split me open–and I would love every second of it!

Daddy Max who always gives the boy he fucks a big hug, nice and hot passion kiss. Max throbbing cock as the boys dream finally comes true, with he can gives the boy’s virgin ass a deep intimate pounding. Really this hot guy! Loving his hairy parts. The top’s hairy balls and dick are delicious.

Max-Sargent-Sweet-Daddy-Beefcake-Hung-Part-1-002 Max-Sargent-Sweet-Daddy-Beefcake-Hung-Part-1-003 Max-Sargent-Sweet-Daddy-Beefcake-Hung-Part-1-004

Max-Sargent-Sweet-Daddy-Beefcake-Hung-Part-1-005 Max-Sargent-Sweet-Daddy-Beefcake-Hung-Part-1-006 Max-Sargent-Sweet-Daddy-Beefcake-Hung-Part-1-007


Man he is truly sexy and beautiful! And there is totally nothing wrong with a man in his 40s starting in porn, it’s not as uncommon as one might think. Jim Ferro, Tyler Saint, Tomas Brand, Nick Moretti are some of the few names that come to mind of pornstars starting out in their 40s. Jim Ferro might have even been at least 50 when he first started out at Titan.


Max-Sargent-Sweet-Daddy-Beefcake-Hung-Part-1-010 Max-Sargent-Sweet-Daddy-Beefcake-Hung-Part-1-011 Max-Sargent-Sweet-Daddy-Beefcake-Hung-Part-1-012

Max-Sargent-Sweet-Daddy-Beefcake-Hung-Part-1-013 Max-Sargent-Sweet-Daddy-Beefcake-Hung-Part-1-014 Max-Sargent-Sweet-Daddy-Beefcake-Hung-Part-1-015

Max-Sargent-Sweet-Daddy-Beefcake-Hung-Part-1-016 Max-Sargent-Sweet-Daddy-Beefcake-Hung-Part-1-017 Max-Sargent-Sweet-Daddy-Beefcake-Hung-Part-1-018

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Naked Muscle Hunks – Hung Studs Exposed Their Hot Rods


Mega Hung Hunks, here’s truly some of the most well hung guys you will see in a while, just real big cocks on very very good looking guys… … If you like this big cock muscle hunks heaven gallery, Hot jocks and young athletic hunks, sexy studs to drool over, A hot guys shows of their meats and the rest of their hot bodies…enjoy

Naked-Muscle-Hung-Studs-Exposed-Hot-Rods-002 Naked-Muscle-Hung-Studs-Exposed-Hot-Rods-003 Naked-Muscle-Hung-Studs-Exposed-Hot-Rods-004

Naked-Muscle-Hung-Studs-Exposed-Hot-Rods-005 Naked-Muscle-Hung-Studs-Exposed-Hot-Rods-006 Naked-Muscle-Hung-Studs-Exposed-Hot-Rods-007


Naked-Muscle-Hung-Studs-Exposed-Hot-Rods-009 Naked-Muscle-Hung-Studs-Exposed-Hot-Rods-010 Naked-Muscle-Hung-Studs-Exposed-Hot-Rods-011

Naked-Muscle-Hung-Studs-Exposed-Hot-Rods-012 Naked-Muscle-Hung-Studs-Exposed-Hot-Rods-013 Naked-Muscle-Hung-Studs-Exposed-Hot-Rods-014


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PlayGirl Campus Hunk Nicholas Ryan – Fresh and Handsome with Not Gay Not Straigth Status


Nicholas Ryan aka Reese Rideout

Hot college hunk Nicholas Ryan, love to play sports, goto gym and among other things He is gorgeous and? easy going . His other name is Reese Rideout and he’s a gay porn star …no I mean If he’s straight he’s a VERY GOOD straight ACTOR who can be in gay porn industry. And I believe that he is as straight as the other Playgirl and Corbin Fisher “straight” models. Oh, we like him. Hunky, cute, sense of humor, what’s not to love? Would love to know which issue he was in.

PlayGirl-Nicholas-Ryan-Handsome-Big-Hunk-001 PlayGirl-Nicholas-Ryan-Handsome-Big-Hunk-002 PlayGirl-Nicholas-Ryan-Handsome-Big-Hunk-003

PlayGirl-Nicholas-Ryan-Handsome-Big-Hunk-004 PlayGirl-Nicholas-Ryan-Handsome-Big-Hunk-005


Reese Rideout, I wonder if his wife knows what he does on the side. Turns out this “Nicolas Ryan” has been married for the past year to a woman! The good news is I’m pretty sure she knows what’s up. So for me Nicholas Ryan ,he may not be straight, but he ain’t gay, either.


PlayGirl-Nicholas-Ryan-Handsome-Big-Hunk-006 PlayGirl-Nicholas-Ryan-Handsome-Big-Hunk-009

PlayGirl-Nicholas-Ryan-Handsome-Big-Hunk-012 PlayGirl-Nicholas-Ryan-Handsome-Big-Hunk-010

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