COLT Man Icon Steve Kelso – The Face of the COLT Legacy Photos Set Part I



Perfect Body & Smoking Hot Daddy

COLT Man Steve Kelso is the definition of natural, rugged masculinity. His dense hairy chest, his warm smile and his lean muscled physique have all earned him a dedicated and adoring fan base. Featured on many magazine and calendar covers and appearing in his very own movie “Intimate Hours” (featured in “Waterbucks”) Steve Kelso is the face of the COLT Legacy. We present to you here a collection of images that are a testament to Steve Kelso’s status as a COLT Man Icon. With his lean and muscled physique, adorned in thick dark hair, a devilish and playful smirk that disarms and genuinely arouses; Steve Kelso is a Colt Man worthy of a second look. The perfect body & smoking hot good looks too! He’s beyond “hot” – he’s a RAGING INFERNO!!! Gotta JO now!

Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Dad-Steve-Kelso-Part-1-003 Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Dad-Steve-Kelso-Part-1-005 Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Dad-Steve-Kelso-Part-1-006

Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Dad-Steve-Kelso-Part-1-007 Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Dad-Steve-Kelso-Part-1-008 Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Dad-Steve-Kelso-Part-1-009



Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Dad-Steve-Kelso-Part-1-010 Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Dad-Steve-Kelso-Part-1-012

Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Dad-Steve-Kelso-Part-1-013 Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Dad-Steve-Kelso-Part-1-014 Colt-Man-Hairy-Hung-Dad-Steve-Kelso-Part-1-015

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COLT Man Arthur Gordon – American Handsome Gray Eyes Muscular Bottom


Hot Action of His Bottom Role

If the gay fucking cowboy look is masculine the name is Colt! The man of COLT, Arthur Gordon make me like all things hot, fiery hot intensity… blazing hot action of his bottom role. So if you have seen Colt Studio’s movie name “Hot Bods” you will see what I’m talking about and you will know the real meaning of “smokin’ hot”. The Colt Men of Hot Bods are well oiled and finely tuned sex machines, firing on all cylinders and blowing off some serious steam. Feel the heat! After spliced and rub his nipples, Arthur turned to put your fingers in your hole. Nothing more inspiring than a burning lolito who knows how to satisfy himself.

Arthur-Gordon-Colt-Muscle-Bottom-Hunk-002 Arthur-Gordon-Colt-Muscle-Bottom-Hunk-003 Arthur-Gordon-Colt-Muscle-Bottom-Hunk-005

Arthur-Gordon-Colt-Muscle-Bottom-Hunk-006 Arthur-Gordon-Colt-Muscle-Bottom-Hunk-007 Arthur-Gordon-Colt-Muscle-Bottom-Hunk-008


Arthur Gordon Stats:
Ethnicity: Caucasian – American
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Brown
Body Hair: Some hair
Cock Type: Cut
Role: Bottom
Build: Muscular


Arthur-Gordon-Colt-Muscle-Bottom-Hunk-009 Arthur-Gordon-Colt-Muscle-Bottom-Hunk-010 Arthur-Gordon-Colt-Muscle-Bottom-Hunk-011

Arthur-Gordon-Colt-Muscle-Bottom-Hunk-013 Arthur-Gordon-Colt-Muscle-Bottom-Hunk-014

Arthur-Gordon-Colt-Muscle-Bottom-Hunk-015 Arthur-Gordon-Colt-Muscle-Bottom-Hunk-016

Rubbing his muscled torso, turning over and massaging his hot man hole, Arthur gives us quite an eye opener to get the day started off right. And when he gets ready to bust his nut, he gives us a whole lot of cream for our morning coffee. What a jolt! The action sizzles as you can imagine, help yourself to an eyeful.

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Random Hot Hunks Photos Set of Monday – Shirtless Naked Hunks Heroes


Muscle Jocks toFull Filled Your Desire

The energy goes straight to my cock when I post this random hot photos set. There may be men with bigger cocks, but there are few with sexier smiles, hairier bodies, cheekier attitudes, not to mention more muscles! No wonder, These guys, are in such big demand for us! One look at the uniquely hot bundle of muscles and masculinity and you know what I’m talking about! Handsome man – nice abs – nice bulge too, they like making some extra dough and coz they love showing off their hot bods, hole, and pole … …

Plus they get off on other people getting off looking at them – no matter if these other people are men or chicks! Possessed by whatever spirit this is, they relish shedding their clothes to expose their bodies. If you like what you see, please tell me by leaving your comments.

