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Don Juan From PowerMen.Com – Private Show of Big Competition-Ready Muscles

Don Juan – Rock Hard Muscle Daddy When Daddy gets around to showing off his muscle, all the kids had best behave – unless they want bulging biceps flexed in their faces and their heads slammed against massive pecs and quads! Hey – come to think of it, what’s wrong with that? Don Juan ramped […]

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Don Juan’s Body Shop – Promo Photos from MuscleHunks.Com

Don Juan’s Body Shop How about a tune-up for your little sports car (as it were)? Pull into Don Juan’s Body Shop and check out the super-muscled, tough-as-nails bodybuilder/mechanic/owner! This handsome heavyweight will take care of everything your muscle love requires, flexing his giant biceps, filling your face with his mountainous pecs, and satisfying your […]

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