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Photos Set III of Big Bulge Beefy Bodybuilders Hunks – Ready to Gobble Up BIG Cocks

You all know how much I love photos like this… love snacking on a big fucking bulge…HOT “Tighty Whitie hard on. Love bulging in their briefs” They look incredible bulging in those tight white briefs… fucking hot. I really keep them coming, guys.. big dick bulges… let’s see them. What a beauty of a guy […]


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Bulge Posing Trunks – The Best Side-Boner of All Time

It seems a lot of competitors stuff their trunks and it just looks obnoxious, at least it provides the lulz though! Some of them can just in a rolled up ankle sock. Because of they feels good around their penis sometimes. The dudes have something stuffed in their posing trunks (Its called a penis OP). […]

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Naked Big Hunks and Big Bulge Bodybuilders – The Random Photos Set

Big Beefy Bodybuilders’ Bulge I want to take one these hunks into my bed for a year and suck the shit out of his man meat and suck his ball and cock dry. I want to eat all of his cream cum a few times a day and drink his piss from the tap!. Cause, […]

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