Random-Photos-Set-Hot-of-Monday-Hunks-002 Random-Photos-Set-Hot-of-Monday-Hunks-003 Random-Photos-Set-Hot-of-Monday-Hunks-004

Random-Photos-Set-Hot-of-Monday-Hunks-005 Random-Photos-Set-Hot-of-Monday-Hunks-006 Random-Photos-Set-Hot-of-Monday-Hunks-007



Random-Photos-Set-Hot-of-Monday-Hunks-010 Random-Photos-Set-Hot-of-Monday-Hunks-011 Random-Photos-Set-Hot-of-Monday-Hunks-012

Random-Photos-Set-Hot-of-Monday-Hunks-013 Random-Photos-Set-Hot-of-Monday-Hunks-014 Random-Photos-Set-Hot-of-Monday-Hunks-015

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KristenBjorn’s Casting Couch 329 – Robin Sanchez and Felipe Porto


Robin Sanchez and Felipe Porto

On a beautiful afternoon in the park Robin is excited to see his old friend Felipe practicing his yoga positions. They return to Robin’s place and quickly pick up exactly where they left off a long time ago. Felipe inhales all of Robin’s cock before Robin begins face fucking his friend. Robin then flips Felipe and Felipe feeds Robin his hot, uncut cock. Felipe then squats down over Robin, who immediately begins fucking his friend hard. Robin then flips Felipe to his side and takes him from behind, fucking him long and rhythmically. Robin fucks all the cum out of Felipe as his cock pounds away at Felipe’s hole, while Felipe’s cock is gushing gobs of cum. Robin continues fucking Felipe until he brandishes his creamy load all over Felipe’s spent balls at!

Casting-Couch-329-Robin-Sanchez-Felipe-Porto-002 Casting-Couch-329-Robin-Sanchez-Felipe-Porto-003 Casting-Couch-329-Robin-Sanchez-Felipe-Porto-004

Casting-Couch-329-Robin-Sanchez-Felipe-Porto-005 Casting-Couch-329-Robin-Sanchez-Felipe-Porto-006


Casting-Couch-329-Robin-Sanchez-Felipe-Porto-008 Casting-Couch-329-Robin-Sanchez-Felipe-Porto-009

Casting-Couch-329-Robin-Sanchez-Felipe-Porto-010 Casting-Couch-329-Robin-Sanchez-Felipe-Porto-011

Casting-Couch-329-Robin-Sanchez-Felipe-Porto-012 Casting-Couch-329-Robin-Sanchez-Felipe-Porto-013

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William Carioca – Amazing Muscular Body Big Hard Cock Latin Stud


Do You Want To Jerk Off With Him?

Looking for fresh-faced Latino stud with olive skin, dark hair and eyes blazing with passion and desire? Don’t look any further! This post is for you, beefy burritos, licking chocolate buttonholes and ripping apart his butts with stiff hot hard cock of him, it will satisfy you. Muscular latin stud William Carioca has another one of those amazing body we love to bring you! Big chiseled pecs, a firm six pack, and a rock hard cock make this stud fantastic to watch when he gets naked. Better yet why don’t you enjoy watch these photos set while he jerks himself off till he cums?

Muscular-Latin-Stud-William-Carioca-Big-Hard-Cock-001 Muscular-Latin-Stud-William-Carioca-Big-Hard-Cock-002 Muscular-Latin-Stud-William-Carioca-Big-Hard-Cock-009

Muscular-Latin-Stud-William-Carioca-Big-Hard-Cock-004 Muscular-Latin-Stud-William-Carioca-Big-Hard-Cock-006

Muscular-Latin-Stud-William-Carioca-Big-Hard-Cock-007 Muscular-Latin-Stud-William-Carioca-Big-Hard-Cock-008


Muscular-Latin-Stud-William-Carioca-Big-Hard-Cock-010 Muscular-Latin-Stud-William-Carioca-Big-Hard-Cock-011

Muscular-Latin-Stud-William-Carioca-Big-Hard-Cock-012 Muscular-Latin-Stud-William-Carioca-Big-Hard-Cock-013

Muscular-Latin-Stud-William-Carioca-Big-Hard-Cock-014 Muscular-Latin-Stud-William-Carioca-Big-Hard-Cock-015

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